I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1349

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Because that means Qiu Lingfeng. If you still want to participate in the Junior Heaven's Chosen grand competition, you can only participate in the Junior Heaven's Chosen grand competition through audition.

When Qiu Lingfeng participated in a team battle, somewhere in the starry sky.

A star dragon suddenly appeared outside a Star Domain.

On the top of the starry sky dragon, there is this beautiful girl who looks about fifteen or six years old and has a beautiful figure.

The girl is wearing a short blue skirt with stars. There is also a bracelet made of twelve stars-like beads on her right hand wrist. The jade foot is naked, and there are a pair of stars on each ankle. Ring around.

"Small dragon! Why did you stop me?! Hurry up and find me where Xiaoxing died!"

The girl kicked the starry sky angrily The dragon horn yelled.

"Master, here is the aura of Space-Time Crack."

The starry dragon has a solemn expression of opened the mouth and said.

hearing this, the girl's face condensed, she calmed down, and began to sense all around.

Then her face changed suddenly and she said:

"Is there another Foreign Heavenly Demon? No, there is no demonic energy nearby. It's weird...what the hell is this? What's the matter?"



At this moment, one after another vibration sounded from the girl's body.

"This, this is... the star beast bead has sensed Xiaoxing's breath?"

The girl hurriedly took out a few pieces of beads from her body, surprised Said,

"Little Star was killed in this weird Star Domain?"

"Um... the life of this Star Domain is so fragile, it looks like the most powerhouse. It's just Law Principle Realm, right? Even this Saintess can crush it to death with a finger."

The girl scratched her head in a puzzled way.

"Small dragon, don't worry about Space-Time Crack, hurry up and accompany me to find the person who killed Xiaoxing!"

The girl kicked the starry sky The dragon horn urged.

"Yes, yes!"

The starry dragon responded with a speechless expression.

Then, the girl followed the direction of the shattered star beast beads, riding the dragon of the starry sky, and flew towards the Shinto Heavenly Palace.

At the moment when the girl rode the starry dragon into the Silverman Star Domain, the Eldest Young Lady hiding in the surrounding galaxies of the dark galaxy also noticed the breath of the girl and the starry dragon.

"The two breaths just now...are the powerhouses of this world? The breath is really terrifying, even this Princess will feel heart palpitations."

Eldest Young Lady standing in the battleship , Looking at the stars in the distance, whispered in the heart.

If Qiu Lingfeng is by Eldest Young Lady's side at this time, I will be very surprised.

Because, at this time, Eldest Young Lady has already stepped into Mortal Realm!

It is a genuine powerhouse.

"Speaking of which, what is the situation of the servant? According to the information sent by the spies, the Blazing Empire is about to be destroyed, and there will be no news for the time being... Isn't it possible that people are in danger?"

Eldest Young Lady's jade finger held her white and flawless chin, staring at the stars, and thinking.


I don’t know if the character of this servant has not changed. Shouldn’t it be the same as before and show mercy?

Here is the dragon and girl in the starry sky.

The dragon body of the starry sky is the devil beast of the half-step heavenly realm. In just ten minutes, she took the girl from the edge of the Yinhan Star Domain to the Shinto Heavenly Palace. In the asteroid belt.

In this asteroid belt, there are still many star devil beasts.

"According to the Star Beast Orb's instructions, Xiaoxing died here, but... the star devil beast here, the strongest one is only a trifling true realm, how could it kill Xiaoxing? ......"

The girl frowned suspiciously and whispered.

"Is it impossible to find out if Xiao Su comes out?"

The Star Dragon reminded him speechlessly.


The girl is nodded.

Then, the girl pinched out a handprint, and in front of her, a star formation condensed.

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