I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1350

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From it, a white creature was found out by the girl summon.

This white creature is only forty-fifty centimeters in size. It is full of starlight and is spherical in shape.

The limbs are all condensed by Star Power. On the white body, there is only one big eye.

"Xiao Su, hurry up and show me how Xiaoxing died."

The girl moved towards this white creature, ordered.

The white creature rolled his eyes and closed his eyes speechlessly.

After this, the entire asteroid belt was enveloped by the powerful Star Power.

Next, the white creatures moved towards one direction and flew away.

The girl tapped her feet and flew out with the white creatures.

The dragon of the starry sky can only stay in place, silently waiting for the girl and the white creature to return.

No way!

The size of the star dragon is really huge, and it is very inconvenient to move in this asteroid belt.

The girl followed the white creature to a slightly empty area.

Immediately afterwards, the huge eyes of the white creature projected a Dao Spirit projection.

In the projection, a Star Night King cat over ten meters in size hides in an asteroid to absorb Star Power.

As a result, a young man suddenly rushed in, and the young man’s silhouette began to blur, and escaped into the asteroid where the Starry Night King cat hid...

Chapter 602 The Royal Star Saintess

When the youth entered the asteroid, the star night king cat discovered the youth.

The Starry Night Cat let out a low growl, trying to drive the offended young man.

After this, the mysterious girl saw the young man who entered the asteroid and quickly punched it.

This fist destroys the entire asteroid from the inside out, and the debris moved towards all directions.

At the same time, the silhouette of the Starry Night Cat also flashed, appeared in front of the youth, and moved towards the youth's body.

It's just that what the girl didn't expect was that a Star Power burst out of this young man at this time, evading the claws of the Star King Cat.

Furthermore, the young man also appeared behind the star and slapped his palm.

This palm is very measured, just enough to severely inflict the starry night cat, but not to hurt the starry night cat's life.

"This palm... he is simply not a Martial Artist in the Divine Domain realm!"

The mysterious girl looked at the fluctuation of this palm, her expression a lot more solemn, and whispered.

"He is Mortal Realm?! Good, you little Martial Artist, dare to kill my little star!"

Mysterious girl said this, the tone is already Become gnashing teeth up.

Star Power emerged from the starry night cat that was slapped by the palm of the youth, and its silhouette disappeared into the void.

Next, the Starry Night Cat wanted to fight for life, but when it was about to launch an attack, the young man appeared behind the Starry Night Cat at a faster speed.

After that, the young man slashed a sword at an extremely fast speed, ending the life of the star.

"What the hell does he want to do? Since he has the ability to kill Xiaoxing, why should he keep his hands on purpose?!"

Mysterious girl willow her eyebrows tightly clumped, she is puzzled. self-mumbling.

Xiao Su also ran out of energy and got back into a star beast on the wrist of the mysterious girl.

Then, the mysterious girl's silhouette flashed and returned to the top of the starry sky dragon.

"Master, how is the investigation of Xiaoxing's death?"

Star Dragon curiously asked.

"Well... the other party is a Human Race youth. The cultivation base is probably Mortal Realm. Oh, he also has the Star Power. He can use a sword to take me to this Star Domain. Domain Lord Mansion, I want to place an arrest warrant."

mysterious girl nodded, said.

The dragon of the starry sky is hearing this, without saying anything, moving forward at full speed, only to flick its tail, and a Space Crack appears in front of it.

Immediately afterwards, it took the mysterious girl into Space Crack.

When their silhouette reappeared, they were already outside an ink-black building.

This building, like a pillar, looks unremarkable, but the atmosphere on it is so terrifying that people cannot ignore it.

Moreover, with this pillar as the center, hundreds of thousands of miles around are shrouded in the endless Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, in which there are many cultivating spiritual plants suspended Medicine Garden. In these Medicine Gardens, there are still many ghost-like creatures taking care of the Medicine Garden.

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