I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1351

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"The domain master mansion of the Star Domain is quite strange."

Mysterious girl coldly snorted, stomped the starry dragon under her feet.


The dragon of the starry sky was so stomped by the mysterious girl, she immediately understood and let out a loud Dragon's roar.

The sound waves brought out by dragon roar directly caused the entire space to vibrate.

ka-cha ……

ka-cha ……

For a time, all the formations in the Spiritual Qi space were unable to withstand the starry dragon Breath, cracks appeared.

And the action of the dragon of the starry sky also instantly alarmed the domain master in the domain master’s mansion. The Yinhan domain master immediately appeared in the mysterious girl and the starry sky from the pillar-like building tore the void. In front of the dragon.

When the Lord Yinhan saw the mysterious girl and the dragon of the starry sky, he couldn't help feeling that his heartbeat was half a beat slower.

The breath of the two in front of me...

Even as the mid-term powerhouse of the Law Principle Realm, he can only feel deep powerless!

And this means that the two people in front of you are still above him!

And it's not just a strong little bit.

Only an instant, the Yinhan domain master realized that the mysterious girl and the starry dragon are detached powerhouses from other Star Domains.


The domain master of Yinhan is very puzzled.

He is just an old cutie who is obsessed with pill concocting. What bad thoughts can he have?

How can you provoke two such terrifying existence? !

When the mysterious girl saw the appearance of Yinhan Domain Lord, she slightly narrowed her eyes, and curiously looked at Yinhan Star Domain's Star Domain Master.

The domain owner of Yinhan Star Domain is a little old man who looks a little sloppy.

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, skinny, pale skin, less than one meter tall, wearing a loose Pill Master robe, and a strong smell of medicine.

"Oh? This Star Domain master is still medicine pill?"

Mysterious girl rested her chin lightly and said in surprise.

"No, it doesn't seem right...Why is medicine pill so ugly?"

Only in the next second, the mysterious girl denied herself and fell into contemplation .

"It's a medicine puppet."

The starry dragon lay bare the truth with one remarked the true identity of the domain master of Yinhan.

After hearing the words of the dragon of the starry sky, the domain lord of Yinhan couldn’t help but shuddered, and changed the topic in horror:

"What’s the matter with the two great powers suddenly coming to my domain lord’s mansion?

What are you doing?"

"hmph, don't worry about your medicine puppet. We don't look down on the medicine in your body. This Saintess came to you and wanted you to issue an arrest warrant."

Mysterious girl snorted, her hands around her chest, said proudly.

"Through...arrest warrant?"

The owner of Yinhan Domain is unknown.

Compared with other Star Domains, their Silverman Star Domain is simply a place where birds do not shit.

What else is worth making mysterious girls such as those who issue arrest warrants?


Mysterious girl heavily nodded and said,

"this Saintess wants a Mortal Realm cultivation base, which holds Star Power, A Human Race youth who knows how to use long sword."

"Move...Mould Mortal Realm?"

After hearing the mysterious girl's words, the Lord Yinhan was stunned.

Moreover, he also heard clearly that the mysterious girl called herself "this Saintess".

This means that the mysterious girl is Saintess from a certain Holy Land of the upper three races!

Take a closer look, starlight is added, and the dragon with its feet is on the starry sky. This configuration...

It seems that only Saintess of Royal Star Holy Land can have it, right?

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