I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1352

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"Yes, Mortal Realm!"

Saintess of Royal Star Holy Land heavily nodded, said.

"That...Master Saintess, in Yinhan Star Domain, all powerhouses that are Mortal Realm and above will have a file in the Domain Lord’s Mansion, and the other party is still a Human Race, I’m afraid the scope will only increase. Little..."

The Lord Yinhanyu reminded in a weak tone.

"Really? Get your files out quickly, this Saintess wants Kang Kang to kill my cat."

Yuxing Saintess akimbo, Patted his chest and said.

Reward for Chapter 603 is released


Still in the Qiu Lingfeng unfathomable mystery in the team battle canyon. Sneeze.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, are you catching a cold?"

Iyouwei immediately stepped forward and asked with concern.

"It's okay, it's just that I suddenly feel cold behind me, it seems there is some danger."

Qiu Lingfeng waved his hand, frowned and said with a puzzled expression.

At the same time, he also used the divine ability to move towards and looked behind him, trying to find something unusual.

Just, there is no other gain.

"Strange...Is it all my illusion?"

Qiu Lingfeng asked with a look of confusion.

"Master, I noticed that there are teams fighting in front of me. Should we go through the sneak attack now?"

Qingdai moved towards Qiu Lingfeng sound transmission.

"Farewell, wait until they finish the fight, and then go over, pay attention to let Aiyouwei and the others hide their good breath."

Qiu Lingfeng instructed.


Indigo Naturalis complied.

Then, she moved towards Aiyouwei and the others and said:

"I feel that there is a breath of fighting ahead, we are waiting here now, hiding the good breath, etc. After they finished the fight, we will go over and take the profit."

A few people of Aiyouwei were obediently nodded and obeyed Qingdai's instructions.

"Have you away, I will explore the situation by myself."

Qiu Lingfeng moved towards everyone said.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, leave it to my assassin to investigate the situation. Don’t even think about starting the team, you archer."

Hua Ying reached out and stopped. Qiu Lingfeng said.

"You? Who was chased by the storm demon wolf when he first came in and ran across the canyon? You still screamed, are you ashamed?"

Qiu Lingfeng looked contemptuous Said,

"Do you really think that I can only shoot without a brain? If I didn't have any means of hiding, I would have starved to death."


After Hua Ying heard Qiu Lingfeng's words, she blushed and scratched her nose awkwardly, speechless.

"But, Wu Qi Senior Brother, it's too dangerous for you to act like this without authorization..."

Iyouwei said with a worried look.

"Okay, stop talking. Wu Qi is also a powerhouse in the real world stage, and he also masters the Spiritual Qi of the wind. There is no problem with the concealment method. Let him It’s better to get information, at least he won’t be chased and run across the canyon."

Qingdai said with a speechless expression on her face.

"However, Senior Sister Meng Yao..."

Iyowe is still a little worried.

After all, in her cognition, Qiu Lingfeng is still just a shooter, how could she be an assassin part-time?

"Hide your breath, I will come back after exploring the situation, or send a signal to inform you."

After Qiu Lingfeng said, the silhouette flashed and he jumped , Jumped onto the tree, stepped on the branches and left quickly.

"Hiss...Wu Qi Senior Brother's light-weight skills are too great, right? Stepping on the leaves at such a fast speed, there is no sound?"

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