I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1353

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Hua Ying looked at this scene and took a deep breath in surprise and said.

"How difficult is this."

Qingdai cast a blank glance at the flower shadow and said.

She knows more about Qiu Lingfeng's strength than everyone else.

The strength that Qiu Lingfeng shows now is just what he wants everyone to see. In fact, he hides it deeper.

A small stream not far from everyone, ten people are fighting hard to separate.

Qiu Lingfeng hid in the tree and looked at these ten people.

The ten of them basically master various defensive martial skills, and no one can touch anyone.

During the fight, the thieves were moving loudly, but the wind was loud and the rain was small, and the blood from a punch was not as much blood as a mosquito bite.

"When are these people going to fight..."

Qiu Lingfeng patted his head, thinking silently.

At the same time, he also realized it.

There is no doubt that these ten people are here to accompany the run. How could they advance to the final individual battle?

In desperation, Qiu Lingfeng simply picked off an unknown fruit next to him, identified it, and found that it was not poisonous, he was relieved to eat the fruit and watched the ten people fight. .

When I was watching a drama here in Qiu Lingfeng, I was enjoying myself.

The domain master mansion of Yinhan Star Domain.

Yuxing Saintess has read all the information about Mortal Realm powerhouse in Yinhan Star Domain, but she didn't find the Human Race youth she was looking for.

"Why don't you have him? Are you lazy and didn't count that guy?"

Yuxing Saintess angrily looked at the Silverman Domain Lord beside him, Said.

"Uh...this, Lord Saintess, calm down, the little one dare not be sloppy in this regard, I can guarantee that all Mortal Realm powerhouses have been recorded by the little ones, none of them Omission."

The domain master of Yinhan hurriedly begged for mercy.

"That shouldn't be, why is that Human Race young man not inside?"

Yuxing Saintess frowned and muttered.

Then, Yuxing Saintess pinched out a handprint, and the star beast bead bracelet in her hand burst into starlight again.

This time, appearing beside Yuxing Saintess is a translucent lifeform made of Star Power.

This lifeform is about the same size as Yuxing Saintess, and it looks like a female.

"Xiaoying, let me see if he lied!"

Yuxing Saintess pointed at Yinhan Domain Lord and moved towards the lifeform instructed composed of Star Power.

"Yes, master."

This lifeform nodded gently, and the voice was ethereal and mysterious.

Then, this translucent lifeform escaped into the body of Yinhan Domain Lord on one side.

After a while, the lifeform named Xiaoying came out of Yinhan Domain Lord’s body and replied:

"Master, he didn’t lie, that Mortal Realm’s Human Race Young man, it seems that he is not from the so-called Silverman Star Domain."

"I don’t care! Even if he is not a member of this Star Domain, then he will never leave this Star Domain for a while now, simply Destroy this Star Domain!"

Saintess clenched the teeth, said angrily.

Xiaoying stayed, for a long time, she slowly opened the mouth and said,

"Master, I advise you to be kind, ah, no, I still hope you don’t do this Better."


Yuxing Saintess asked in a puzzled way.

"Because, in this Star Domain, there are also several Supreme's orchards. Once this Star Domain is destroyed, it will be difficult for even the Holy Lord to deal with each other."

Xiaoying patiently Explained.

"The trouble is dead, what kind of orchard these broken Supremes keep in this bird's shit!"

Saintess hearing this, said dissatisfiedly.

"There seems to be Holy Lord's orchard here."

Xiaoying reminded awkwardly.

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