I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1355

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"Forget it, Senior Brother Chen, did your old man forget those Heaven's Chosen who couldn't fight because of Fire Spiritual Qi running around in his body? Without them, we can fight against us. Just two or three, do you need to be so careful?"

The blue-haired boy dropped his head and opened the mouth and said tiredly.

The boy with glasses pushed his glasses and looked at the content on the projection, slowly said:

"In my opinion, we will definitely have a battle with Shen Mengyao’s team. In terms of strength, we still have a great chance of winning. We don’t have to draw conclusions so early. Besides, except for the archer named Wu Qi and Shen Mengyao, the others are just ants to us, so we don’t need to worry."

When the people on the ring were communicating, Qiu Lingfeng had already returned to Qingdai and the others.

"Wu Qi Senior Brother, how is the situation?"

When I saw Qiu Lingfeng coming back, Ai Youwei got up and asked.

"It's okay, I think they are almost fighting, so I shot an arrow at them and ran back. Now they estimate that if they are not dead, they will be half disabled."

Qiu Lingfeng touched the chin, thought for a while and said.

"Wu Qi, I just thought about it. I think it's time for us to take the initiative and resolve the battle early."

Qingdai looked at Qiu Lingfeng and said.

Holding Qingdai's words, Qiu Lingfeng gently nodded, said:

"Then, as you said, let's take the initiative to attack. Anyway, this valley is full of shrimp soldiers. and crab generals, there is no need to spend time here."

After speaking, the five of them reorganized and moved towards the place where the other teams were.

With two powerful outputs of Qingdai and Qiu Lingfeng, their team, in this teamfight canyon game, is like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, no one can Resist the offensive of this team.

When there were only two teams left in the team battle canyon, Qiu Lingfeng and the others were teleported out of the team battle canyon.

When they returned to the ring, Qiu Lingfeng left the ring alone and went back to the dormitory to rest.

Qingdai stayed in the ring to observe the strength of other teams.

As soon as he returned to the dormitory, Qiu Lingfeng closed the door and sat on the bed, frowning in confusion:

"Strange, why do I feel so uncomfortable?"

As a Martial Artist of the Source of Dharma, Qiu Lingfeng's perception is naturally not imaginable by an ordinary person.

For example, now he has done nothing, but he has an indescribable sense of depression, as if he is facing a big enemy.

"Is the orchard owner thinking of me again?"

Qiu Lingfeng said in confusion, holding his heart.

He can think of a super powerhouse that has enemies with him, and only the unfathomable orchard owner is left.

"If it is really him...then I really have to quickly overthrow the top power of Yinhan Star Domain."

Qiu Lingfeng touched the chin, pondered then said.

Since checking Shen Mengyao's memory, Qiu Lingfeng knew it.

In this universe, there are countless Star Domains.

The Yinhan Star Domain is only the lowest level Star Domain, and there is a more powerful Star Domain above it.

The level of Star Domain is divided according to the overall strength of Star Domain.

If Qiu Lingfeng wants to quickly increase cultivation base, it is undoubtedly a better choice to go to those Star Domains with more powerhouses.

Moreover, in Shen Mengyao's memory.

Qiu Lingfeng once again saw information about the upper three tribes.

The upper three tribes are the Danmiao tribe, the ancient Xu tribe, and the Yuxing tribe.

The reason why these three races are called the upper three races is precisely because of the powerful strength of these three races.

Moreover, the people of these three clans each have a piece of Holy Land, and the Holy Land of these three clans is also called the true Holy Land.

In addition, only the powerful forces in the Longevity Realm or Undead Realm are eligible to be called Holy Land.

It's just that, except for the Holy Land of the upper three tribes, other Holy Lands can only be called pseudo-Holy Lands.

Follow-up Martial Dao Realm, Qiu Lingfeng also learned from Shen Mengyao's memory.

After the Mortal Realm is transformed, from low to high, they are Law Principle Realm, Small Heaven Realm, Heaven Realm, Great Heaven Realm, Execution Realm, and God Realm.

Behind the Yunshen Realm is the Longevity Realm, Undead Realm, which stands at the apex of this world.

It is worth mentioning that in Shen Mengyao's memory, there is also a little information about the orchard.

The orchard was created by the great power of Yun Shen Jing to aspire to a higher realm for himself.

As for more, Qiu Lingfeng doesn't know.

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