I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1356

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After all, Shen Mengyao is just the Eldest Young Lady of Heavenly Palace. How much useful news can she know?


Although she knows a lot more than Qiu Lingfeng.

But what's the use? In the end, isn't Shen Mengyao just lying quietly in Qiu Lingfeng's portable space?

The 605th chapter continuous breakthrough

Because the uneasy feeling in my heart lingers, Qiu Lingfeng does not have any thoughts to rest, but obediently and honestly Cultivated up.

During Qiu Lingfeng cultivation.

A group of Avatars from Qiu Lingfeng have successively obtained the qualifications to represent sect in the war.

At this time, only half a year is left before the start of the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

Divine Sword Star Sect.

In a high tower, all the dísciples representing sect participating in the war are cultivation inside.

This tower is called the Washing Sword Tower, which can make the sword cultivator comprehend by entering it more powerful.

At the same time, it can also make the Martial Artist who polished the sword in it, the cultivation base rapidly improved.

After all, the dísciple cultivation base uneven that can represent sect's participation in the war, if they don’t improve their cultivation base.

When the time comes, the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition will soon be eliminated.

Divine Sword Star Sect, as a top power, naturally does not want to see this scene.

In other words, in the last six months.

All dísciples representing sect participating in the war can enjoy all the cultivation resources in Divine Sword Star Sect!

Moreover, as long as sect can get honor in the juvenile Heaven's Chosen grand competition, after returning to sect, sect will also reward dísciple with more resources.

In the Washing Sword Tower, Tian Feng is sitting on the futon, his senseless sword intent is constantly changing.

In front of Tian Feng, there was a young girl with a nice face. She was just...

Luo Miao.

Since the last time Luo Miao and Tian Feng came out of Jianzhong, Tian Feng has noticed that the relationship between him and Luo Miao has become more subtle.

In this regard, Tian Feng has no other extra thoughts.

After all.

In his opinion, everything except the deity does not exist!

His existence is to fulfill the orders given to him by the deity.

Stay in the sword washing tower, Tian Feng can also feel that his cultivation base is constantly improving.

However, this improvement is very slow.

Of course, this is not something incomprehensible.

After all, Tian Feng’s cultivation base is synchronized with Qiu Lingfeng, both of which are Early-Stage.

It is normal for this sword-washing tower to not improve his existence of this kind of cultivation base.

But Tian Feng can't show that he hasn't improved a bit. Instead, he has to take advantage of this opportunity to make his cultivation base look advanced by leaps and bounds.

Because only in this way, it seems reasonable for him to explode with stronger power in the next battle.

Thinking of this, Tian Feng took advantage of other people's attention and broke through a small realm, letting realm come to the Divine Domain Great Perfection.

At the moment of his breakthrough, the breath of breakthrough came from Luo Miao in front of him, and she actually stepped into the Divine Domain Great Perfection!

When he first stepped into the Great Perfection of Divine Domain, Luo Miao couldn't wait to open his eyes, looked at Tian Feng, and said:

"What a coincidence."

"Uh...yes, it's a coincidence."

Tian Feng didn't know what to say, nodded, and silently increased his cultivation base to a small realm. , Came to a period of the real world realm.

"My previous foundation was too solid, and the realm was suppressed for too long, this breakthrough was out of control... Well, how did I become the realm? Originally I thought Suppress the realm again."

Tian Feng pretended to be sighed and shook his head.

Luo Miao looked at Tian Feng and simply blinked, and said:

"You are really strong, you are a perfect Heaven's Chosen."

When Luo Miao's words fell, light was also lit up in the Xijian Tower.

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