I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1357

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The power in the Sword Washing Tower gradually weakened, and Elder’s voice slowly sounded: "Everyone, Heaven's Chosen, the power of the Sword Washing Tower has been exhausted, please After half a month, come to wash the sword tower to polish the sword intent."

hearing this, without young supreme talent, he got up from the ground and left the sword wash tower one after another.

"Would you like to go with me to the Honglai restaurant at the foot of the mountain? I heard that there are new dishes."

Luo Miao jade hand rests his chin, laughed road.

Listening to Luo Miao’s words, Tian Feng wanted to refuse subconsciously, but as soon as he heard that there were new dishes at the restaurant, he couldn’t help but said:

"Then go together, I also want to taste the taste of their new dishes."

After that, Tian Feng and Luo Miao left the Xijian Pagoda together and went to Divine Sword Star. The town under the Sect mountain.

On the way, Luo Miao was also blushing, and plucked up the courage to open the mouth and said:

"Tian Feng, when you were in Jianzhong, you didn’t ask me, Why am I so strong in winning or losing? Do you still want to know the answer?"

Tian Feng was hearing this and thought about it for a while.

It seems that there is such a thing?

So, Tian Feng said:

"Yes, are you finally going to tell me the answer now?"

To be honest, he said to Luo Mya doesn't care at all about the matter of winning and losing so strong.

He would say this sentence in the sword mound at the beginning, and it was completely because of the heart of cherishing talents.

If he doesn't say that.

That day in the sword tomb, maybe Luo Miao would be exhausted in the sword tomb because he wanted to keep up with him.

"Well, if you are willing to stay with me today, I can consider telling you tonight."

Luo Miao said in a mosquito voice.

"Ah, this way..."

Tian Feng looked disappointed and said,

"Forget it, I don't want to know."

"en! Okay, then let's...Huh???? You...what did you just say?"

Luo Miao blushed and complied, but she just said something Halfway through, he suddenly reacted to something wrong, turned his head to look at Tian Feng and asked incredulously.

"I said, forget it, I don't want to know."

Tian Feng spread his hands and said silently.

big brother, my time is precious. You are not worthy of the younger sister who wants to eat ass.

Tian Feng doesn't want to waste his time on Luo Miao, let alone Luo Miao wanting to accompany her for a day?

How can you be so excessive?

"Are you...really serious?"

After Luo Miao got Tian Feng's affirmative words, he couldn't help being stunned and asked inconceivably.

"Of course I am serious."

Tian Feng is definitely nodded.

"Don’t you want to... want to disappoint me first, cause me a psychological gap, and then suddenly promise me to surprise me, right?"

Luo Miao Still couldn't believe that Tian Feng would refuse to be so decisive, and said again.

"Why do you have so many plays? Are you going to the restaurant? If you don't, I will go by myself?"

Tian Feng looked at Luo with an unfathomable mystery Mya, continue to say.

Luo Miao looked at Tian Feng and seemed to think of something suddenly. Her feelings of loss became cheerful again. She raised corner of the mouth, nodded and said with a big smile:

"en! Let's go to the restaurant together!"

Chapter 606 once and for all

In Luo Miao's view, Tian Feng does not leave the restaurant in three sentences. Obviously There are other arrangements.

Isn't this just to divert her attention and surprise her when she doesn't expect it?

Thinking of this, Luo Miao couldn't help but feel relieved, and his mood improved a lot.

Tian Feng is Luo Miao with an unfathomable mystery looking at his face changing.

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