I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1358

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"Unfathomable mystery."

Tian Feng muttered.

However, before he and Luo Miao walked down the mountain, a few people dressed in dísciple fell from in midair and stopped in front of them.

"Luo Miao Junior Sister, where are you and Tian Feng Junior Brother going to go, it just so happens that I haven't gotten down the mountain for a while, might as well let Senior Brother go with me?"

A young man in white clothed came over and asked with a smile.



Luo Miao and Tian Feng gave different answers.

"Oh? Is it okay or not?"

The white clothed youth looked at Luo Miao and asked.

Tian Feng laughed and said to the white clothed youth:

"Senior Brother Li, Luo Miao and I want to go to Honglai restaurant to try their new dishes, you If you want to follow it, it’s okay, just to taste it together."

The white clothed youth in front of him, Tian Feng naturally knew.

He is also a dísciple who participated in the war on behalf of Sect, named Li Chang.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this Li Chang is interesting to Luo Miao, and Tian Feng naturally sees it.

As for why he took Li Chang to Honglai restaurant with him......


This Li Chang is a fool. Tian Feng will always feel sorry if he doesn't pull him over.

As long as Luo Miao is at the table, Li Chang will definitely rush to pay for it.

For Tian Feng, who doesn't have much to say, this is a good opportunity for white prostitution. How could he choose to miss it?


Li Chang smiled slightly, then his eyes condensed, looking at Tian Feng in surprise and said,

"Tian Feng Junior Brother, you are already a cultivation base for the real-world stage? You now have such a cultivation base... By the time of the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition, I am afraid that you will be able to win the top ten."

"Don't dare to be, Crouching tiger hidden dragon in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition, Senior Brother Li, you overestimate me too much."

Tian Feng cupped the hands and said hurriedly.

"Yes, I can’t say too much. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s go to Honglai restaurant first."

Li Chang hehe smiled and pointed to the mountain Town, said.

The other dísciple who came with Li Chang, after hearing Li Chang's words, also left here one after another.

Tian Feng looked at Li Chang and didn't say much.

Li Chang is the son of a Great Family. The dísciples just now are actually Li Chang's servants.

Although it is hard to believe that the dísciple of Great Perfection in Divine Domain will be Li Chang's servant, but the fact is that even Tian Feng finds it incredible.

So a few people went to Honglai restaurant together.

Although, Luo Miao seemed very unhappy about it.

Tian Feng is not too concerned about this, he also has compensation for Luo Miao.

That is...

When the time comes, when the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition starts, he can also try to beg the deity and let the deity tell other Avatars , Don’t do too much on Luo Miao, and don’t abandon her cultivation base.

Dark Fire Phoenix family.

In the dark hall of the patriarch of the Fire Phoenix clan, a handsome young man got his head out of the quilt, full of alcohol.

In the arms of the youth, there was a beautiful young woman with blushing cheeks lying down.

"My good big brother, why don't you listen to me? What use is it for you to convince Feng Jiaojiao that Young Patriarch of the dark Fire Phoenix clan, patriarch is not nodded, she can take it with you You go in? Laugh to death, this trial of the blood quenching platform, won't it be done by me."

The young man looked at the beautiful young woman in his arms, the corner of his mouth was lifted, and he secretly said in his heart.

This young man is Ye You, one of Qiu Lingfeng's Avatars.

The beautiful young woman lying in Ye You's arms is the patriarch of the dark Fire Phoenix clan, Feng Mingyou.

The trial of the blood quenching platform that Ye You said was the benefit that the Dark Fire Phoenix clan prepared for those Heaven's Chosen who represented the Dark Fire Phoenix clan to participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition!

On the blood quenching platform, there is a flame that cannot be extinguished.

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