I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1359

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And these flames are formed by the power of divine ability, which is immortal for a long time, and also has a strong coercion.

Among them, the Bloodline Power can also temper the bloodline of clansman of the Dark Fire Phoenix family.

And this blood quenching platform can't be opened casually, it only opens for three months every 100 years.

As for the two foreign Human Races, Ye Zuo and Ye You, wanting to enter the trial of the blood quenching platform is even more like a dream.

After all, before Feng Mingyou made an exception to let them participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition on behalf of the Dark Fire Phoenix clan, it was already the greatest gift.

Like the idiot Ye Zuo, he can only think of a breakthrough from Feng Jiaojiao, asking Feng Jiaojiao to intercede with Feng Mingyou again, and let them both enter the trial of the blood quenching platform.

But Ye You is different. He has never considered Feng Jiaojiao, Young Patriarch, and he has long focused on Feng Mingyou, patriarch.

You need to know, who is the actual leader of the Dark Fire Phoenix family?

Feng Mingyou, the patriarch!

Feng Jiaojiao's Young Patriarch has the power to fart.

Only when Feng Mingyou, the patriarch is fixed, can he be in the dark Fire Phoenix clan once and for all.

Oh, it can’t be said to be done once and for all.

After all, this kind of stuff also requires no effort and no gain.

In short, after getting Feng Mingyou done, Ye You can now just and honourable in front of this patriarch:

"Youyou, hungry, hungry, rice."

For Feng Mingyou, the patriarch, Ye You also learned a lot of news.

Feng Jiaojiao's father died in a war 700 years ago. Since then, Feng Mingyou has assumed the responsibility of patriarch.

By the strength of oneself, against other stubborn clan elders, forcibly gained a firm foothold in the dark Fire Phoenix clan and mastered all the power of the clan.

There is no doubt that this Feng Mingyou is undoubtedly a strong woman.

Suddenly, Ye You noticed that Feng Mingyou in his arms seemed to be awakening.

Without a word, he closed his eyes, slipped back into Feng Mingyou's arms, and pretended to sleep.

Fengming woke up leisurely, when she noticed the warmth in her arms, she couldn't help but stare at her with a rare soft tone opened the mouth and said:

"Jiao Jiao, why are you sleeping with me again..."

However, the next second.

Feng Mingyou realized something was wrong.

Because she can feel that the person in her arms is not Feng Jiaojiao, but a...


Why are there men in her bedroom? !

When Feng Mingyou realized this, his consciousness suddenly became clear.

Take a closer look. At this time, the person in her arms is not someone else, but Ye You, one of the Human Race Heaven's Chosen who saved Feng Jiaojiao!

It was also at this time that Ye You opened his eyes "coincidentally", rubbed his eyes with a simple expression, made a lazy voice, and said:

"Brother, you seem to have become fat, you hug me so tightly, I almost can't breathe..."

It's just that Ye You stayed before he finished speaking. I was stunned, with a pair of eyes that were still a little confused, looking at the reddish Feng Mingyou on the pretty face in front of me.

In Ye You's eyes, there were three-point surprise, three-point anxiety, three-point loss, and one-point disbelief.

Chapter 607: Dividing Relations

After that, Ye You quickly looked down, as if he was confirming something.


When he "confirmed" that this was the truth, he took a deep breath.

Immediately afterwards, Ye You bounced off the bed abruptly, looking at Feng Mingyou who hadn’t reacted in disbelief, and asked:

"Clan...patriarch, Why... why am I here?"

Feng Mingyou can be regarded as a woman who has seen big storms.

Although he was shocked by what happened between the two, he can also show a calm appearance.

She pulled up the quilt to cover the spring scenery on her body, then slowly got up, watching Ye You calmly said:

"Don’t worry, since we are between the two If this happens, then I will be responsible for you."

At the same time, Feng Mingyou is also trying his best to search for his own memory.

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