I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1360

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Last night, Feng Jiaojiao set up a dinner and called her to go over. The content was nothing more than discussing the matter of letting Ye Zuo Yeyou enter the tempering bloodline and increasing cultivation base.

How could Feng Mingyou agree to such a ridiculous thing raised by her daughter?

Because Feng Jiaojiao interceded for Ye Zuo and Ye You last time, they asked them to represent the dark Fire Phoenix clan to participate in the young Heaven's Chosen grand competition.

At that time, Feng Mingyou was still grateful to the two of them, so he made an exception to make these two cultivation bases only the young Heaven's Chosen in the middle of the Divine Domain realm. On behalf of the Dark Fire Phoenix clan, they participated in the young Heaven's Chosen. grand competition.

However, this time Feng Jiaojiao actually wanted her to let outsiders enter the blood quenching platform which is the inheritance of the dark Fire Phoenix clan?

How could she, a patriarch, agree to such a ridiculous thing?

So, from the moment Feng Jiaojiao spoke, Feng Mingyou was already angry, and later he wanted to leave.

However, Ye You kept her for a very simple reason. She chatted with Ye You very speculatively.

Let her forget about the trials of the Blood Tempering Table.

After going back and forth, because she was too drunk, she drank too much, and became drunk, so Ye You offered to send her back.

She did not refuse either.

It's just that after she and Ye You returned to her sleeping hall, the memories began to fragment...

It looks like she forced Ye You?

No matter what, those details are not important anyway.

In short, last night's Feng Mingyou slept very comfortably, she hadn't slept so relaxedly for a long time.

"Yesterday, I took the initiative first, and the responsibility lies with me. I will not shirk it."

After hesitating for a while, Feng Ming spoke slowly.

"Patriarch, what happened last night...I also remembered a little bit. Actually...I am also responsible and shouldn't let you drink so much."

Hear After Feng Mingyou's words, Ye You pretended to be hesitant and spoke.

hearing this, Feng Mingyou's face became a little milder, and continued:

"Anyway, it is a fact that I broke your Primordial Yang body. You can No need to call me patriarch, just call my name."

"By the way, in the memory of last night...The strength of Raging Flames in your body seems to resonate with me?"


Feng Mingyou continued to ask.

Ye You shook the head blankly and said:

"Clan...Mingyou, sorry, I don't have any memory of that aspect."

Feng Mingyou hearing this, nodded lightly, and said:

"That should be an illusion."

"Mingyou, what is the resonance of what you just said? "

Ye You looked curiously asked.

"I don’t know, anyway, the strength of Raging Flames in my body last night was affected by the strength of Raging Flames on you."

Feng Ming sips quietly. Lips, shook his head and said.

"Did you do something there?"

Ye You curiously asked.

hearing this, Fengmingyou can't help but the pretty face is red, and he replied:


"Then we try again? Maybe it can really resonate with the strength of Raging Flames."

Ye You raised an eyebrow and asked tentatively.


Fengming faintly stunned, but it was a bit sorry.

Just, she changed her mind.

She forced Ye You one night last night, and now it’s not impossible to let Ye You take advantage of it.

Besides, the relationship between the two is not so bad.

"Well, I want to see if that is an illusion."

Feng Mingyou nodded lightly and agreed.

As soon as the voice fell, Feng Mingyou calmed down.

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