I Have A Devouring System Chapter 1361

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It's not that she has never seen a big scene.

Even more how, she is still the patriarch of the Dark Fire Phoenix clan, how can she behave like a little girl in front of the young Heaven's Chosen, Ye You?

After some flame resonance.

Feng Ming was lying in Ye You's arms, covered in fragrant sweat.

At this moment, the two men's offensive has been reversed.

In other words, Ye You has successfully conquered the patriarch of the dark Fire Phoenix clan.

As for the memory in Feng Mingyou's mind...

Laugh to death!

That is simply the illusion that Ye You uses on Feng Mingyou with Thousand Illusion Eyes!

The actual situation last night...

Naturally, it was exactly the same as when the two experimented with flame resonance just now!

Ye You is not stupid, he would be so tough if he were at first.

Then he is over.

Because he doesn't modify Feng Mingyou's memory using the illusion, then Feng Mingyou will immediately kill him to vent his anger after he came back to his senses.

After revising Feng Mingyou's memory and turning himself into the forced one, the result will be completely different.


In Feng Mingyou's cognition, she was the first to take action against Ye You. She was ashamed of Ye You, and naturally, her attitude towards Ye You would be more tolerant!

"Mingyou, it seems that our strength of Raging Flames can really resonate."

Ye You holds Fengmingyou in his arms and gently sniffs the other person's body. The scent coming out, said.


Feng Mingyou is now soft, without much strength, complied in a daze.

Moreover, she can find it out.

When she resonates with the strength of Raging Flames in Ye You, her cultivation base is also improving!

Think of this, Feng Mingyou slowly opened the mouth and said:

"Yeyou, don't worry, when I finish dealing with the Blazing Dynasty, I will Give you a new site, and I won't treat you badly."

After Ye You heard Feng Mingyou's words, he couldn't help but raised his eyebrows.

What a beautiful rich woman!

The little mind is so bad!

While talking about being responsible for others, you still want to break ties with them?

Do you really think that Ye You is like my silly "big brother" Ye Zuo?

On the surface, Feng Mingyou wanted to give Ye You a piece of territory, but in fact, didn’t this just want to divide the relationship with Ye You?


As long as Ye You has a territory, he will naturally go to his own territory and leave the Dark Fire Phoenix clan!

Then his connection with Feng Mingyou hasn't been reduced naturally?

Is this not dividing the relationship or something?

"Mingyou, what do you mean?"

Ye You's tone became cold, and he let go of Fengming Ghost Road in his arms.

Being released by Ye You, a trace of loss and emptiness flashed in Feng Mingyou's heart, and he hurriedly raised his head to explain:

"Ye You, I didn't mean what you thought."

"Then what do you mean? Patriarch Feng!"

Ye You coldly said.

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