1615. Chapter 1606th the people heading for the future

For a week, [The Origin] has crossed the orbit of Saturn.

    The Central computer has calculated the best route to Centauri. After the Warp Engine is fully activated(d), it is expected that [The Origin] will arrive in Centauri after 50 years. The elite from Earth civilization will take advantage of the colonial devices carried on [the Origin] and rebuild the Earth civilization’s brilliance in the unfamiliar star system.

    As for the possibility of a day to kill the solar System, from the hands of the swarm to recapture the Earth civilization’s parent Star …

    Those are the things that will be clear after centuries.

    “Good wine is just too hot…What’s its name? ”

    “Maotai,” the face of the old man smiled lightly, softly, “like a vodka to Russia, in our country, this wine has formed a culture.” ”

    Although the same is the elite of Earth Civilization, this does not mean that everyone is equal in [The Origin].

    Where there are people, there will be classes.

    The primary and secondary member states, Nuclear-possessing Nation and non-Nuclear-possessing Nation, and even the original nationality of the crew on [The Origin]…These all directly determine the boarding list, the share of tickets allocated to each country or region, and the identity and status of the passengers.

    For example, Wang Dehai sitting here.

    According to the pre-boarding agreement, after arriving in Centauri, passengers from various countries will establish Colony in different countries on Centauri-like planets according to their nationality. For example, Colony of Russia will be the new Moscow, Chinese Colony will naturally be new to Beijing, and so on…

    After Noah’s Ark landed, the nobles were still nobles and the civilians were still civilians.

    Although the Wang Family has been waning over the years, the power of Wang Family in China is still not to be underestimated, otherwise he will not sit here and talk to the ghosts on the opposite side.

    As far as he sat opposite, Michael Bloomberg from United States.

    Speaking of Bloomberg, he is also a great man. Born in a middle-class family in 1942, he became Mayor of New York City in 2001, and he was BloombergcompanyDirector-General. The public assets exceeded 5 billion US dollars.

    It can be said that Bloombergreally is a model for self-made.

    然而如果让他评论自己这一生,他最满意的却不是击败政敌当上Mayor,也不是将Bloombergcompany——也就是所谓的彭博新闻社做成财经界的标杆,而是他在最后的最后,将持有的全部资产、基金变卖成现金,用全部五10 billionWorld Dollar的身家,从一位据说是和Jiang Chen有过故交的军火商人手中,买下了这张船票,带着自己20多岁的孙子以及不满两岁的曾孙女坐上了这趟前往Centauri的航班……

    If it were not so, he would not sit here, and the red from the east.The colored nobles sat together to have a wine tasting and laughing.

    “Are you a man aboard?” ”

    “And my grandson and great-grandchildren.”Bloomberg smiled and said softly, “A regular ferry ticket can take an adult relative and a minor relative on board. Originally, I wanted to leave my place for my son, but he could not accept this kind of life. After I called him, he chose to commit suicide…”

    End of the World, which means that their own decades of life experience, all the efforts made for the goal of life, and even the goal of life itself, have become an absurd joke. Suicide by not withstanding such a reality has exceeded 11 million in the one weeks before the arrival of last day.

    Although compared to the population base of more than 8 billion, the 1 million people can only be said to be insignificant feathers, but the people who died because of despair even surpassed despair itself…

    “I’m sorry to ask this question.”

    “Nothing. At the age of my age, these things are all very open.”Bloomberg’s smile was a bit lonely. He looked out into the starry sky outside the window. It was in the direction of Earth. “It would be nice to see other worlds in the lifetime.”

    Although this “good” word, he said quite reluctantly.

    EARTHIt is probably already framed now. ”Staring at the darkness outside the window, Wang Dehai sighed softly. “Speaking of the truth, I never thought I would have such a day.”

    Perhaps because of the recall of the past, the two were caught in a brief silence.

    “Unfortunately, only 10 kilograms of baggage are allowed.” ”

    What’s on your mind?

    Nothing……Survival is, after all, the first element, but it is a pity to think of the hidden paintings in the basement of my villa in Los Angeles. ”Bloomberg smiled weakly. “I just hope the bugs don’t eat them…What the oil painting tastes like is not good, but the marble statue should have no nourishment. ”

    “Then how do you deal with those collections in the end?”After licking the white wine from the porcelain cup, Wang Dehai looked at Bloomberg and said with a smile.

    “I gave them all.”

    “Send it?”

    “Well, that Los Angeles guy who sold his ticket to me,” Bloomberg smiled. “And anyway, those works of art don’t go anymore. If he plans to use that 500 billion to get a rich man’s addiction, then My collections may allow him to put more of his richness in life.”

    Speaking of this, the two people invariably laughed.

    Bloomberg’s purchase of ferry tickets with 5 10 billion World Dollar has become a famous joke on this [The Origin] Starship.

    Someone is willing to use a living chance for a pile of waste paper. There is no more stupid thing than this.

    “What are you going to do after you get off the boat?” ”

    “Rocky Household’s eldest son wants me to be their economic advisor, and they intend to build colony in Centauric, named New Boston …”Here, Bloomberg pauses for a moment and says with a smile: “I won’t say more if I don’t speak. No one can guarantee that our friendship will last until after Colony is built.”

    “makes sense.”Wang Dehai also does not deny that he laughed and said, “But I will say that it is worthy to say that only Russians are your opponents. You have joined the Earth Defense League…I can only say it’s too late. ”

    “Maybe, these things, when you open your eyes, it’s clear.” ”Bloomberg said with a smile and said with a smile.

    If the resources on Centauri are abundant, it would be nice to say that if they are waiting in front of them on a resource-poor planet, they may have to face the first, that is, these people and their fellow humanity who arrived in Centauri.

    And for that, almost everyone has the same awareness.

    They are the elites of humanity society.

    They agree with the physical laws of the survival of the fittest than anybody.

    After all, it was from the natural selection that they lived in the group …

    At this moment, there was a soft female voice on top of the two of them.

    “[The Origin] will enter the sub-light speed after 30 minutes. The crew members will prompt you, please turn on the Hibernation Cabin and lay your hands flat on both sides of the legs.”

    The soft female voice was repeated two times in 12 Mandarin.

    When her voice stopped, Wang Dehai up from his chair, dried the last sip of wine, and put the porcelain cup down heavily.

    “Then, good luck.”

    “You too, God bless you.”

    Bloomberg smiled and stood up and gave Wang Dehai a glass and walked towards the hallway outside the door.

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