I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 144

“I understand. I can understand, the teacher’s order is hard to violate.”

Ye Muyang slumped on the ground, looking around the crowd, as if to remember everyone’s appearance in his mind.

“Stop talking nonsense, everyone go straight, although he is strong, but at the moment he is just a toothless paper tiger!”

Yan yelled, he did not want to delay any more to avoid accidents.

“Oh, the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by the dog!

Although I am unwilling to end like this, Ye Muyang is unable to resist the established fact.

But as a Spirit Master, I have my own pride!

Even if I die, I don’t want to be defeated and dirty my will!”

Ye Muyang is supporting the body a little bit Standing up, the spirit power around him began to turbulent, and a little golden light lit up from Ye Muyang’s body.

It is getting brighter and brighter, and the spreading golden veins are all over the body, clearly visible.

Ye Muyang’s hand directly looked at many people present.

“Quickly retreat! He wants to self-destruct!”

Suddenly the two voices spread directly, and everyone is now aware of the power of the treacherous changes in the place where Ye Muyang is. With a clear understanding of the pressure, it turns out that he wants to self-destruct to clarify his ambitions.

Yan gritted his teeth, a little unwilling. I wanted to see Ye Muyang begging for mercy to vent his inner humiliation and resentment, but now I can only give it up.

“Withdraw! Quickly withdraw!”

The pressure spread, and many people were shocked.

One after another, they have sympathy and admiration for Ye Muyang, so talented, so proud.

Under the cool moonlight, everyone can only lament, “We are not as good as the sun!”


The golden light flourished, and then The crimson flames poured out, as if Ye Muyang itself was a huge flame container. Now that the outer layer of the “gas tank” is forcibly broken, the violent power inside spreads uncontrollably.

The crimson wave swept across the valley.

red light soars into the sky, and flames are everywhere in the valley.

“My pride, no one can humiliate!”

A tragic voice slowly dissipated, and then the flame slowly extinguished.

Many people in Spirit Hall have a lot of sadness in their hearts when they look at the valley engulfed by flames. The Spirit Hall deacon named “Ye Muyang” is still paying for their lives last moment. Li strived for a fair and just, but next moment he himself lost his life.

Who is ruthless than the grass and trees, although I don’t know why Supreme Pontiff wants to kill him, it can’t stop everyone from respecting Ye Muyang.

“hahaha, it’s over! It’s over!

Ye Muyang, you have today too!”

Yan laughed, a little crazy.

Xie Yue frowned when she saw this, Yan was a little fascinated!

“Nana, all the fighting has passed, and the shadows brought by Ye Muyang must soon be disappeared.”

Seeing the younger sister’s face a little lost, Xie Yue comforted.

Hu Liena didn’t say much, but nodded.

“Ye Muyang has been killed and the evil Spirit Master has been wiped out.

Now you can return to the Spirit Hall!”

The two Tilted Douluo glanced at each other. One after another confirmed that Ye Muyang’s aura had disappeared, they had already spoken after the death.

“Two adults, I was waiting for a lot of evil Spirit Master spies to happen on my way here. I am worried that some evil Spirit Masters will escape, and I am willing to bring a guard to stay here, carefully Search for it!”

When Wu Meng saw this, he bowed his hands respectfully.

“Okay! You stay here with your guards and return to Spirit Hall after the search is complete.

I will report to Supreme Pontiff by then. Naturally, I will not miss you.”

Gui Mei nodded.

“Many thanks, my lord’s appreciation!”

Wu Meng lowered his body again, showing his respect.

Soon, everyone in Spirit Hall left, leaving only Wu Meng’s guards.

Wu Meng directly instructed everyone to start searching everywhere, and was destined to increase the scope without any negligence.

After everyone dispersed, Wu Meng also checked all around, and when he noticed that there was no one else, he jumped directly into the scorched valley.

Wu Meng held out his right hand and stretched out his palm. In his palm, a mini Three-legged Golden Crow flew out.

As the Three-legged Golden Crow hovered in the air, the sparks walking in the valley unexpectedly gathered a little bit strangely.

The more sparks there are, the more they appear to be fluorescent at night.

One silhouette is formed by the sparks structure, and the Three-legged Golden Crow is hovering in the heart, and the silhouette gradually solidifies, and it is indeed the self-destruct Ye Muyang before!

At this moment, the moon blooms pouring down, shining on the continuously solidified silhouette, seeming to continue its strength.

The mutual brilliance of each other made Wu Meng an eye-opener.

“Wake up!”

Then Wu Meng took out a porcelain bottle, poured out the porcelain bottle, and a drop of golden blood fell on the silhouette.

This drop of golden blood seems to have life, moving on the silhouette of the slightly illusory body.

Next moment, the golden light suddenly flourished, then quickly converged, and the moonlight continued.

“many thanks.”

Ye Muyang kissed his lips, and there was endless weakness in his words.

Then quickly sat down on the ground, recovering from his injuries by Yuehua.

At this moment, Wu Meng’s heart is more emotional.

said: “It’s rare that you trust me so much and entrust this important thing to me. Are you not afraid of my temporary change and let you fend for yourself?”

“No doubt about employing people, not doubters. I believe my eyes.

Besides, how do you know that I have no other means?”

Ye Muyang’s weak voice Sounded.

Wu Meng smiled and said: “Indeed, today I really opened my eyes, this method of coming back from the dead is really unfathomable.”

“Not coming back from the dead , I really thought I was a self-destruct?”

“Isn’t it?”

Wu Meng was puzzled.

Ye Muyang eyes opened, spits out one mouthful of impure air.

Slowly raised his palm and said: “Look.”

Wu Meng looked over curiously, and he saw that his eyeballs were about to come out. It was weird!

I saw Ye Muyang’s palms directly disassembled, seeming to be turned into countless sparks, and like countless debris, and the next moment these scattered and gradually gathered to form a flesh and blood body palm!

“This…Is this Spirit Ability? Undying Body?”

“It can also be said to be Spirit Ability. This is what I learned from my sixth Spirit Ability A method similar to’Golden Cicada’s shelling’ and’returning to shell’ is not a real self-destruct or Undying Body.”

Wu Meng was confused, but he was still shocked inside. .

The youngster in front of me is simply too mysterious and weird.

Although Ye Muyang looks very weak at the moment, Wu Meng can feel that Ye Muyang is different from before. The aura is more restrained, and the strength seems to be stronger. He seems to have a certain aspect breakthrough sexual progress!

“Congratulations, Young Master Ye!”

No matter what, the first words of joy are always right.

Wu Meng thought of this in his heart.

“You should take good care of today’s affairs. There are many Spirit Hall experts but there are too many people.

My “self-destruct” will definitely leave traces in their hearts. Wouldn’t it be a good thing that he can be attributed to his subordinates with a little inducement?”

Although Wu Meng is a mess, he is not dull.

“Nothing to go, who will follow?”

“Continue lurking, how?”

Wu Meng thought and thought, thought and thought, finally I can only do my best.

At night, Ye Muyang is alone, and the surroundings are dark.

Ye Muyang stared blankly at the “Nothingness” and “solidity” of the palm, muttered in a low voice: “Do you know quantum physics?”

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