I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 146

“Master, where are we going?”

Afu asked curiously.

“Dongying, an island country.”

Looking ahead, the front is where the two are going.

“Dongying? Where is that place?”

Afu, who lives deep inland, knows little about the outside world. Ye Muyang went to Ahfu on this trip to Let him see his vision.

Ye Muyang thought for a while, can’t tell Ah Fu about some island country “action blockbusters”, not suitable for children.

By the way: “A culturally unique place.”

Then he said: “Did you see the mountain ahead? That is where we are going, the tallest one in Dongying Mountain, holy mountain!”

A Fu stared at the cloud-covered mountain, with his eyes wide open. He was also ignorant.

After a few days of travel, the two came to the foot of this famous mountain.

The cherry blossoms under the mountain are blooming and the scenery is unique.

The to-and-fro laughter also indicated that there seems to be some kind of celebration activity going on here.

“Look at the two dresses as foreigners, right?”

The appearance of the two Ye Muyang quickly attracted the attention of everyone, and then they came here, which seems to be in charge People.

In this trip, Ye Muyang acted in a low-key manner, with Ah Fu by his side, and was more cautious.

nodded, express affirmation.

“That’s right, if you don’t dislike it, can you be a guest with us.

So that we can do our best to be a landlord.”

The man in charge squinted and smiled.

“I don’t know what the activities are here, and we don’t know who the owner is here. Naturally, we can’t do this. We lose courtesy.”

Ye Muyang politely refuses, no matter what to do, Ye Muyang I don’t think these people would be so kind to let an outsider eat and drink.

“I think your Excellency is too worried. This place is the area of ​​my Liuli Shrine. Sacrificial activities are being carried out. Seeing that people from other villages come here naturally want to be happy with your Excellency, and I will use this to promote it. The prestige of my god.”


Ye Muyang grinned slightly, softly with a little doubt.

“Your Excellency does not know that our holy mountain is the place where Sun God descends.

Sun God is the only god who protects my holy mountain. According to legend, there was Sun God first. Later, we Dongying, today is the time of the sacrifice, your honor and participation, maybe you can see Divine Vestige coming.

You must know that every time Divine Vestige comes, it is a great opportunity for comprehend.”


The more this person speaks, the more proud and respectful his eyes are.

“so that’s how it is, then we are disrespectful. If you bother, please forgive me.”

“No, no.”

The man looked happy and shook his head quickly.

Then quickly arranged a position for Ye Muyang and Ah Fu.

After that person left.

Fu said: “Master, isn’t this position too eye-catching? Don’t we want to keep a low profile?”

“Yes, Foo, you can actually tell , It seems that you have made a lot of progress along the way.”

“Why did the Master agree?”

A Fu’s face was full of doubts.

“This Master probably wants to use us as a benchmark, so as to attract more people to believe in his Sun God. Most of it has other purposes, but for us not at all what harm .

I don’t see there. These people dress differently. They seem to be similar to us. They are all foreigners.

Even if our position is prominent, it is estimated that no one will be too Pay attention.”


Afu was looking thoughtful and nodded.

In my heart, I still don’t understand what the Master said, but what I don’t understand means it’s very important, so keep in mind in the heart.

Soon after, the ceremony of sacrifice officially began.

I saw a crowd of people wearing uniform colored kimonos with uniform signs walking out.

One of the three people in front holds incense, while the other two are holding various tributes.

This tribute is also not simple. They are all first-class cultivation resources. Many onlookers were moved by it, but no one dared to make trouble in front of these people.

Especially the three people are calm and restrained, and they are expert at first sight.

“Tokugawa boy, you wait for shameless people!”

Just as he waited for this moment, an angry shout broke out.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw a group of people holding weapons coming from Grandiose.

“Xu Nian, are you still not showing up now?”

Among the Tokugawa family, a young man walked out with unruly eyes and looked at these people who just rushed over. , Full of disdain.

“Ichiro Tokugawa, your Tokugawa family is really damn, have you forgotten the legacy of your ancestors.

Others don’t know your purpose, don’t I know?

Shameless disciples!”

Everyone started to talk, you said and I said, but there were doubts on your face, and you didn’t know what the two sides said.

“Winner is the king, loser is the villain, don’t you Xu family still understand the truth?

Now that your Xu family has fallen, it’s hard to resist my Tokugawa The ability of the family.

I advise you to retreat quickly today. If you dare to make trouble and destroy the ceremony of my Tokugawa family, don’t blame me Tokugawa will not remember the old love!”

De Kawaichiro’s voice became cold, with a little smugness in it.

“Everyone, don’t believe the nonsense of the Tokugawa family!

What the Tokugawa family says is false!

Don’t enter the holy mountain , Once you enter, you will definitely die!”

The man named Xu Nian moved towards everyone shouted.

“Xu Nian, why do you say that?”

One more person came out among the crowd.

A red-clothed and loose robe can’t hide his sharpness about to skyrocket.


“Look, it’s the Crimson Swordsman!”

“didn’t expect the Tokugawa family actually invited the Crimson Swordsman too Come here.

It seems very simple this time.”

Some people said in surprise.

Ye Muyang has eyesight and quick ears. The development of this matter seems to be a little different from what I thought. The Tokugawa family has other purposes.

“It turned out to be Brother Scarlet, didn’t expect you to come too.

Since Brother Scarlet doesn’t know, then I will pick things up today!

My ancestor was Xu Fu, the great god of sunshine, and the ancestors and the Tokugawa family joined forces to seal the holy mountain.

In the distant mythological period, the holy mountain was nothing more than a small mountain bag.

Suddenly one day, an unknown creature fell into the holy mountain. Since then, the holy mountain has become a volcano, erupting all the year round, and the mountain is thicker and taller.

It harmed the people of Dongying, so they joined forces with the Tokugawa family and sacrificed themselves to seal the holy mountain. Since then, the holy mountain has subsided and become an extinct volcano.

The purpose of the Tokugawa family’s trip is to enter the holy mountain. Everyone must not believe them!” Xu Nian said tragically, with a little prayer in his words.

This atmosphere spread among the crowd in an instant. Many people were nodded and began to tell the Tokugawa family that they were wrong.

Ichiro Tokugawa had expected this a long time ago, still with a disdainful smile on his lips.

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