I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 147

“Everyone don’t be impatient, I don’t refute what Xu Nian said.

Back then, the Great God of Sunshine indeed sealed the Holy Mountain with my Tokugawa family, and the Holy Mountain calmed down.

But that was a long, long time ago, and it can be traced back to the end of Mythological Era.

For so long, my Tokugawa family has been observing and studying the holy mountains. The Tokugawa family has finally made progress.

The holy mountain has calmed down. The weird creatures inside have been consumed by time. At this moment, the holy mountain is full of pure energy and heavenly materials earthly treasures.

Do you know why my Tokugawa family has always been shining in the history books of Dongying? This is the reason, Seiya!

Now, my Tokugawa family thinks Share the treasure in the holy mountain with the world.

Xu Nian is here today only because my Tokugawa family didn’t invite him to feel resentful that’s all.”

“Fart! Since it is. Treasure, why did your Tokugawa family share it with me? I don’t believe that your Tokugawa family will be so generous!”

Xu Nian was a little red-faced, and Tokugawa Ichiro said this was nothing more than saying that he was jealous hate.

“Look, see, he is anxious, he is anxious.

Now everyone should understand who to trust.”

Ichiro Tokugawa pointed out Xu Nian laughed.

Ye Muyang watched with keen interest pleasure on the sidelines, didn’t expect this Tokugawa Ichiro would also “yin and yang”.

“Master, they look like they are going to fight, or let’s go.”

Fu said with some fear.

“Afu, such a timid and fearful thing is not something a man should do. Let’s take a look at the excitement first. Besides, the purpose of our trip is not contrary to the purpose of the Tokugawa family. “

“Master is going in, didn’t they say that there is a terrifying creature inside?”

“Don’t worry, any terrifying creature, that’s it, when the time comes lets you see your horizons.”

“Okay, Master!”

Afu sat up straight, with a little expectation in his eyes.


“Ichiro Tokugawa, you should make things clear, what Xu Nian said is unreasonable.”

The crimson knife The guest looked towards Ichiro Tokugawa said solemnly.

“Brother Scarlet, don’t worry, how can my Tokugawa family cheat everyone.

In the face of treasure, everyone has selfish intentions. The same is true for my Tokugawa family, but my Tokugawa family does I don’t have that ability.

The purpose of proposing to share treasures is not that simple, because the seal created by the Rizhao God at the expense of himself is difficult for the Tokugawa family to break.

So I hope to be able to Let’s join hands with you to open seal.

Of course, my Tokugawa family does not force it. Joining and rejecting are all based on your own wishes.”

After Ichiro Tokugawa finished speaking, he looked towards Everyone smiled.

Will anyone refuse? he does not know.

Will anyone willing? He knew there must be!

“I am willing to join!”

Another young silhouette.

The man is dressed in Tsing Yi, a young man who looks a little strange.

“Yuan Zhian!”

“It turned out to be Yuan Zhian!”

“The Tokugawa family really has enough capital, didn’t expect even Yuan Zhi’an has all invited over!”

“I rely on, listening to your tone, is it because you know the strange man in Tsing Yi?”

“Of course, the young master of Kyoto, who People don’t know the origin, but they are the heirs of the previous generation of emperors. The new generation of emperors not only did not swish their butcher swords at them, but even reused them.

Some people say that the previous generation of emperors and this generation of emperors have inheritance Well, so the emperor of this generation is extremely smooth. Although outsiders don’t know the details, most of them can guess it.

Most hope the emperor of this generation can protect the Gen clan.

The Yuan Zhi’an of the Genji clan is also striving, relying on his innate talent and talents to make the Yuan clan gradually come back to life.”

When Yuan Zhi’an spoke, people began to agree to join. After all, the so-called “celebrity” “Effect”, although some people follow blindly, most people have their own plot against.

The people invited by the Tokugawa family this time are not simple people. They are all powerful forces behind them. Otherwise, the Tokugawa family will not be attracted.

“Calm down, everyone, don’t be fooled by treasure!”

“Xu Nian, shut up!”

Tokugawa Ichiro charged directly, Spirit power surged all over.

Behind it is a ball of flame Spirit.

Feeling the breath of Tokugawa Ichiro, Ye Muyang rubbed his chin and said, “Interesting.”

“Master, Master, why does this Tokugawa Ichiro emit Does it resemble yours?”

“Yes, not bad. You can feel it as a little fellow.

But he’s a pirated copy, Master, I’m genuine. .

Must support genuine.”

“Piracy? Genuine?

Master, what is that?”

“Small Child, don’t have that many questions!”

Ye Muyang knocked on Ah Fu’s head and asked, “How heavy is the Mysterious Heaven Skill now?”

“Two The peak is heavy, and it will soon be able to break through the third level, Master, I am good.” Ah Fu said with a smile, his eyes full of pride.

“Ye Muyang nodded.”

Ye Muyang nodded.

It seems that the marriage contract and Tang San were exchanged for Mysterious Heaven Skill at all.

There was a loud bang.

I saw Xu Nian being directly hit by Tokugawa Ichiro to the ground.

“Xu Nian, since you are obstructing in every way, then I will give you a chance, then you can enter, how about it?”

Tokugawa Ichiro clapped his hands, and then faced all Humanity: “Everyone present today can join us to enter the Holy Mountain, but the final decision is in your hands. You don’t want to force it.”

“Agree, agree!”

“Let’s join, join!”

“The Tokugawa family, I won’t be happy!”

Xu Nian roared, Then he took his own people and left in a desperate manner.

The ceremony continues, everything is ready.

“Brother, you look like a foreigner, right? You won’t be able to get in later?”

A timid and cautious middle age person approached and faced him. Ye Muyang asked.

“Why not go, Ichiro Tokugawa said, everyone in the room can go in.

Besides, there are treasures inside, and the right opportunity is in front of you. Just let it run?”

Ye Muyang asked with a faint smile.

“Brother, we are foreigners and we are not familiar with our lives.

Don’t say whether it is an opportunity, let’s say whether we can keep the treasure.

Be aware that here is Dongying, with many forces and complicated interweaving.”

“Old Brother is so cautious, but asking questions like this, do you want to find a companion?”

Ye Muyang sees through the meaning of the middle age person at a glance.

The middle age person is a bit awkward, so I can’t wait for him to speak.

Ye Muyang continued: “Old Brother is looking for the wrong person. I also brought a child with me, and I went with Old Brother. I am afraid it will drag Old Brother.”

“Yes, yes…”

Middle age person nodded, and then slowly moved around, looking for someone else.

“Does the Master mean that I am a cumbersome?”

Afu asked innocently.

Not waiting for Ye Muyang to reply, Ah Fu waved a small fist and said: “I am not a burden to the Master!”

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