I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 148

A lot of people have gathered on the side of Shengyue Mountain at this moment.

These people are obviously more than those participating in the ceremony, and everyone knows-how among them is tacitly aware. For these extra people, the Tokugawa family did not object to them, and turned a Respond with the blind eye posture.

“Master, I think the Tokugawa family should be uneasy.”

Afu spoke, a little serious on his little face.

Ye Muyang swept around and saw no one noticed: “Don’t tell the truth, be careful of being heard, and keep a low profile.”

“Hmm!” Afu nodded.

Be low-key, he understands!

The gate of the mountain opened, and groups of people walked inside.

The place of charm and beauty inside the holy mountain is not completely dark. The crimson rays of light everywhere fill the whole holy mountain.

There is a square in the front, and what everyone is facing is a stone statue. The stone statue has a human body but there are a pair of open bat wings behind it, which looks a little strange.

“This is the Great God of Sunshine, Xu Fu?”

Many people were shocked.

It is said that this stone statue is made of Xu Fu Fleshy body. For tens of thousands of years, this stone statue is still lifelike without any damage.

The imposing manner emanating from the stone statue enveloped the audience, shaking everyone’s hearts all the time, and it seemed that one glance would make people daunting.

“Tokugawa Young Master, can we really break this seal?”

Someone asked unconfidently.

That is the Great God of Sunshine. No one knows whether it is a god or not, but it is definitely a powerhouse. Dao Rhyme has remained the same for thousands of years. How can they be compared to people who are so high or low?

“Don’t worry, Rizhao Great God is powerful, but the seal he left behind is not unresolvable.”

Tokugawa calmly said.

“What should we do?”

“Wait a minute, everyone will watch first.”

After Ichiro Tokugawa said, I saw Tokugawa Several old men with a strong aura came out of the family again.

These elders sat on the ground, and the breath of the whole body began to surge in an instant, and then they joined together, and the vast spirit power gathered, directly struck on the stone statue of Xu Fu .

Ye Muyang retreated back with Ah Fu.

“Master, look, over there. It seems to be Xu Nian from the beginning.”

Afu pointed to a corner to the side, the man’s face was covered with a black cloth, which was full of concealment. It is a flaw.

People who pay a little attention will see that this person is Xu Nian. Ye Muyang looked at Xu Nian twice, and suddenly realized that Xu Nian’s ability was good. Most of the previous performances were pretends. .

Look at it!

Ye Muyang is a little bit self-deprecating.

Don’t pay attention to the position where Xu Nian is standing. The so-called “black under the lamp”, the position where he is standing is rarely noticed, so Xu Nian simply covered it and no one could recognize it. he comes.

Feeling Ye Muyang’s gaze, Xu Nian’s eyes are slightly narrowed.

Ye Muyang nodded smiled back.

This Xu Nian doesn’t have the stunned green temperament at all. It seems that all this was done deliberately by him, and most of them wanted to enter this holy mountain.

Looking at Tokugawa Ichiro again, there is something abnormal right now.

Everyone’s attention fell on Xu Fu’s stone statue, and Tokugawa Ichiro had slowly moved to the side at this moment, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

“Master, none of them are good people.”

A Fu looked all around, telling the truth.

“Let’s go, let’s go to Xu Nian’s place.”

Ye Muyang immediately brought Ah Fu to Xu Nian’s side, and then stopped leaving.

Xu Nian’s face covered by the black cloth was full of doubts.

“Brother ran behind here, don’t you want to get treasure?

If you take a step slower, wouldn’t you lose a great opportunity?”

Xu Nian for a moment Speaking, although the voice is leisurely and somewhat ridiculous, the purpose is self-evident, and it is to tell Ye Muyang:

It’s okay to leave quickly, don’t leave me!

“Treasure is tempting, but you have to live and enjoy it.

So I think it is safer to follow Your Excellency Xu Nian, after all, I still have a child.”

The corners of Xu Nian’s mouth trembled slightly, don’t you understand what he said, is this person incomprehensible or does it have to be silly?

“Brother said and laughed.”

“Is that right, I don’t see it. Open seal is probably not simple.

As the son of Xu Fu, the sun god, I don’t believe that you don’t know the know-how inside.

Look at Tokugawa Ichiro, you all hid there, and only these people who were confused by the so-called treasure would stand there stupidly. Now.

It’s all old routines. I guess this stone statue will come to life and strangle everyone present.”

Xu Nian looked at Ye Muyang and remained silent for a long time. .

Then he said: “who the hell are you?”

“Outsiders, it’s not enough for you to take seriously.”

“Hehe, I don’t believe it .

Since brother doesn’t want to say it, then I’ll say goodbye!”

Xu Nian took out a black ball in his hand and slammed it on the ground, and the smoke immediately dispersed. Come out, obscuring the sight of several people.

The silhouette of Xu Nian has disappeared.

“Oh, great, this person has disappeared, is he doing tricks?”

Afu’s eyes looked left and swept right, as if he wanted to find Xu Nian and ran to Went there.

“It’s not a trick, that’s all, such insignificant ability.”

Ye Muyang shook his head slightly, then took a direct look with his big hand, and then pulled, Xu Nian’s silhouette reappeared.

“Master is amazing, Master is amazing!”

Afu clapped his hands and applauded.

“Low-key, low-key!”

Ye Muyang coughed gently, and Afu stopped immediately.

Xu Nian is a black line, looking towards Ye Muyang with fear in his eyes.

“Your Excellency is who, I and Your Excellency lacking hatred and enmity, why do you embarrass me?”

“Brother, your thoughts are off track, I am not embarrassed to target You, don’t you want to have a good chat with you.”

Ye Muyang let go of Xu Nian, it feels funny to see Xu Nian look startled.

“Okay, don’t pretend.

You brat definitely have other ideas. The previous conflict is probably your intentional intention. Let’s talk about it. I’m an outsider who does everything I don’t know, don’t lie to me.”

play the pig to eat the tiger!

Xu Nian thinks of Ye Muyang in his heart. At this moment, Ye Muyang is a character who crosses Jianglong in Xu Nian’s eyes. He has said that Jianglong can’t be a local tyrant, but now it seems to be a lie. !

“I came for the ancestors, you guessed it right, and the ancestors will wake up soon.

I don’t lie to you, there is no treasure in it, but virtue The conspiracy of the Chuan family that’s all, the ancestors need blood sacrifice to wake up, and these people are blood food.

There is a saying that is good, if you can’t beat it, then join!”

“For internal How much do you know about the creatures of the Tokugawa family, it seems that the Tokugawa family knows more.”

“I don’t know, the ancestors did not leave written records, but I am sure that the Tokugawa family is for the creatures within, they I have never had any kindness.”

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