I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 149

tone barely fell, and the whole mountain began to tremble.

The dust is scattered and flying everywhere.

I saw a change in the stone statue, cracks appeared in the stone statue, and blood was rising from the cracks.

“Your ancestors don’t seem to be good birds?”

Ye Muyang indifferently said, this Xu Fu should not be completely dead yet, this seal not only sealed the entire holy mountain, but also Sealed himself.

“Please pay attention to your words!”

Xu Nian’s face went black.

He said: “My ancestor was the man closest to God. If it weren’t for Dongying, he would have become a god. This is for righteousness!”

“I am not Dongying. People, feel the diffused breath, evil to evil.”

Ye Muyang disagrees and continues.

Xu Nian closed his mouth. He affirmed the fact that he could not beat Ye Muyang. Secondly, he also felt that what Ye Muyang said was not wrong. His ancestors seemed to be really not good birds… …

The stone statue shattered, the blood gradually converged after the blood surged, and the one silhouette walked out from the inside.

No, it’s more accurate to say it’s not a human at all, it’s more like a humanoid bat monster.

“This look, why, why is it so like Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King?”

Ye Muyang looked at the monster Xu Fu.

“Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King? What is that?”

Xu Nian was a little surprised, as if Ye Muyang knew something.

The age difference between myself and my ancestors is too long to know the specific circumstances of my ancestors.


Ye Muyang didn’t speak, but pulled Ah Fu directly back.

At this moment, “Xu Fu” started to run wild, and as soon as he appeared, he was endless killing.

The breath of Xu Fu’s body is very strange, there is no spirit ring, and no spirit power fluctuations.

It seems that it is simply a collision between violent power and flesh and blood.

“Tokugawa, you dare to cheat us!”

People started shouting.

When they tried to run out, they saw that the old Tokugawa family had already come behind everyone, and they directly joined forces to form an extremely thick barrier, blocking those people inside. Not allowed to come out, eight spirit rings appeared all over the body, all Spirit Douluo!

“hahaha, No way, No way, is there such a stupid person?”

“Doesn’t anyone really think that someone will share the treasure?”

“That’s it? I don’t have a brain and want to snatch my Tokugawa family’s treasure?

At this level, I want to compete with my Tokugawa family for the entire East?”

Ichiro Tokugawa looked at the crowd and said eccentrically.

This yin and yang language Level 4 is absolutely over.

“Miyamoto Crimson, Yuan Zhian, you are both Heaven’s Chosen Child, let me see how you deal with this sunshining god Xu Fu-sama, hahaha.”

Laughing, arrogant, The proud one after another appeared on Tokugawa Ichiro’s face.

Miyamoto Crimson and Yuan Zhian did not reply, but carefully stared at the monster who was killing in the crowd.

Miyamoto Crimson is a descendant of the Toyo Sword God Palace Hon Musashi. Walking in Toyo, he is a waver and is known to everyone for his crimson blade.

His Spirit is a dark red katana, and in the handshake at this moment, the whole body exudes a sharp knife.

The origin of Yuan Zhi’an is much more mysterious. Behind it is an azure serpent Spirit. The scales on Spirit that open and close constantly seem to be heard by everyone.

The two of them have five spirit rings, Spirit King level, and standard spirit ring matching. They are considered to be true geniuses in the country of Dongying!

“This monster has only a trace of Divine Sense, and all actions are instinctive reactions. Master Xu Fu is dead, and we are not in a certain death situation.”

Miyamoto’s face was crimson and cold. , Stand ready.

Yuan Zhian was nodded, and the two sides looked at each other, seemingly understanding, and instantly understanding.

next moment The two moved out together and attacked Xu Fu directly.


“Xu Nian, how does it feel to see your ancestors like this?”

Tokugawa Ichiro came over with sarcasm .

“Ichiro Tokugawa, do you think you can do anything to my ancestors?”

“No way, No way, are you really so stupid?

Really My Tokugawa family has no means to stop him?”

Ichiro Tokugawa sneered and said: “Xu Fu is already dead. This is just the monster he within the body was doing.

Do you know Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King?

Do you really think your ancestor was a good bird?

Back then, your ancestors coveted the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King’s ability, so I went After contacting the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King, not only did he unsuccessfully, but also took himself in, and was infested by the energy of the Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King.

Over time, Xu Fu will gradually become a puppet monster, at that time Xu Fu was staring at the erupting sacred mountain, so he joined my Tokugawa family to seek the mysterious creature in the sacred mountain.

How did your ancestors know that my Tokugawa family had already regarded that creature as Lord, respect him as the Sun God.

Your ancestors weren’t for the righteousness, but were trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. After knowing that, they accelerated their own death and sealed the entire Shengyue.”

“Oh, so what, can you get it?”

Xu Nian sneered. He didn’t feel anything about the ancestors. He came to want to get it. An ancestor’s chance!

“The way is you, hahaha.”

Tokugawa Ichiro laughed and immediately shot.

There are also five spirit rings around the body, and the flame behind it is burning fiercely, and it seems that a Three-legged Golden Crow is formed in the flame.

Xu Nian’s face was slightly shocked.

Spirit emerges and five spirit rings rotate.

Bat Spirit, this is the ancestral Spirit, which is also an important reason why Xu Fu wants to get in touch with Nine Headed Bloody Crimson Bat King.

“Xu Nian, today I will kill your Xu family, struggling on whilst at death’s door, it is better to make a contribution to the prosperity of my Tokugawa!”

Although they are both Spirit Kings, Ichiro Tokugawa is able to stabilize Xu Nian. Spirit quality is one aspect, and spirit power level is also another aspect.

At this moment, Ye Muyang is hiding behind Ah Fu, watching the chaotic battlefield.

“Master, something seems to wake up in this mountain!”

Afu said.

“Don’t worry, that’s Master’s little brother, Master came to look for him.”

“Master, should we join the war? That monster looks scary, it should be It’s not a good thing.”

“No, just look at it.

These Dongying people should have a way.”

“Master, Shengyue seems It’s going to break out!”

At this moment, the mountain is shaking constantly, and the feeling is like some kind of depressed energy that will burst out in this brief moment.

“Don’t worry, keep it safe.”

“Master, someone is coming!”

Afu said again.


Ye Muyang raised his eyebrows, only to see two figures flying in from outside, these two figures are a bit strange.

One is a human foxtail, with nine foxtails swinging slightly.

The other silhouette is a bit eye-catching. It is simply too frugal. It only uses a few simple cloths to cover the necessary parts of the hot body.

fuck, this is Yuzaoqian and I don’t know Huo Wu!

Ye Muyang was a little surprised.

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