I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 150

“Do not see evil, don’t see evil.

children’s words carry no harm, children’s eyes have no taboo.

The blessing of the heavenly officials, there is no taboo.”

Ye Muyang hurriedly covered Ah Fu’s eyes and kept talking, while his own eyes looked up and down on the hot woman dressed as “I don’t know Huo Wu”.

“Master, don’t cover my eyes, what happened?”

Afu twisted his head and muttered in his mouth.

“Is this Shikigami?”

Ye Muyang continued to look curiously.

Shiki is not a human being, but a kind of soul bound by Onmyouji through special means. They have their own thoughts but hold the bound Onmyouji as their master, and these two silhouettes are A shikigami that was bound to Onmyouji after death.

The two silhouettes glanced at Ye Muyang one after another. Although there were doubts in their eyes, they did not pay too much attention.

“Yuzaoqian” and “I don’t know Huo Wu” quickly jumped in.

The mountain continued to tremble, and the frequency became more and more obvious.

“Master, look, that monstrous doesn’t work anymore!”

I saw inside, Tokugawa Ichiro had already subdued Xu Nian.

Although Xu Nian was beaten like a dead dog, her eyes were still full of dissatisfaction.

“Ichiro Tokugawa, what on earth are you going to do?”

The shikigami “Tamazo Mae” uttered in a cold voice.

“It turned out to be Abe Ayan, didn’t expect you to come for an inquiry, why, where is the main body hidden, won’t you come out and play?”

Tokugawa Ichiro’s face Said with a smile proudly.

“Oh, it’s just a despicable person. You actually used everyone’s lives to open seal. Your Tokugawa family will inevitably suffer from Heavenly Retribution.”

“I don’t know Huo Wu” and continued. , Are different voices, different emotions.

“hahaha, Abe Ayan, you are really a simple and stupid woman.

Look at what these people are here.

noble family, Heaven’s Chosen Child, I am giving them a chance, chance, it is reasonable to pay a little bit of life.”

“Don’t be sloppy here, like today’s emperor, your Tokugawa family’s ambitions Not small, so plot against the strength of all parties, is it possible that your Tokugawa family wants to overthrow the emperor’s rule?”

“You have thought about it.”

, Ichiro Tokugawa no longer said much.

Instead, he moved directly towards the chaotic interior.

“Master, how are those two elder sisters weird?” Ah Fu asked suspiciously.

“What did you see?”

Ye Muyang was slightly shocked. Since Ah Fu was absorbed by Mental and the wisdom skull, Ah Fu’s mental force has increased a lot.

“They don’t seem to be human.”

Afu said, looking thoughtful.

“Yes, they are not humans, they can be said to be souls.”

“It’s amazing, doesn’t it mean that the soul dissipates between Heaven and Earth after death?

Why can they still be like this?”

“This is a special method of Onmyouji. Although Onmyouji and Spirit Master are called differently, they are essentially the same. They are both for constant strength. And work hard to cultivation.”

Afu nodded, although he doesn’t quite understand, but he knows that what he doesn’t understand is the important thing to keep in mind.

In the chaotic interior, Xu Fu has already smashed his eyes, which is really smashing, and the whole body is dazzled by the breath of scarlet.

Not far away, Miyamoto Crimson and Yuan Zhian were both breathing heavily. After a fight, the two tried their best to stop Xu Fu in a real sense.

“You two can’t die yet.”

Ichiro Tokugawa walked in with Xu Nian in his hand, looked at the two and said lightly.

“As a warrior, I never back down, and I sneer at the alms of despicable people!”

The Scarlet Swordsman propped up his body with his eyes Contempt and disdain.

“tsk tsk tsk, if you don’t work, you can’t chant, but you can admit it.

Say something devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence, do you really think you are a personal thing?”

After mocking Miyamoto’s crimson, Tokugawa Ichiro raised Xu Nian in his hand.

The other hand directly began to draw the blood from Xu Nian’s body.

Xu Nian was shocked, and the danger of death was suddenly faced.

“Tokugawa Ichiro, what are you doing?

Let me go, let me go!”

“Xu Nian, the real sacrifice is You.”

Ichiro Tokugawa coldly said, and then the spirit power in his hand surged faster.

Xu Nian’s blood was also directly drawn out.

“Help me, help me!”

Xu Nian struggled and shouted.

However, no one rushed to rescue him.

“Yuzaoqian” and “I don’t know Huo Wu” watched from the side, Yuan Zhian watched from the side, even Miyamoto Crimson, who had been clamoring before, did not make a move.

“Master, why did they all say that Tokugawa Ichiro is not that, but why didn’t they save people at this time?”

Afu’s tender voice passed When it came out, many people in the room also heard it.

Some people have guilt in their hearts.

Xu Nian has no background, the only background is that this is already crazy Xu Fu, and at this moment Tokugawa Ichiro’s actions are undoubtedly aimed at solving this crazy Xu Fu, regardless of whether the people present are right now or not Still thinking about treasure, they will not make a move.

“Little child, I don’t understand anything, everyone laughs, laughs.

You continue, you continue.”

Feel the eyes cast by Ye Muyang Greeted with smiles and hit haha.

“Hehe, since you dare to speak, why not dare to do it?”

“I don’t know Huo Wu” said coldly, his eyes full of contempt.

Ye Muyang’s face calmed down, indifferently said: “Is this the consciousness of your master, or your personal consciousness as an independent soul?”

“What are you doing here with me? What about the big-tailed wolf. Although Lingyan and I are masters and servants, we are really sisters.

Do you rarely want Lingyan to trouble me?”

“I don’t know Huo Wu “The corner of his mouth was sneered.

“It’s really a small place. A shikigami dares to be so arrogant. You think she is much quieter than you.

It’s really brainless.”

Ye Muyang pointed to Yuzao who was frowning beside him, lightly said.

“Look at you bringing a child, I won’t care about you. If you dare to talk nonsense, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“I don’t know Huo Wu” His face sank.

“Look at my mouth shape.”


Ye Muyang opened his mouth and came.

“courting death!”

“I don’t know Huo Wu” rushed directly.

The long and slender legs swept across, creating a strong wind.

“I think you are called shameless, but can’t tell good from bad is also good.”

Ye Muyang looked indifferent.

The spirit power surged all over, as if the tide directly wrapped “I don’t know Huo Wu”.

“Stupid, I am a shikigami, this little trick can’t cause me harm at all.”

“I don’t know Huo Wu,” said with a sneer.

“Really, this is the difference between physical injury and legal injury, but you are looking at people in the needle, who said I can’t hurt it anymore.”

tone barely fell, “I don’t know Huo Wu”, his face was instantly shocked.

She felt that the spirit power wrapped around her had become so sticky that she could not move, and even the contact with the owner was weakening!

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