I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 154

“Ahead! We feel it! There is something we need ahead!”

The two gods spoke together, with excitement in their words.

You can hear what incredible treasures they should have discovered.


Everyone stopped, with shock on their faces.

“Hide well, hurry!”

Ye Muyang whispered quickly.

Then he took Ah Fu and hid behind a broken rock.

The other two Liangshijin also looked for a place to hide.

I saw a densely packed black one in the front.

The ruined wall is a common sight of this broken little World, and the black and crushed piece surrounding the ruined wall is a rare terrifying.

“What are those things?”

Yuan Zhi Anxin has lingering fears.

At that glance, I can’t see the edge, densely packed is too terrifying, especially when there is such a dead place.

“It seems to be the corpses of dead creatures. Most of these corpses have undergone corpse transformation under certain circumstances over a long period of time.”

“Really is Corpse change?”

Miyamoto Crimson couldn’t believe it, hesitated when he picked up the demon knife in his hand.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, Yuan Zhian shouted.

Ye Muyang saw it, and quickly struck out a spirit power strikes, directly blasting on the black shadow that pounced on Miyamoto’s crimson.


Miyamoto Crimson immediately became alert with a knife.

looked towards the black shadow, stared wide-eyed instantly.

“This…this, this is the bone just now!”

This dark figure is the bone that Ye Muyang personally buried. At this moment, the corpse happened. change.

The shadow struggled to get up, Ye Muyang’s blow directly smashed its ribs, but not at all, it smashed its body, and the abnormally twisted legs were still running fast at this moment.

The black shadow attack is still Miyamoto Crimson, Miyamoto Crimson sees it, coldly snorted.

Although this is the Old Senior of Dongying before his life, what is called a person if he is dead and not stiff, let alone respect.

The demon sword is in hand, Miyamoto’s crimson red is high-spirited and vigorous, cold glow flashes in his eyes, and he slashes it over.

The corpse turned bones did not hide in the slightest, the demon knife smashed into the skeleton and was stuck tightly.

“Let go, its goal seems to be the demon sword!”

Ye Muyang guarded Ah Fu for fear of change and did not rush forward.

Miyamoto Crimson was slightly reluctant, but thinking about the black corpse bones in front of her, she quickly released the demon sword.

Several people stepped back away from the bones of the corpse. At this moment, they saw the bones kneeling and sitting down strangely, their shriveled claws gently stroking the demon knife, and the stiff necks were rubbing sounds with a fast frequency. Time is slow, giving people a feeling that the corpse is moaning joyfully.

Several people are also afraid to speak, facing their mouths.

“What should I do?”

“Can I withdraw?”

However, there is no way, and the situation is a bit strange at this moment.

And when everyone couldn’t help it, I saw that the broken wall actually started to have mutation.

I saw a huge bone climbing up from the ruins.

That skeleton is the real complete skeleton, and the white skeleton is floating above the sky.

And within the bones there seems to be something grey and black surging.

Ye Muyang was also shocked by this scene, it was the bones of a dragon!

The huge Azure Dragon!

Bone Dragon ascended to the sky, and the sky was suddenly stirred.

It’s not clouds. The higher you go, the more and obvious the three-dimensional space fits together, and the greater the danger.

The Bone Dragon squeezed the broken three-dimensional space directly, and Ye Muyang could clearly see numerous cracks suddenly appeared on the bone.

And these cracks are being quickly repaired by the gray and black things in the bones.

The Bone Dragon hovered and ascended into the sky, and the sound of friction sounded through the ears, while the corpse bones below kept their movements unchanged.

creak ——

creak ——

A crisp sound rang.

The skeleton beside everyone actually stood up, holding the demon sword and looked towards the place where the corpse bones gathered.

The next moment didn’t wait for everyone to react, and the black shadow rushed over with a catapult start.

“What’s going on?”

Yuan Zhian was puzzled, Ye Muyang was puzzled.


Abruptly, the scene quickly became chaotic. I saw the bones holding the demon sword rushing in directly, wielding the demon sword and slaughtering the bones that agreed to the corpse. .

A single stone stirred up a thousand waves, and it was the bones of the corpse that immediately started the chaos. It seems that there is a bit of deep hatred, generally regardless of you and me.

“It’s another one!”

The shocking thing is still behind, I saw another huge Bone Dragon climbing from the ruins, still under the bones There are gray and black things surging.

“What kind of creature is that?”

“Dragon! That’s a dragon! It’s a god!”

Yuan Zhian’s eyes were burning.

“Your target is the dragon?”

Ye Muyang felt the excitement in Yuan Zhian’s heart.

“Yes, in fact, my Genji clan is the descendant of God at all.

If the bloodline is not thin, my Spirit would not be an azure snake, but a giant dragon, the dragon with divine aura!”

Pride and desire appeared on Yuan Zhian’s face.

“Brother Yuan, I don’t think there is anything you want here. After all, this dragon has been dead for many years. It has undergone corpse transformation.

According to me Seeing us, let’s retreat.”

Miyamoto’s crimson heart retired. Although it would rather break but cannot be bend, the swordsman had nothing to fear, but a real man had to be able to bend and stretch. For Junjie.

“No, I won’t retire. My family needs me like this, I have to give it a try!”

Yuan Zhian shook his head.

“We will not retreat!”

A woman walked out from behind the two gods, and the three said together.

This woman is dressed in white clothed clothes, her hair is tied high, and her eyebrows are like a distant mountain revealing a dash of Demi. It seems that there are two different scenery from a distance and a closer look. The body’s breath is restrained, even stronger than Miyamoto Crimson and Yuan Zhian.

“Abe Ayane! You’ve been there all the time!”

Miyamoto is blushing and shocked, he has never found Abe Ayane’s silhouette, which shows how Abe Ayane’s escape method is. Tough.

“You are Abe Ayan?”

Ye Muyang looked at it curiously. The strength is very good. This innate talent is estimated to be among the top in a small place like Dongying The top-notch, even in the interior of Douluo, it is not to be underestimated.

“I saw Brother Ye, brother Ye is disappointed with me?”

Abe Ayan Yandan said with a smile.

“No, after all, I don’t know you either.”

Ye Muyang shrugged, said without taking seriously.

“The thing I want must be in the ruins of the broken walls. I hope to get help from Brother Ye. After the incident, my Abe family will be very grateful!”

“Uh, is it so unkind?

Am I still carrying a child here?”

Ye Muyang made a sloppy look and pointed to the shield next to him The gadget man Ah Fu.

“Brother Ye, you must know that the Abe family is the first family in the East, and even the Emperor is from the Abe family. Don’t you want to contact the “god” among the holy mountains. If you don’t have the help of the Abe family, You are afraid that you will not be able to pass the Tokugawa family.”

Miyamoto Crimson reminded.

Abe Ayanyan still has a faint smile on her face. This is her confidence, the confidence of the No. 1 giant in Dongying!

“It depends.”

Ye Muyang continued to talk casually.

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