I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 156

“Spirit’s true fate?”

Ye Muyang’s heart moved, turning his head to look.

This is something he has never heard of, and even the extra memory in his mind has never been recorded.

“Oh, the same kind, it turns out that you didn’t know it, that’s too bad.”

The man stopped talking, with a smile on his face. More prosperous.

The intention is so obvious, how could Ye Muyang not understand.

I just want to use this as a bargaining chip to rescue him.

“The corpses outside are your handwriting, Tearing Space, you are already not far when you leave.

And I may not be able to help you.”


“Oh, no, my friend, that time is too long. When I see you, I know I can’t wait any longer.”

The man’s tone is slow There was a little excitement and desire in it.

“I can’t save you, at least not now.”

Ye Muyang said, and then the Golden Crow appeared behind him, and the next moment moved towards this person.

However, when impacted on it, Golden Crow instantly disappeared and turned into countless sparks scattered around.

“Oh, my friend, it turned out to be the Golden Crow, the god of the sun, the spirit of Lihuo.

The ancient creatures have fallen in Mythological Era Early Stage.

Now I don’t know how many tens of thousands of years have passed. It’s incredible that you, my friend, came alive.

But my friend, you may have fallen into a conspiracy.”

“Conspiracy? What do you mean?”

Ye Muyang frowned.

Many things this man said were never recorded in his awakening memory.

Mythological Era, it turns out that my own fall was only in the Mythological Era Early Stage!

“I can’t remember, it’s too long. If it weren’t for Golden Crow, the spirit of fire, it’s too unique, I can’t remember it.”

“Since we can’t save it, we will Leaving first.”

Ye Muyang interrupted this man.

Then threw a ball to Ampei Lingyan.

Holding the ball, Ampei Lingyan was full of joy. This thing was the purpose of her trip.

That exactly matches what I wanted to record in the ancient book.

Yin and Yang seizes the soul and devours Yuanzhu!

“Oh, my friend, that’s so regrettable.

Don’t you want to know how Spirit evolves life?

I don’t want to know what life is like Is it something?

Don’t want to know what happened to Mythological Era?

Don’t want to know the origin of Douluo?

Don’t want to know what it is Conspiracy?”

Ye Muyang stopped, turned his head and looked towards the person.

Said: “What’s your name?”

“The name is just a code name. It’s too long, I don’t remember it clearly.

Call me Yuan is fine.

I remember one of my favorite words before.

It’s’I am your abyss!'”

Ye Muyang hearing this A black line, has this person been detained for a long time and his nerves are already abnormal?

Before listening to his translation accent, I felt weird, but now there is still a bit of “secondary”!

“I will come to you after I become a god.”

Ye Muyang lightly said, beckoned, the demon sword scattered not far away sucked into his hand.

Miyamoto Crimson, Yuan Zhian, and Abe Ayane quickly followed. Although the three felt that they were superfluous for a while, it did not mean that they felt safe.

The more I look at this self-proclaimed “Yuan” creature, the stronger the fear in my heart.

“Oh, my friend, I am waiting for your return.”

Yuan shouted to the five people.

Then looked towards the sky, and under one look, the corpse covered with the sky burst and shattered. In a moment, a rain of bones and scum fell in the sky.

The gray and black things surging in the sky are frantically flooding into the body of “Yuan” at this moment.

The shiny chains that bound him are also attached with countless gray and black substances, which seem to have eroded the chains to make them dim, and they seem to cover the rays of light and make them dim.

A moment later in the deadly little World.

Yuan whispered.

“Nine suns are bad for the sky, the beginning of the chaos, the gods compete, and the dusk falls, Spirit spreads true fate, true fate… true fate, what is the true fate?”

“Oh, my friend, it turns out that your heels and feet are so extraordinary, ancient creatures, are they going to resurrect in the world again?

The immortal divine soul, is this your purpose?

I’m an enemy, I’m really worried about these ten thousand years of bondage.”


Out of the Little World, Miyamoto Crimson, Yuan Zhian and Abe Aya were silent.

When I heard that Ye Muyang was an ancient Spiritual God, the hearts of the three of them were already full of awe, and there shouldn’t be any offense.

“Demon knife, take it.

Things today have not happened.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Miyamoto Crimson shook his head and said: “My lord, I still don’t want this knife.

I can’t control it. I know it the moment I hold it, the blade The introverted killing intent is too large, and there is still resentment for thousands of years. If I insist on controlling it, I will probably become the slave of this monster sword and be controlled by the monster sword.”

Ye Muyang didn’t say much, This demon sword is indeed not something that Miyamoto Crimson can control.

“Have you ever seen my bloodline within the body?”

Miyamoto Crimson continued to ask.

Ye Muyang shook his head, and then said: “Leave here, don’t come here again.

As for Yuan Zhian, your chance is not here, maybe you can go out of Dongying. Go and take a look in the vast ocean.”

“Thank your sir. I will leave now.”

Yuan Zhian thanked him.

“Leave? You can’t leave.”

At this moment, Tokugawa Ichiro appeared in front of everyone, with a sneer on his face.

“Yo-yo-yo, I really want to leave safely. Look at my Tokugawa family’s answer.”

“Yu Dao Mura Masa, here it is.”

Ye Muyang threw it directly.

Tokugawa Ichiro caught the demon sword and felt the power within the demon sword, and was shocked.

This is the famous knife that has been famous throughout Dongying for centuries!

“Very well, you are very aware of current affairs, but I am not going to let you go.”

Tokugawa Ichiro draws his sword instantly, the blade light flashes, moved towards Ye Muyang Rush away.

Ye Muyang directly stretched out two fingers and directly clamped the falling blade in silence.

“You don’t use knives like that.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Then kicked out.

Tokugawa Ichiro immediately abandoned his sword and retreated, but after all he was a step slower, and Ye Muyang’s kick contained tremendous power.

Ichiro Tokugawa vomited blood instantly and flew out.

“This is how knives are used!”

Next moment Ye Muyang moved, holding the demon knife, I saw a white light flashing.

“Young Master, be careful!”

A Spirit Douluo-level old man rushed towards the white light.

“People must be fast, and swords must be fast.”

Ye Muyang’s voice sounded, and his silhouette stopped.

And that Spirit Douluo-level old man, his chest was cut open, and blood sputtered out at the next moment.

But the body of the demon sword is still bright and frosty, and no blood is seen.

“Boy, you dare injure me, courting death of the Tokugawa family?

Don’t forget that this is the site of my Tokugawa family!”

“Ignorant people are often arrogant and conceited.”

Ye Muyang put away the demon knife, and then left with Ah Fu.

No one from the Tokugawa family dared to speak.

“Ichiro Tokugawa mouse tail juice, adults are not something you can provoke.”

Miyamoto Crimson coldly said.

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