I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 157


When did my Tokugawa family suffer this kind of loss!

I am God’s favor!”

Tokugawa Ichiro was furious stand up.

Ampei Lingyan shook his head and said, “He really is not something that your Tokugawa family can provoke.

Let’s stop it, otherwise your Tokugawa family may be in danger of destruction. .”

After that, Abe Ayane turned and left with a conspiracy smile on her lips.


Ichiro Tokugawa is coldly snorted.

Then he said: “Everyone gathers and kills the outsider for me!

Even if he is the Raptor, let him see my local tyrant minions! “

At this moment, in the depths of the holy mountain.

“Master, they won’t be happy, what should we do?”

“Fu, what do you think is a bad person or a good person?”

Afu shook the head and said: “I don’t know, but they will be enemies.

If you are an enemy, you can’t let it go.”

“You can’t just be destined to fight and kill. , This kind of fighting and killing should be left to others to do.”

Ye Muyang said.

“I can’t, I can’t.”

Miyamoto Crimson hurriedly waved his hand.

“I didn’t say you again.”

Ye Muyang then threw the demon knife in his hand aside.

“Go, those people have officially sealed your enemies for many years. With this demon knife, maybe you will recover faster.”

“There is…”

When Miyamoto Crimson was in doubt, a black shadow rushed out, grabbed the demon sword and rushed towards the Tokugawa family members behind.

“Xu Nian!? Still alive?”

Miyamoto blushed in surprise.

This day is considered to have surprised him many times, and he even felt that it was not an exaggeration to engrave the word “surprise” on his face.

Of course he wouldn’t do that. After all, those with the lettering on his face are all prisoners.

“Xu Nian? Isn’t it dead yet?”

Then Ichiro Tokugawa fiercely said: “Kill him, reward ten thousand dollars!”

Under the reward, there must be a reckless man.

Xu Nian holds the demon knife, and the bat Spirit behind it emerges, and then Spirit merges within the body, with scarlet rays of light glowing in his eyes, and the demon knife is also quietly changing.

The blade of Xueliang Ningshuang turned blood red at this moment, and the black baleful aura was lingering around the blade, and the whole knife revealed the aura of fierce Bloodlust.

“It seems that the Demon Sword is suitable for it. It completely unlocks the seal of the Demon Sword.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

Miyamoto Crimson on the side shivered abruptly. This demon sword was really terrifying. If this form of the demon sword was in his hands, he felt that he would be sucked up instantly.

Xu Nian has a cruel smile on his face, and the whole person seems to be fused with the demon knife, becoming very evil, the blood-red pupil light in his eyes carries a desire for blood Extreme.

The demon knife easily cuts into the enemy’s body and absorbs the enemy’s blood energy. Xu Nian’s breath is constantly getting stronger.

“Let’s go, I’ll leave it to him.”

Ye Muyang took Ah Fu and continued to walk out of the depths of the holy mountain.

“Stop him, stop him!”

Tokugawa Ichiro shouted.

However, Xu Nian has become more powerful and fierce.

Inside, it is a flat square.

Ye Muyang and the three of them were stopped before they approached.

The four Spirit Douluo are the Elders of the Tokugawa family.

“The Tokugawa family is heavy, and quickly retreat.”

“Is it because I can’t beat it and I’m not confident that I threaten it?”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

Then he said to Miyamoto Crimson: “I’m optimistic about the little child.”

Miyamoto Crimson pulled Ah Fu and hid away.

“Afu is optimistic, this is the physical skill that the teacher will teach you next!” Ye Muyang took up the offensive shelf, and the breath of the whole body gradually rose.

“Zhuzier dare!”

The four old men were furious.

Release the Spirit directly one by one, all of which are Fire Attribute Spirit, and some of these Fire Attribute Spirit exude the same breath.

“First form, knees off the ground, the crows are flying!”

Ye Muyang’s spirit power on both legs gathered, and his body suddenly rose with the help of bounce.

The whole person presents a crow gliding, swift and fierce as the wind, moving like thunder!

The four elders were taken aback. This strange battle method really opened the eyes of the four.

“Fool Profound Void, let’s go together!”

The four of them coldly said.

Ye Muyang pointed directly at one of the old men, with his legs bent and his knees bulging, and with his strong explosive power, he directly hit the shoulders of one of the old men.

The old man uttered a muffled snort, and then his legs knelt to the ground unexpectedly.

“Twist your legs quickly, and the angry crow turned around!”

Next, Ye Mu also exerted force on his waist, and his legs suddenly swayed, directly slamming the old man who was kneeling on the ground. Fly away.

“Lao San!”

The trio complexion slightly changed.

next moment spirit power directly moved towards Ye Muyang and rushed away.

“Snake-shaped steps, floating lotus flowers, body shape resembling Gui Mei.”

I saw Ye Muyang silhouette shaking, and several afterimages pulled out.

Then he avoided the combined attack of the three directly.

“Get down the first form, tornado destroys the parking lot!”

Ye Muyang silhouette floated to the three of them.

Lightly tap the toes on the ground, and then the body rotates directly, and the arms are horizontally showing the momentum of the big windmill.

“Retreat, retreat, this one is too weird!”

The three of them felt the strong whirlwind coming from their faces, and did not dare to look down upon them. Ye Muyang opened the distance.

“Put first form, bear paws!”

Ye Muyang pointed directly at one person again, and the spirit power gathered on the palm and directly condensed into a huge bear paw.

“fuck off!”

The hostile old man’s face was surprised and angry, and he shouted angrily, and the whole body aura burst out directly.

Suppressed by a junior in this way, let him leave this old face there, and stand still when he die!

“Eighth Spirit Ability, Fire Cone!”

A flame pyramid directly pierced the bear’s paw, and the surrounding exploded instantly.

“Fu, remember, you can’t use brute force to fight, but you must use your brain to lure the enemy into making moves and seize the gap.”

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track unfolds step by step. , Ye Muyang’s silhouette has long since escaped the aftermath.

“Fighting requires more effort.

Go to the first form and attack two sheep in one go!”

Ye Muyang silhouette didn’t listen at all, and continued underfoot Following the phantom lost, he turned to the other two old men.

“The second child, Old Fourth, don’t persuade him, let’s go together and kill him!

He is not our opponent!”

That was Ye Muyang The old man who escaped from his hand was flustered and exasperated, now angrily.

“Elephant kicks!”

Kick it across.

The two elders complexion turned cold one after another.

Although they were horrified by Ye Muyang’s power, they also reacted. Ye Muyang is just a fancy.

“Bagaya Road, kill him!”

The three people attacked one after another, and the youngest who was thrown away by Ye Muyang rushed over now soberly.

“Sweep the legs, let the wind fill your ears!”

Ye Muyang looks fearless and methodical.

Responding to the combined attack of these four Spirit Douluo.

“Boy, die, you are just a fancy!”

Among the four, I don’t know if it is the second oldest or third oldest Old Fourth.

“Afu, no matter when you must be stable.

And the more important point is to do what you can!”

“final form, super planet Burn!”

Ye Muyang suddenly burned with a terrifying flame.

The expressions of the four elders were shocked instantly.

“How could you…?”

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