I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 158

“The breath of the same root with different branches?!

Who are you!”

The four old men all showed shocked eyes.

“A group of pirated copies.”

Ye Muyang has a little sarcasm on his face.

The flames in his hand condensed immediately, and a Three-legged Golden Crow turned out.

By seeing these four elders, an unknown flame directly rose up all over their bodies.

“Not good, the power is out of control, it’s gone!”

The four of them withdrew one after another, sitting directly cross-legged, suppressing the energy that is getting out of control within the body.

However, the more they suppressed, the more violent the energy rebound, the nameless fire burning all over, and the faces of the four old men extremely ugly.

“He was making a ghost and killing him!

Go together and kill him directly!”

The four old men were full of anger, carrying the flames The burning pain directly moved towards Ye Muyang and rushed out.

“Water can carry a boat, it can also overturn the boat, and it can also cook porridge.

You old bastard rely on this force to lift yourself to the level of Spirit Douluo, these years Enjoying the worship and admiration of the world, I am dead without regret.”

Ye Muyang said coldly.

Then the Three-legged Golden Crow in his hand took off and flew into the air. The body suddenly expanded. The heat of all around continued to gather on it, and the next moment rushed towards the four elders who rushed over.

At this moment, the flames on the four elders burned more violently as if they encountered a combustion aid.


The four elders roared in pain, and instantly disarmed and fell to the ground and rolled.

The nameless flame swallowed the bodies of the four like a tarsal maggot.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Muyang clapped his hands, as if to brush off the dust in his hands, and spoke casually.

In sharp contrast with the painful howls of these four old men.

“This…, this…?

My lord…Awesome!”

This hand is really weird. Miyamoto came out from behind the rock The blush has been shocked and cannot be added.

One person fights four Spirit Douluo alone, as easy as blowing off dust, just let them fall to the ground and cry, what is this method?

Miyamoto Crimson couldn’t think of it.

Only think that might be “Divine Punishment”!

“Small meaning that’s all.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Don’t show off, advance and retreat clearly, avoid disaster.

Miyamoto Crimson, hearing this, worships more and more.

The realm of this man who was once a “god” is different, so and so, has made him admire to prostrate oneself in admiration, and so and so, so that he will worship and willingly acknowledge allegiance to follow.

The reason why he was willing to be a bohemian knife man was not his feelings, but that he did not meet a person who made him feel comfortable. Now he has met!

This man who was once a “god”, in this brief moment has already subdued his wild horse!

Miyamoto Crimson shouted in his heart: God, please take my knees!

Go further, the square is unobstructed, and in the center of the square is a stone statue of Three-legged Golden Crow.

In the all around of the stone statue, there are four old men sitting cross-legged, these four old men are older than the first four.

There is no luster on the withered skin, the hair is white and yellow, the face is loose and Extremely aging, and the four of them all reveal a twilight atmosphere.

“You are here, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Four elders who are about to die all spoke together, like a conjoined baby, because their mouths open and close The degree is consistent, and even the expressions and actions are consistent.

“Set me a test? Don’t you know who I am?”

Ye Muyang sneered, dissatisfied on his face.

“Sorry, God’s will cannot be disobeyed. The four of me are the test. Kill us and you will get what you want.”

The four of them spoke together, their voices were flat without a trace Emotions, it seems that they are already mechanical puppets at this moment.

“Four Titled Douluo, really worthy of me, such a big handwriting is really similar to that guy’s temper.

Follow me, save your lives, I have strength , You are alive and win-win situation.

You can only survive if you live with the Tokugawa family. If you die, the Tokugawa family will be destroyed by other forces in an instant.”

“We Already separated from the mundane forces, our souls have long been dedicated to the gods. We have lived by the power of gods for thousands of years. It is a great honor to devote ourselves to the gods.”

The four people said in unison, The voice is calm but the meaning is very firm.

“Really a fanatical fan.”

Ye Muyang said with a hehe.

“Follow me, you still can’t die. What is good to follow a dead “God”.”

“Audily, don’t go too far, what is’dead God’, Are you not?”

A voice suddenly came out, echoing between Heaven and Earth, and rolling divine might spread down.

Ye Muyang brows slightly wrinkle.

That divine might is moving towards him!

There was a hum.

A Three-legged Golden Crow emerges behind Ye Muyang, the neighing sound is loud, and the feathers of crimson are covered with Supreme-Yang True Fire.

“You brat dare to talk to me like this?”

Ye Muyang coldly said.

“hahaha, proud of the world, you are nothing more than an ant in my opinion now, the gods can be wiped out with their wings!”

on the stone statue of the Three-legged Golden Crow Suddenly, it also condense an extremely huge Golden Crow flame, and the whole body breath is extremely terrifying.

The burning aura rolled over, facing Ye Muyang.

Ye Muyang stands with his back on his back, standing straight, looking towards the big silhouette in the midair, with some nostalgia in the eyes of the proud world.

“How many years have passed, didn’t expect we can see you again.”

Ye Muyang laughed at himself.

“Shao Te is almost the same. If you want Lao Tzu’s power, I will defeat the four of them.”

“Old ten, you are still the most naughty after all these years. Just so scared. Are you big brother me?

I deliberately become so big, just to cover up your inner fear and dissatisfaction?”

“talk nonsense!”

The flame Golden Crow angrily said.

“Who would be afraid of you, you are now an ant!

And you are a waste!

As the boss, he even protects his younger brother No, what is your use!

You are not my big brother!

The sixth brother is my real big brother! You are all rubbish!”

The flame Golden Crow roared, divine might be mighty.

The four elders knelt down one after another.

“Old ten, it was my fault back then, but I won’t make the same mistake again in the next life!”

Ye Muyang has a calm face, the things of the year are too long ago He didn’t want to remember and he couldn’t remember clearly, but he knew that the ending of all this was due to his being a big brother who was not strong enough!

“Hehe, what’s the use!

We are all dead, this is just a divine soul that’s all, a tool for inheritance power that’s all.

Our destiny has already been arranged. Even if you are born again, you will still be a pawn even if you become stronger again!

Maybe your rebirth is a conspiracy!

A bigger, more terrifying and more thorough conspiracy than before!”

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