I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 160

“Xu Nian, are not obediently surrender!”

“No way, No way, do you really think you can resist my entire Tokugawa family alone?”

“The truth Tell you, there are four Old Ancestors of my Tokugawa family. They are powerhouses tens of thousands of years ago. Dongying will definitely belong to my Tokugawa family, and the mainland of Douluo will also be creeping at the feet of my Tokugawa family!”

Ichiro Tokugawa’s words echoed in Xu Nian’s ear.

It seems to be an annoying fly, yin and yang talk constantly.

However, Xu Nian at this moment is no longer Xu Nian.

I saw “Xu Nian”‘s body full of scars, blood mist lingering around him, the whole person supported the ground with a demon knife, although he was seriously injured, the whole person looked very strange.

“Young Master, what’s wrong with Xu Nian? Why can’t I kill him? I’ve already pierced him a lot of swords.”

“How do I know your mother, I am not It’s the same. What happened to this guy. He was dying before. Why can he fight with us alive?”

“Is it possible that is the function of the demon sword?

That is a famous knife that has been famous for tens of thousands of years. What magical use it might have.”

“I use you to say it? I don’t know?”

Ichiro Tokugawa looked towards The man said frankly.

“It turns out that Young Master has already known it, and I really admire it.”

This person is quick to talk, flattering and fawning immediately.

No one likes flattery, but they like the taste of flattery.

Shooting flattery should be natural and not be seen by others.

It’s more important not to be able to photograph the horse’s legs.

Otherwise, it must be kicked into the air.

Just like now, Ichiro Tokugawa is very useful.

The eyebrows are like spring breeze.

“Come on, kill Xu Nian, and take the demon knife back to me.

Successful winners are rewarded a lot, golden two thousand, two dancers!”

Tokugawa Ichiro shouted.

“Young Master, instead of snatching it back, you get it back. This demon knife was originally yours.”

The man slapped flattery again and said.

“hahaha, good to say, bring me the demon sword! There are many rewards!”

Before Ichiro Tokugawa finished speaking, a group of people rushed up.

Golden, dancing girls and so on, they don’t care, the point is that they are very passionate at this time, so excited!

This can’t be mistaken about what gold and dancing girls have to do. They are all young men who draw their guns in anger, no, it is normal to draw swords in anger!

“Why didn’t you go?”

Tokugawa Ichiro suddenly asked the flattery guy.

“The subordinates are worried about what crafty plots and machinations are available in Xu Nian, so I want to be by Young Master’s side, and can shield Young Master if necessary!”

This person is righteous. Words, impassioned, sacrificed life for righteousness, just like a true hero!

“Yes, you are fine!”

Ichiro Tokugawa smiled, nodded expresses his approval.

“I don’t know if you can…”

“Young Master, I can! My name is Ma Pijin!” This person said quickly.

But then a cold light flashed.

The man’s eyes widened gradually, and a line of blood appeared on his neck. The next moment blood spewed out like spring water, splashing Tokugawa Ichiro’s face.

The aorta was cut, and there is no help…

“I don’t know if you can block my this blade?”

I saw that I was holding my neck down On the horse on the ground, Ichiro Tokugawa shook his head regretfully, and said: “It doesn’t seem to be possible.”

Then his face turned into disgust again, wiped a handful of blood from his face, moved towards Ma Pijin He spit in disgust and said: “What’s the matter, I hate flattery the most.”

After that, he moved towards Xu Nian and killed him.

Under the crowd watching, “Xu Nian” continued to support it, but they were all invincible.

“Xu Nian” tried his best, he would use everything on his body that could be used as a weapon.

At this moment, “Xu Nian” is biting on a person’s neck.

Then suddenly tore, a piece of flesh was torn apart.

The man screamed, and then the demon sword penetrated his body, and the blood energy was transported into Xu Nian’s body through the demon sword.

Although the onlookers were taken aback by the violent and inhuman behavior of “Xu Nian”, they still took the cut.

“Xu Nian” vomits blood while absorbing the blood energy of others.

There was one after another crack on his body, and the “Xu Nian” at this moment was like porcelain that was about to disintegrate.

“Come on, special mother, don’t hurry up!

What are you afraid of? Whoever retreats especially motherly, I will arrest his mother to be a dancer!”

Tokugawa Ichiro shouted angrily.

But he just yelled beside him, because the current “Xu Nian” was so weird that he couldn’t figure it out.

The blood-covered “Xu Nian” is like a wild beast and moved towards the people around him.

The blood mist on the demon knife is getting stronger and stronger, and the hot air waves around have long been unable to cover the blood-reeking qi here.

Sharp and sharp teeth catch a person and attack the neck, and every success will bring a piece of flesh and blood.

Chew and swallow.

The blade stabbed into the body and “Xu Nian” exchanged injuries with injuries.

The blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth is not only someone else’s but his own.

“Devil! Devil!”

Someone has been terrified, and “Xu Nian” thinks it is impossible to kill.

The act of eating flesh and drinking blood shocked everyone’s soul.

“Go, go! Kill this demon!”

Ichiro Tokugawa has also been scared, he has never seen such a terrifying person.

Is “Xu Nian” really a human being?

He was yelling, yelling in fear.

He was afraid that “Xu Nian” would bite his neck and tear off his flesh and blood.

The demon silhouette with disheveled hair swayed, is he looking for prey or is he unable to hold it?

Ichiro Tokugawa didn’t know, but he noticed that “Xu Nian” was swaying against him at the moment.

“Come on, come on!”

Yelled and screamed, but everyone around didn’t dare to rush up again.

They don’t know how many knives they stabbed “Xu Nian”, but “Xu Nian” still hasn’t fallen down. The swaying body surrounded by blood mist has become a demon, and the flesh and blood torn from the ground has been Can’t be described as terrifying.

“Don’t come, don’t come!”

Tokugawa Ichiro shouted suddenly.

I saw “Xu Nian” swaying towards Tokugawa Ichiro with a demon sword propped on his body.

“Come here again…Come here again, I’m not welcome!”

Ichiro Tokugawa was shaking with both hands, shaking his body and his voice.

However, “Xu Nian” turned a deaf ear, step by step moved towards Tokugawa Ichiro.

“Dead! Dead! Dead!”

Tokugawa Ichiro closed his eyes and moved towards the front, waving wildly.


The hot blood splashed on his face, Ichiro Tokugawa eyes opened and saw his knife cut off the arm of “Xu Nian” holding the demon sword.

The blood is flowing on his face, gradually becoming cold.

He picked up the demon knife in a ghostly manner.

Above the demon sword, there is “Xu Nian”‘s arm, which is firmly grasping the hilt.

“Dead, die for me!

The demon sword is mine, mine, all mine, all mine!”

Tokugawa Ichiro’s eyes became blood-red, and he held the cut arm of “Xu Nian” in one hand, and the handle of the knife in the other hand moved towards “Xu Nian” and chopped off frantically.

“It’s crazy! It’s crazy! It’s all crazy!”

The people around can no longer stand it anymore, they started moving towards the outside.

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