I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 161

At this moment, many people have gathered outside Shengyue.

The leader is a woman who is brave and heroic, and the people behind are all looking forward to her horse.

“Young Lady, although the support of the Tokugawa family has been restrained by us.

But if we eliminate these people, we still need to hurry up.”

Ampere Ayan Yan looked at Shengyue with a little doubt on her face.

Then he said: “Have you noticed any changes in the Holy Mountain?”

“Young Lady, don’t waste any more time, it will change later.”

The people behind him didn’t have the mind to observe the changes of Shengyue carefully and reminded again.

“I feel a little uneasy, I don’t feel that things are so simple. This time the raid will probably fail.”

Ampei Lingyan hesitated, rubbing her temples to relieve the inexplicable appearance. Anxiety and worry.

“Young Lady, you can’t say that.

The war hasn’t started yet. It’s a big taboo in the army to say that morale-damaging words!”

The character of the military division quickly admonished.

“You don’t understand, I thought it would go well this time, but I met a very volatile person when I was exploring the way.

Forget it. I don’t understand, you people only care about the result.”

The dog-headed sergeant quickly bent over and lowered his head, and put Abe Lingyan’s complaints and ridicule into his ears. Of course he knew that Abe Lingyan was not talking about him. But the ministers above the court are even the first.

But Young Lady’s identity is extraordinary, he naturally dare not chew his tongue.

“By the way, please go down. If you find a man with an extraordinary temperament and a child inside, then avoid it. Don’t provoke him.

I have already Okay, this is a military order. If it is violated, the military law will deal with it.”


The dog head army division was heavily nodded, and he was about to turn around and order.

“Also, that person may be followed by a raging swordsman, don’t provoke it.”

“Subordinates understand.”


Then Abe Ayane looked at the holy mountain, and the more he believed that the holy mountain must have undergone some change.

A group of people are all dressed in strong clothes, wearing a uniform katana. The knife is not only a decoration but a weapon, but also a symbol.

At this moment, there is a square inside the Holy Mountain.

As the last ray of pure energy is integrated into the body, the seventh spirit ring of Ye Muyang is completely condensed and formed, dark red and deep, and the other six spirit rings are completely changed. Became the black ten thousand years level.

The golden light on the body converges, one after another dark golden lines are hidden in the body.

Immediately after Ye Muyang eyes opened, the gleamed eyes flashed away, and the body full of strength brought unspeakable comfort to my heart.

ka-cha, ka-cha, the Three-legged Golden Crow stone statue on the square shattered.

A golden light lights up.

“That is, Spirit Bone!

Golden’s Spirit Bone!”

The four old men’s eyes have the brilliance of humanity .

Not far away, Miyamoto Crimson was even more shocked and unable to speak. Forget about Spirit Bone, and Golden’s even more outrageous.

“Finally we can integrate Spirit Bone.”

Bring Spirit Bone, which is exactly a Spirit Bone on the right arm.

The Spirit Bone and Ye Muyang are directly integrated, resembles nature itself generally does not need to be absorbed deliberately, and the same root with different branches can naturally become one.

Spirit Bone enters the body, the golden light floats on the body, and then quickly sinks within the body.

“Let’s go, it’s time to leave Dongying.”

Ye Muyang said.

“Master, what realm are you now?”

A Fu trot over and worshiped.

“Of course it is Spirit Saint.”

With a chuckle, indifferently said.

“The four of us are willing to follow in the footsteps of God again.”

The four sullen old men said in unison, the voice was a little weak, and it was because of Ye Muyang. What will happen.

After absorbing the energy, Ye Muyang found that it was easy for the four elders to connect. The realm of the four elders is also closely related to Ye Muyang’s own strength, and the realm corresponds to their lives.

They lived tens of thousands of years by relying on the power of God, which is too long, too long.

At this moment, they are staying awake at the cost of burning lives. If time runs out, they may directly turn into ashes.

“You don’t have to follow me, go to that little World to sleep, and I will wake you up after I become a god.”


Four The people all said together, and then the silhouette disappeared directly in place.

“My lord, how come these four Old Guys are realm, why can’t I see it at all?”

Miyamoto Crimson asked in the direction of the small World fragment.

“They have lived for tens of thousands of years, what realm do you think they are?”

Ye Muyang didn’t speak bluntly.

After Yan, he took Ah Fu out.

“Okay, don’t watch, I’m leaving, if you want to follow me, hurry up.”

Ye Muyang’s faint voice floated and pulled Miyamoto’s blush fantasy.

Walking out, the debris everywhere, terrifying and disgusting.

Ye Muyang did not deliberately cover Ah Fu’s eyes. The visual impact of this scene is indeed too cruel for the child Ah Fu, but this is what he has to face.

The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain!

However, Ye Muyang was a little surprised. Miyamoto Crimson on the side covered his mouth and nose and did not want the blood-reeking qi to flood into his body, even his eyes did not want to stay on the residual limbs. moment.

And Ah Fu only had pity in his eyes.

“Afu, why? Aren’t you afraid?”

Ye Muyang asked, worried that Afu was hit, and couldn’t accept it for a while.

“I’m not afraid, I just feel that they are very pitiful. They sacrificed their lives to follow, but in the end they didn’t even have a corpse.

Master, if there is a world where people live in peace and stability, it would be great. Yes.

This way everyone may be filled with many happy things every day.”

Ye Muyang was nodded with satisfaction and did not give his own evaluation.

This can be regarded as Ah Fu’s pursuit, and he does not need to interfere.

“My lord, this…this is Xu Nian!”

In front of Miyamoto Crimson, there was a body of flesh and blood. The body was dismembered and the body was mad by the sharp blade. Cut, blood mist still lingers on him.

“Where is the demon sword?”

Then Miyamoto Crimson looked around.

“The demon sword is gone, and Ichiro Tokugawa!

Ichiro Tokugawa must have taken it!”

“Don’t worry, he can’t leave. Yes.”

Ye Muyang looked outside.

Then looked towards Xu Nian’s body again.

The blood mist keeps lingering. If you look closely, you will find that all the blood on the ground flows to Xu Nian.

As Ye Muyang moved in the void, spirit power poured into Xu Nian’s mutilated body.

The continuous blood mist that lingers at this moment has once again changed. Xu Nian’s body is like a blood-drinking machine continuously drawing blood from the ground.

As the blood mist winds around, it begins to condense gradually, and strands of blood energy gather and condense above Xu Nian’s body.

After a long time, the blood dries up and the body has lost its freshness.

A blood cocoon formed on it.

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