I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 162

“My lord, what is this?”

Looking at the blood cocoon that fell into Ye Muyang’s hands, Miyamoto Crimson only felt the cold sou sou behind her, gloomy and gloomy.

Step back before you know it.

The blood cocoon actually made him feel jealous and even threatened!

“A fierce thing.”

Ye Muyang put the blood cocoon away.

It was a little funny to watch Miyamoto Crimson’s inability to react for a long time, and said, “Don’t make a fuss about nothing like this. If you really want to follow me, you will see more and more in the future. What you imagine.

Keep your normal mind, smoke more, drink more, eat less snacks and eat more meat.”

“Uh, uh.

Dare to ask the adults what does “smoking” mean?”

Miyamoto Crimson insisted on humbly asking for advice.

Knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing, if you don’t understand, you must ask!

He always thinks that he is a scalper, but he is also a person who loves various cultures and seeks posture everywhere.


No, he is a person of knowledge !

“Douluo’s inland specialties, you will understand when you go.”

Ye Muyang chuckled, suddenly feeling that he was not very kind.

It is the right way to persuade others to do good.

Soon the three of them walked outside, a little surprising outside.

Tokugawa Ichiro is holding the monster sword in one hand, and there is an arm on the handle of the monster sword. This scene is a bit strange.

“The demon sword is strange, Ichiro Tokugawa is afraid that he will become a slave slave.”

Miyamoto Crimson is keenly aware that people who use knives do not love knives to understand knives, thinking To understand the knife, you must understand yourself.

The more important thing to know about yourself is to know how many catties and how many taels.

Don’t teach yourself quantum physics-overestimate one’s capabilities

In the end, it will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

“Ampei Lingyan, what are you going to do?”

Miyamoto Crimson stepped forward.

all around Look, there are already many dead bodies lying around. Most of these people are all influence people who were fooled in by Ichiro Tokugawa. Even Ichiro Tokugawa has several wounds at the moment. , Shrunk in a corner, guarding everyone around him.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a person like Ichiro Tokugawa.

Master Ye is kind to me, I can’t requite kindness with enmity, and a few of you can leave safely. I won’t stop at the slightest.”

“Leave? What if I don’t leave?”

Ye Muyang suddenly said.

Ampei Lingyan said with a smile: “Master Ye still don’t want to crack a joke. The Tokugawa family is not only that, but most of the foreign aid has been restrained by us.

If not Go, their foreign aid comes, but they can’t leave.”

“Yes! Sir, let’s go quickly.

If we stay any longer, I’m afraid we will fall Go deeper.”

Miyamoto Crimson spoke quickly. He knew about the forces of the Tokugawa family. Although he knew Ye Muyang didn’t have to worry about this, it’s easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid. a stab in the dark, just in case there is a moth, and quickly get out of it is not clean.

Ye Muyang glanced at Ampei Lingyan twice, and then followed Miyamoto Crimson away.

“Wait, Lord Ye, Yaodao, yours.”

Ampei Ayane pointed to Tokugawa Ichiro.

“No, that song of your demon sword.”

Ye Muyang shook his head slightly.

“No, that’s your demon sword!”

“No, that’s yours.”

After saying Ye Muyang, he walked away.

“Hey, you dogs, don’t put me in the eyes!”

Yelled Tokugawa Ichiro.

However, Ampei Lingyan tilted his head and saw a silhouette jumped from behind him. A palm hit Tokugawa Ichiro’s head, and Tokugawa Ichiro died suddenly.

So far, the Shengyue Mountain incident is over, but the Liuli Shrine still exists.

Ampei Ayane knew that although the Tokugawa family suffered heavy losses at this moment, it did not hurt their vitality. The existence of Ruri Shrine would still gather countless Spirit Masters for the Tokugawa family.

The follow-up of this matter is beyond her control.

A group of people rushed into the holy mountain and began to sweep away inch by inch.


“No need to go, find a place to stay, we are already in the game.”

Ye Muyang stopped and went around Looked up, looking for a place to stay in the shop.

“en? What do you mean? If you don’t leave at this moment, I’m afraid I will be spotted by the Tokugawa family’s eyeliner soon.”

“From the very beginning, we will enter the game, run There is no point in not running.

Find a place to eat first.

Only when you are full can you have the strength to dry up.”

The three walked into one place. In the bustling market, I found a small shop.

Of course, this kind of money is Miyamoto Crimson.

“My lord, tell me carefully, what is going on?”

Miyamoto Crimson closed the door and asked quickly.

“I’ve told you that, treat me normally, must not be humiliated, can I be as stable as I am.”

Ye Muyang wiped the table and set the tablecloth.

Ye Muyang just now ordered a lot of meat dishes.

Dongying also has many specialties here, such as sushi, sashimi and so on.

“My lord’s ability is not what I can compare.

My lord, just talk about it. I am anxious to death.

Ampei Lingyan Did this lady cheat us?

Sure enough, a woman’s heart seabed a needle!

The most poisonous woman’s heart!

The more beautiful a woman, the more poisonous !”

Miyamoto Crimson is indignant.

“Okay, okay, don’t try to figure it out for yourself.

It’s useless.

You need to know what level of forces are fighting on both sides.

We are scapegoats at best.

I don’t know if there is any danger, but there are definitely people who will act in our name.”

“This , What should I do!

Tool man?

Who dares to use an adult as a tool man!”

“Stop, stop. Don’t take an adult, Just call me Young Master.

I just want to pour dirty water on us that’s all.

You don’t want to have a complete fight with the Tokugawa family on the face of the Emperor of Toyo. , I guess we want to use us to attract the attention of some Tokugawa family. The emperor is fully prepared behind the scenes.

The Tokugawa family seems to be not good anymore.

Or perhaps the Tokugawa family’s encirclement and suppression of many forces has already been taken advantage of by the emperor.

beating somebody at their own game, there will be many people like us, just because of Ayan Smoke And when it fell on our heads, I thought it would be an uncontrollable factor, but when I walked, I found that the effect would be better.

is it possible that you really thought it would be smoked with ampere Can that many people listen to her at this age?”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Then there was a knock on the door, and the restaurant soon delivered the sushi and sashimi. When I left, I secretly looked at Ye Muyang and Miyamoto Crimson.

“Oh, the dishes are really good.”

Ye Muyang looked at the delicately arranged sashimi, surrounded by special sauces.

Miyamoto Crimson is also a bit of index finger movement.

I’m hungry, no way, such is human nature, this dish looks really good.

“Unfortunately, there is something in this dish that makes people delirious.”

Miyamoto’s crimson hand stretched into the air and stopped immediately.

“Damn, so, we have been found?”

Miyamoto Crimson took the chopsticks and patted it on the table.

“It doesn’t matter, eating is the most important thing.

Afolai, taste it, you can’t taste this characteristic of Dongying inland.”

Ye Muyang Put sashimi and dipped in sauce for Ah Fu.

Fu raised his head, stared wide-eyed.

That look seems to say: Master, you are a real dog!

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