I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 163

At this moment, among the Tokugawa family.

A woman was crying heartbreakingly.

“My poor son!

Tokugawa Hakui, I blame you!

It’s all your fault!

If it were not for your insistence, my son would not die!”

The woman shouted and beat the man on the side.

This man beard looks very rough, but this roughness can reveal delicate thoughts.

The man is the patriarch of the Tokugawa family, the president of Ruri Shrine, and the father of Ichiro Tokugawa.

Tokugawa Hakui is in a bad mood at the moment. Not only is his son dead, not only is his own woman yelling and yelling beside him, but it’s not peaceful, but this incident reflects Greater conspiracy.

“You trash, really want to be a coward, do you not say anything?”

When the woman saw Tokugawa Hakui’s face but did not say a word, she suddenly became angry stand up.

“Wasteful! Wasteful!


I was really blind when I married you!”

The woman pointed Tokugawa Hakui screamed sharply again.

“Women, what do you know!”

Tokugawa Hakui stood up abruptly, his eyes widened, and the whole person was like a wild beast, petite like a woman Compared with the body, the impact is more obvious.

“My son is dead! I know what they do!

I know my son is dead!

I want to avenge my son, I want Break the murderer’s body into pieces!”

The woman flushed anxiously.

Tokugawa Hakui sighed then said, Tokugawa Ichiro’s death also made him uncomfortable, but he must be steady. Behind himself is the entire Tokugawa family. If the Tokugawa family is a little careless It might be destroyed in his own hands, so that even if he died, he would have no face to see his ancestors.

“Madam, please calm down first.

If our son is dead, we must take revenge, but we must carefully consider how to revenge.

My entire Tokugawa family is ruined!”

“The Tokugawa family! The Tokugawa family! Opened mouth, closed mouth The Tokugawa family, the ancestors of your family, it’s not that there are still a few ancestors alive, why? ?

Why didn’t you come out?

Why didn’t you come out!”

The woman doesn’t want to hear this, she has been dazzled by hatred, she just wants revenge, I hate my son’s death!

“Shut up!

The ancestors are not something you and I can talk about!

I will avenge my son’s hatred, but I will definitely not act recklessly now.”

Tokugawa Hakui rubbed his head, some headaches, the woman’s yelling voice was full of irritability.

“Trash! Useless!”

The woman grinned, she has no longer the image of a lady in the past, she is a mad woman.

“Come here, take madam down!”

Tokugawa Hakui waved his hand, somewhat weak.

“President, it goes without saying that the opponent this time is the Emperor. Although we have gathered a lot of experts over the years, it is still inferior to the Emperor.

The luck of the Emperor of this generation It’s really good, and he didn’t experience a deadly battle to get that position.

He retained too much power. If confronted head-on, we will definitely die.”

Speak this person He is the second-in-chief of Ruri Shrine. The Tokugawa family gave the surname Tokugawa, and was named after the “Ruri” in Ruri Shrine, so he was called Tokugawa Ruri. This person is like a dog-headed military master, resourceful, and has a look. Scholar-like.

“hmph, if the emperor didn’t have the Abe family behind him, he would be considered a fart.

Abe and I, Tokugawa have a long history, if it weren’t from the Tokugawa family back then The ancestor broke away from the family in pursuit of a higher realm, and has since disappeared, and it is not his turn to make a fortune in the Ampere family.”

The rough man Tokugawa Hakui was silent for a while, and then said: “No. , I have to go and see.

Find the emperor!”

“President, absolutely no!

Don’t you go directly under the emperor It’s done.

If the emperor doesn’t say anything today, isn’t it just waiting for you to find him, maybe it won’t be so easy for you to come up with it by then!”

Tokugawa Ruri quickly admonished. .

Hakui Tokugawa coldly smiled and said: “Don’t worry, the emperor, he doesn’t have the courage yet.

Do you really think that the Tokugawa family has no other means for so many years?”

Tokugawa Ruri thought about it carefully, but she was shocked and surprised: “President, you mean…”


I The younger brother now holds an important position in Spirit Hall. I have sent him a letter, and he will be back soon. By then, I must give me an answer from the Abe family!”

Tokugawa Ruri has a steady mind, Said: “President, can I go with you?”

“No, you stay here and look at the lady, and you must not let her run out!

I can rest assured of others No, it’s you who gave me the most peace of mind.”

Tokugawa Hakui left after speaking.

Tokugawa Ruri’s mind is working, and the younger brother of Tokugawa Hakui is coming back.

This former Dongying number one genius has little contact with the Tokugawa family after joining the Spirit Hall. Didn’t expect is actually coming back now.

As soon as Tokugawa Ruri came back to his senses, she saw the petite woman standing in front of her, her face full of anger.

Then Tokugawa Ruri just wanted to talk.

I was surprised by what the woman said.

“Ichiro is your son, are you going to avenge him!”


“Don’t install garlic here!

Don’t think I don’t know anything.

On the wedding night, Hakui Tokugawa slept like a dead pig after he was drunk. You raped me!”

The woman angered.

“Madame was dizzy and she was talking nonsense at the moment. This is the Tokugawa family!”

Tokugawa Ruri’s expression remained unchanged, lightly said.

“hmph, Tokugawa Ruri, don’t pretend to be here. People, I’ve already distracted, now it’s you and me.

You are a who, don’t think I don’t know, On the surface it is refined in manner, and it looks like behind the back.

You know how many women you tortured to death, you know in your heart!”

Tokugawa Ruri’s eyes gradually Squinted, the whole body exudes a cold and dangerous breath one after another.

“Why, dares to do, but not acknowledge?

The wedding night that year…”

“Shut up!”

Tokugawa Ruri scolded in a cold voice.

He said: “How do you prove that Ichiro is my son?”

“Hahaha, Tokugawa Ruri, you still admit it!

You beast!”

“Say it!” Tokugawa Ruri managed to endure the violent nerves, really afraid that he would slap this woman to death.

“Proof? Don’t I know whose kind it is? It’s yours if you count the time!

After the wedding, Hakui Tokugawa was out for a while, and before he Never touched me at all.

At the beginning, you were straightforward and ruthless. Fortunately, I survived by myself.

In a word, do you avenge yourself?”

Tokugawa frowned frowned.

It doesn’t matter whose son Tokugawa Ichiro is now, what matters is that he has been trapped by this woman.

“The one who killed Ichiro is the emperor. We can’t get revenge if we want to get revenge.

Be more sensible, you are still young now, it’s okay to ask for one more.”


The woman stared wide-eyed, her face is unbelievable.

“You…you, you really are a beast, you are not a human at all, and humans cannot say anything like you!”

“Wait for death, Tokugawa Ruri, You want to avoid responsibility!”

Looking at the woman’s disappointed back, Tokugawa Ruri followed him with a cold face…

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