I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 164

“Young Master, there are eyeliners all the way along the way, why should we take the initiative to give heads?”

Miyamoto is blushing and puzzled. You shouldn’t shrink at this time to see how things develop. Make a decision.

“Do you know who owns these eyeliners?”

“Then it goes without saying that the emperor has such energy to mobilize so many people.

Besides, I don’t think the Tokugawa family knows that there is me yet.”

Ye Muyang nodded, said: “You are right. These people are the emperor’s people.

Now the Emperor and Tokugawa have not spoken out, so that we can’t figure out what they are going to do at all.

The news is blocked, and only proactively attack.

Otherwise we will be true I’m going to fall into passiveness.”

“I hope people are okay.”

Miyamoto Crimson put his hands together in prayer.

Along the way, the trip went smoothly, and when the emperor arrived, someone took the initiative to greet him.

Entering it, there is a majestic man waiting, and behind this middle-aged man is Abe Aya smoke.

At this moment, Abe Ayane looked at Ye Muyang and Miyamoto blushing, with a little guilt on her face.


The emperor motioned Ye Muyang to sit down that day.

Ye Muyang is naturally not polite. The temperament of this emperor is much worse than that of Bibi Dong. It may be because the emperor lives in a small place and his own strength is not very strong.

Ye Muyang can feel it, Spirit Saint level.

“Listen to Lingyan, you Ye Muyang used to be a god?”

Ye Muyang nodded, said: “Almost.

If Dongying had no gods , I can destroy the entire Dongying.

Of course this will have to pay a certain price, but it is not so necessary. I believe the emperor will protect us.”

The emperor remained silent, Abe Ayan and Miyamoto Crimson are both stared wide-eyed.

No matter how arrogant you are, the threat of Chi Guoguo shouldn’t be so obvious.

Afu has long been used to it.

Master, this is not arrogant.

However, the Master has a measure in his heart, it is steady, and naturally he will not speak empty words aimlessly.

The top of the force, proud of the world, there will be heaven if there is me and Muyang!

The atmosphere became silent, and the emperor didn’t know what he was thinking and didn’t speak for a while.

Ye Muyang is calm and self-assured, and his strength gives Ye Muyang enough confidence.

The memory of awakening makes his vision wide enough. For some things, he doesn’t take seriously at all.

“The Tokugawa family has occupied the sacred mountain for many years, and Ayanyan also said that there is a god in it?

I want to know what kind of gods are inside?”

The emperor then spoke.

“Compared to mortals, gods are inviolable.

There is a difference between humans and gods. The confrontation between humans and gods is undoubtedly striking a stone with an egg.

Don’t Trying to get close to God, the reason God is called God is that God has means that mortals can’t touch.

If you don’t believe me, you can ask Abe Ayane.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

There is an exaggeration in this remark, and this exaggeration is also a kind of intimidation. It is Ye Muyang’s punishment and admonition for the emperor to plot against himself.

“How can I kill the gods?”

The emperor continued without covering up. Ye Muyang was also surprised when asked so cleanly.

This Emperor is Interesting!

Ye Muyang smiled and said: “Divine ability kills, but it is not easy to kill.

Different gods have different life-saving methods.

One is like me, who used to be a god, and will surely become a god in the future. Only when you have not become a god, you can block the genius and kill the genius in the infant.

The second is like in the fragments of the little world in the holy mountain. That god, that god is much more weird and powerful. If you want to kill him, you must be stronger than him.

Of course, I would advise the emperor, no matter what the situation, mortals should have Self-knowledge.

Even if it’s a sneak attack, if it’s the first time you can’t kill Death God, you have to consider whether you can withstand God’s anger.”

“so that’s how it is .”

The emperor is nodded, as if he is enlightened, and then said: “If you meet a god, how should you get along with God?

I think both gods and people are good and bad , There are both good and evil.

How to deal with gods has become the biggest problem today.”

Ye Muyang was stunned, and then replied: “Man and god are different, but people and gods There is no difference, but it is a powerful creature that’s all.

If God really wants to destroy you, it is nothing more than a disaster without delusion. Eat whatever you want at this time.”

Ye Muyang then waved his hand to express helplessness.

“This…, Young Master Ye laughed.”

“But one thing is that most gods actually look down on you, except for some special gods.

Most of the gods do not actually represent good and evil, but a symbol of powerful power, both righteous and evil.

If you treat each other sincerely, I think God Mostly it will be to protect you.”

A little bit of time passes, and the two people are asking for one question. Ye Muyang’s movements are more expressions, and the emperor is mostly nodded, and the doubts are solved.

Soon after, Ye Muyang asked to leave, and the emperor did not stop or stay.

On the way back, Miyamoto Crimson was still puzzled.

The purpose of Xindao today seems to run counter to what was discussed.

Does this mean that Ye Muyang fell under the wind and was led by the nose to walk around?

Then asked: “Young Master, this matter has not been resolved yet, is it going to go?”

“Enough, today I said these all are about God, In fact, I’m just talking nonsense. It’s the emperor’s business to see and do.”

And with the emperor.

Abe Ayane is also confused. However, the emperor not at all explained.

“There is a fight here!”

Miyamoto Crimson suddenly stopped and said.

“Isn’t it normal to have a fight? Are you going to join in the fun?”

Ye Muyang white eyes.

“No, Young Master, look, this!”

Miyamoto Crimson found a belt among the surrounding Asakusa.

Jade stone is used as the button in the middle of the belt.

And the word “Dechuan” is engraved in jade stone.

“Tokugawa? A member of the Tokugawa family? There is no need to make a fuss about nothing.

The Tokugawa family provokes a lot of people this time and are chased by others. Isn’t it a normal thing?”

“Young Master knows something, Dongying has a custom to put its own logo on the belt and collar, and this belt not only has a logo, but also an identity Symbol.

This is what I just discovered just now.

So this belt is the patriarch of the Tokugawa family, Tokugawa Hakui’s!”

” Oh? Then let’s join in the fun.”

Ye Muyang raised his eyebrows and looked at the belt, then lightly said.

Tokugawa Hakui has all killed. Who killed it, there is no doubt that the emperor definitely has this strength.

Then Ye Muyang and the three of them searched for the trail and left.

As the continuously deepened, blood stains appeared around.

This is not a busy city, but some deep Old Lin mountains. Most of these plans are intentional.

Miyamoto Crimson traveled north and south for a long time, and he was quite sensitive in this respect, and he followed the trail to find it a little bit.

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