I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 165

The sound of fighting became clearer, and the sound of a little sword piercing the flesh and tearing the cloth was mixed.

The low growl and struggle are also more obvious now.

Looking in, it was just a few masked men besieging a middle-aged man covered in scars.

“Sure enough, it is him! Tokugawa Hakui!”

Miyamoto’s brows were slightly surprised.

Then he was full of doubts and said: “Who is going to kill him? Is it the emperor?”

“Save him and talk about it.”

Ye Muyang walked out.

The masked people onlookers noticed Ye Muyang and the others. They paid attention to Ye Muyang and continued to attack Tokugawa Hakui.

Tokugawa Bojing is able to resist and fight, and he is full of tendons and flames all over his body. It is also difficult for the masked people to kill them directly, so they have to kill them.

“Your Excellency, save me!

I am the patriarch of the Tokugawa family, and I am grateful for life-saving grace!”

How can Tokugawa Hakui Sit and wait to die.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to save you.”

Ye Muyang stretched out his right arm, and flames gradually ignited over the arm.

Then he shook the void, and saw a large hand in the void, which was moved towards the masked men and grabbed it.

The masked man was shocked, this phantom in the air was a bit unimaginable.

“Is this Spirit? Hurry up!”

Several people shouted.

But at this time, how can anyone slow down the reaction? As for why, who knows, maybe people deliberately wanted to die.

Void’s big hand directly grabbed a person, then closed the grip, followed by a scream, and then the sound of broken bones, blood mist exploded, leaving bright blood in the air. flower.

“Why do you want to intervene in this matter?”

The voices of the masked people were low, and their eyes were shocked and unkind.

“Powerhouse makes rules, do what you want.

Do you have an opinion?”

Ye Muyang brows slightly raise, the corners of the mouth are slightly raised, unruly Arrogance filled his face.

“You are young and frivolous, you will be extremely unlucky.”

One of them said coldly.

Then the few people looked at each other, the communication in their eyes was in Ye Muyang’s grasp, nothing more than an attempt to retreat.

“You can’t leave.”

Maybe I can’t wait, Ye Muyang extends the hand arm again.

The golden lines on the skin slowly appeared, and the big hands became stronger and stronger.

It is the Spirit Ability attached to the Golden Spirit Bone.

True, the indestructible grip of the ruthless iron hand!

The masked people felt bad when they saw the situation. They held black spheres one by one, and then slammed them on the ground. The smoke spread out immediately, obscuring the sight.

“such insignificant ability, I have to say that your Dongying’s escape technique is really bad.

The method of obfuscation is really bad.”

Only See the big hand falling from above the sky and shooting fiercely on the earth.

Suddenly a dull voice spread.

“Have you ever heard of a Spirit Ability coming down from the world.

You can call this trick

Buddha’s Palm!”

Ye Muyang was talking sorrowful words, and once again controlled his palm to fall on the ground.

The sonic boom suddenly sounded.

Then followed by the sound of one after another spurting blood and howling.

“Who the hell are you, why do you intervene in this matter!

Aren’t you afraid of ambition?”

Ye Muyang heard them Ye Muyang lightly said, “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard these words. Nowadays, most people who say these things have no good end.

I think you are not the beginning and the end. “

“Can this Young Master give them to me?”

At this moment, Tokugawa Hakui came over and said quickly.

“Let’s do it.”

Ye Muyang did not refuse, and then handed it over to the patriarch of the Tokugawa family.

Ye Muyang walked away, and there were bursts of heart-piercing screams and Tokugawa Hakui’s stern and cold lashes behind him.

After a while, Hakui Tokugawa walked back, his whole body wounds looked a little embarrassed, and his hands were drenched with blood at this moment, and the whole person looked more terrifying and terrifying.

“Is it done?”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

“Many thanks Young Master for helping me. The world is very cold. I didn’t expect that the person who killed me was a cronie under my hand. It was Young Master who saved me.

What a mockery.”

Tokugawa Hakui shook his head and lamented.

Ye Muyang asked: “Are you going to go back next?”

Tokugawa Hakui continued to shook his head and said: “I won’t go back. At this moment, it is estimated that my forces have already been The traitor is in control, and I will undoubtedly throw myself into the trap when I go back and die that’s all.”

“What are your plans?”

Tokugawa Hakui was taken aback and said: “Young Master Are you planning to take me in?”

“You can follow us temporarily if you want.

Presumably you still have a back hand, after all, the Tokugawa family Head of a Clan was usurped by an outsider. I can’t justify it.”

“As Young Master said, I do have a back hand, but it still takes time. The past few days I can only hide away. I would like to thank Young Master again for taking in. “

Ye Muyang waved his hand and said: “It doesn’t have to be this way, I am not for you, I also have my consideration.”

Tokugawa Hakui followed Ye Muyang entire group, still worried on the road, if the foundation of the Tokugawa family is destroyed in his own hands, then he really has no face to see the ancestors.

Ye Muyang saw that he was worried. He thought that Tokugawa Hakui was suspicious of his entire group, so he continued to speak: “I have some connections with your Tokugawa family, and I took it in for It’s a cause and effect.”

“Young Master misunderstood. I was just worried about the insider in my family and worried about being persecuted by the thief.

But what Young Master said was the origin What’s the matter?”

“You don’t need to know this.”

Ye Muyang walked in front without looking back, his speech was plain.

Tokugawa Hakui does not feel that he has been ignored, but that expert has its own mystery, which is normal.

Along the way, Ye Muyang led everyone to avoid the detection of those eyeliners, and returned to the small shop before everyone noticed.

Tokugawa Hakujing needs a quiet recuperation, Ye Muyang and Ah Fu quickly sink into the cultivation.

Take care of the internal affairs, and the logistics management will naturally fall on Miyamoto’s body.

At the same time, among the Tokugawa family.

Tokugawa Ruri walked out of the room and took the door by the way, tidying up some messy clothes.

Tokugawa Ruri was a little happy today.

I used to be the second child, but today I might become the boss.

The sky looks a little gloomy at the moment, and the original good mood is a bit blocked at this moment for some reason.

Soon, someone from his staff will report.

“President, several of them have lost contact and have not been found yet.”

Tokugawa Ruri frowned and asked: “Where is Tokugawa Hakui?”

“You don’t see people when you live, and you don’t see corpses when you die.”

“Understood, you can go down first.”

Tokugawa Ruri said indifferently.

After the next person left, Tokugawa Ruri turned and walked into the room.

next moment There is a sound of falling objects in the room.

“Tokugawa Ruri, you are such a beast!”

Tokugawa Ruri’s complexion suddenly turned bad, coldly said: “If you want to come again, I don’t mind. “

The petite woman’s eyes are full of fear. Tokugawa Ruri not only violated her wishes again, but also inflicted brutality on herself. Now her body is covered with scars.

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