I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 166

“Next, I want you to go out, do a funeral for Tokugawa Hakui, and get me up before Tokugawa Nakai returns.”

Tokugawa Ruri said.

“Did you kill him?”

Shock appeared in the woman’s eyes.

She didn’t expect Tokugawa Ruri to be so bold.

“Of course, I have not been idle for so many years.

Under my management, I have already firmly controlled the Liuli Shrine.

Now that Tokugawa Hakui is dead, all this will be in my bag, everything!”

Tokugawa Ruri burst out laughing.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether Tokugawa Hakui is really dead or a fake death. The important thing is to let the news of Tokugawa Hakui’s death spread out, and then he will ascend the position of president in the name of righteousness and control everything. The forces, even if Tokugawa Hakui returns, will be unable to return to heaven.

“Go ahead.

After the event is over, you will already be the wife of the Tokugawa family, and we will have more children, what Ichiro, Ichiro Ah, that’s nothing difficult.”

Tokugawa Ruri leaned closer and said softly.

There was a sick expression on his face.

Time is in a trance, and one day passes quickly.

And on the 2nd day, a message spread among Dongying’s circles.

That is, the death of Tokugawa Ichiro of the Tokugawa family was killed by a foreigner named Ye Muyang.

The news spreads so fast that it’s unimaginable. You don’t need to think about knowing that someone is pushing behind the scenes, and this person’s power is naturally not small, and his identity is naturally self-evident.

“My son was killed by the Young Master?”

Tokugawa Hakui’s face was dumbfounded.

Ye Muyang on the opposite side still has a relaxed face.

Miyamoto Crimson spoke a step in advance: “Tokugawa patriarch, but believe it?”

“Naturally, I don’t believe it. I know my son was killed by the emperor. He plots against it. Everything.

He estimated that this time he also had other abacus.”

Tokugawa Hakui said.

“Other plans? Do you know something?”

Ye Muyang asked inquisitively when seeing Tokugawa Hakujing’s face.

“Young Master knows something. The emperor’s plot against is estimated to be my second hand.

Now my only reliance is my younger brother who will be back soon.

It has been many years since my younger brother joined Spirit Hall. At the time of my younger brother, he was Dongying number one genius. After joining Spirit Hall, he was like a fish back in water, and his strength was cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds.

The emperor is also afraid of this.”

“so that’s how it is, I probably understand.

The emperor’s mind is really Not small, I actually want to get rid of me by someone else’s hand. It’s… really brave.”

Ye Muyang can only be described as “brave”.

I have said before, if Dongying Wushen himself could destroy the whole Dongying directly, he didn’t expect that at this time he actually dared to act like this.

brought trouble to others, he also planned the attention of Spirit Hall.

“Young Master’s words, is it possible that there is anything hidden in it?”

Tokugawa Hakushu asked puzzledly.

“This Tokugawa patriarch didn’t know anything about it.

We were talking face to face with the emperor just before the Tokugawa patriarch was saved that day.

The emperor told my house. Young Master is also jealous.

At the beginning, Young Master was among the holy mountains, but the emperor did not cause trouble even though he was jealous.

I thought it was the emperor who was jealous.

, Now it seems that he is planning something further.”

Miyamoto blushed.

“Young Master, rest assured, I will definitely explain to the younger brother by then to clear up this misunderstanding.”

Hakui Tokugawa said quickly.

Ye Muyang nodded, said: “Your younger brother joined the Spirit Hall?

Is it the branch hall here?”

“Yes, right It’s the branch hall here. At that time, I heard him say that he had become the Lord of the Vice Palace and his future was bright.”

Ye Muyang smiled and said nodded, “It’s not bad.”

At the same time, the funeral of the Tokugawa family is in full swing.

The efficiency of petite women is also very high. Not only did they hire a professional crying team, they also managed everything inside and out.

Suddenly, the Tokugawa family was wearing filthy filial piety, and the cry of crying spread all over the neighborhood.

Soon, this news came in and it was useless and the others’ ears.

“Fuck, I’m not dead yet, how can I have a funeral!”

Tokugawa Hakui was an angry, unhappy face, but it was caused by impulse He knew the seriousness very well, especially at this moment, it was a trap.

The trap of Tokugawa Ruri!

“Tokugawa patriarch don’t be impatient, this is absolutely the trap of that traitor in your family. I am afraid we will become the imaginary enemy of your younger brother again.”

Miyamoto Crimson is a little helpless.

“How do you say?”

“Look, ha, it is said that Ichiro Tokugawa has encountered the poisonous hand of my Young Master, and now the Tokugawa family is handling your funeral, this one after The other, doesn’t exactly mean that you Tokugawa patriarch avenged your child, but ended up failing.

It perfectly transferred all the attention of your younger brother to my Young Master.


I wonder if the traitor in your family has such a leg with the Emperor.”

“Oh, it turns out that the Tokugawa family is already internal trouble and outside aggression, so I have been Be in the dark.

Damn, damn!”

Tokugawa Hakui is angry and angry!

“Okay, don’t worry about these.

Even if your younger brother finds it, so what? You don’t happen to be here. Explain clearly when the time comes. Go back, slaughter the traitor directly, avoiding other people’s crimes, and if you give it with grace, it will be better.

As for the Emperor, he probably never thought that I would save you.

If I didn’t save you, I’m afraid you will really hate and compromise the emperor’s purpose and let him at his mercy.”

Ye Muyang lightly said, his face is still very relaxed, for Dongying He doesn’t really care about the power system.

There are many factions and scattered powers. Even the emperor, who is noble, still has fear of a local power family.

The heels and feet of these forces can be traced back to the remnants of the emperor of the previous generation, with repeated regime changes and the weakening of blood baptism.

The emperor actually seems to be a stronger force that’s all in Dongying.

It’s just that the emperor is supported by the ancient family of Abe, and this has the faith, determination and confidence in unification.

But this time against himself, Ye Muyang felt that he might really have bitten a hard bone.

If you don’t break a few of his teeth this time, Ye Muyang’s heart can’t escape.

“Young Master said so right!

I am really ashamed.

If it weren’t for Young Master to help, it’s this step, I’m afraid it’s true Will compromise the emperor’s purpose.”

“No need to say anything, all this is fate.

Now I’m waiting for your younger brother to find it, so that we can also go smoothly. It broke the game.”

Ye Muyang waved his hand, never caring much.

With this speech, Ye Muyang ordered a lot of seafood sashimi.

Tokugawa Hakui generously donated, Ye Muyang and Miyamoto Crimson were not polite at all, Afu had a lingering fear, and his appetite was not good, so he ate a little.

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