I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 167

“White clouds are long, my heart rests.

Glass of wine, seafood six or six.”

Ye Muyang recites a poem.

The level is not great.

Miyamoto Crimson and Tokugawa Hakui beside are a little worried.

“It’s been so many days, why is there no news at all?”

Hakui Tokugawa’s face is full of anxiousness, and the influence of his family is really going to end after this continues.

In name only of the Tokugawa family, at this moment he has never so hoped that his younger brother will come back quickly.

Of course Tokugawa Hakui knows that Ye Muyang can also help himself, but he may not help himself.

“Don’t worry, if you are alive, the Tokugawa family will not forget.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

The sun fell on Ye Muyang’s body, showing a different kind of divine radiance.

“Young Master, I am really worried. After all, my wife is still controlled by a traitor, and there is no news these days. I really can’t feel at ease.”

Tokugawa Hakui lamented.

“Okay, if that’s the case, let’s go and see.”

Ye Muyang stood up from the recliner and said: “Let’s go out in secret, don’t let others discover That’s right, otherwise it will be boring next.”

At the moment where the emperor lived, the emperor was also confused.

“Hakui Tokugawa is dead? Can you find out who killed it?”

“Replying to his Majesty, I don’t know.

The Tokugawa family suddenly I’m afraid it’s a conspiracy!

According to the time, this day is the first seven of Na Tokugawa Hakui, and it is estimated that many people will pass.

To go to the funeral, it may be secretly colluding with the intention of something serious.”

“What news is the younger brother of Tokugawa Bojing? His big brother is the first seven, isn’t he coming back? “

The emperor was slightly puzzled.

This Tokugawa Nakai is the one he is most afraid of. A Spirit Douluo who has boundless prospects is not enough, but there is a Spirit Hall behind it, which has to make the Emperor jealous.

Spirit Hall has grown too much in power over the years. Since he took over this position from the emperor of the previous generation, he thought everything was a waste of time, but in the end he discovered that it was not the emperor of the previous generation. Incompetence, but Dongying’s interior is too scattered, each has become a force, it is completely impossible to condense into a rope.

Now Spirit Hall, because they are just remote islands, the power has not yet been overwhelmed, but it will be a matter of time.

Even the Emperor thought this time that the return of Tokugawa Nakai is not a simple matter.

Think about it.

The emperor’s frowning brows slightly slowed down.

instructed: “Through my order, send the State Preceptor to the Tokugawa family to participate in condolences, and then secretly follow a group of dead men. If you find something unusual, kill it directly!

Anything alive!”


The emperor’s gaze narrowed slightly. This is his country, and Spirit Hall can’t even stretch his claws in!

The Tokugawa family, with a blast of suona, followed by cries, but a professional team, and the atmosphere immediately became active.

Tokugawa Ruri followed the petite woman at the gate to lead the people who came to express their condolences.

Tokugawa Ruri’s surface is sad and indignant, but his heart is full of joy. After all these people come together, it will be the moment for him to appear on the stage. Then he will show his interests and add a series of methods such as coercion and lure. Power can be firmly in his own hands.

The petite woman is also deep-minded. These days, she can be said to be living in dire straits.

After all, she still underestimated Tokugawa Ruri, which is inferior to a beast. He has been torturing herself these days, how can she let him do what she wants!

Isn’t this time her chance!

Once a woman gets serious, it is completely another crazy look, which is by no means a man can imagine.

At this moment, Tokugawa Ruri is very satisfied with the performance of the petite woman. He feels that the training during this period has achieved considerable results. Once he has all the rights, he will directly kick it. Kick this crazy woman away.

Now this mad woman still misses revenge for her son.

Regardless of whose species Tokugawa Ichiro is, Tokugawa Ruri will not meet the Emperor with force with force.

Tokugawa Ruri suddenly remembered, but a few days ago, he heard that Tokugawa Ichiro was killed by a foreigner named Ye Muyang, and this immediately made Tokugawa Ruri.

This will completely turn the attention of Tokugawa Nakai to the outlander named Ye Muyang. In this way, as long as you find Tokugawa Hakui in advance and kill him first, Tokugawa After Nakai got the news of the death of his big brother, he would naturally feel frustrated. He naturally didn’t mind to manage the many trivial matters in Ruri Shrine, and by then he would be able to get this power in name.

But thinking of Tokugawa Hakui, Tokugawa Ruri’s face suddenly sank. He hoped that Tokugawa Hakui could participate in his first seven by himself.

He has already arranged manpower around him, so there is no need to worry about the situation that Tokugawa Hakui and Tokugawa Nakai will encounter.

By then, as long as you move fast enough, you will definitely be able to come down smoothly.

Furthermore, Tokugawa Ruri has also made a lot of considerations and plans. According to predictions, even if Tokugawa Hakui survives, he will definitely be injured. As long as he is fast enough, the disaster will not fall. On your own head!

“You continue to watch here, I will go out and have a look.”

Tokugawa Ruri said to the petite woman.

The woman’s thoughts flowed and said: “He will come back?”

“I don’t know yet.”

Tokugawa Ruri said with a smile, and then smiled directly Putting it away, there was something taunted in the words: “Why, do you still expect him to save you?

You are like this now, just accept your fate.

To me tonight The room came, and I found a few new baubles, I believe you will like them.”

The petite woman did not speak, coldly snorted.

Tokugawa Ruri didn’t care, and went straight out.

There was a vicious look in the eyes of the petite woman, a few new baubles, the petite woman knew that they were only Tokugawa Ruri’s tools that satisfy her abnormal psychology that’s all, and she was just in his hands. Play, things.

She is a human, not a beast!

Today will eventually have an ending.

Now the only thing that makes the petite woman regret and unwilling is that after her own death, her son’s hatred is gone.

Outside, Ye Muyang and the others are also approaching.

But he stopped at a distance.

But from here, we can hear the crying from the Tokugawa family mansion.

“Such a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering cry is really sad and sad.”

Ye Muyang couldn’t help but sigh.

“This cry is indeed like what Young Master said, but Young Master may change his mind once he learns the truth.”

Miyamoto Crimson explained.

“Why? There is still a secret?” Ye Muyang asked puzzled.

“It is true that in recent years, Dongying has not been very peaceful, especially when the emperor’s regime is changed, dead people are common.

All also appeared. Professional crying people, these people have really strong professional skills.

The cry is harsh and straight into the hearts of the people, and they thrive for a while.”

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