I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 168

“so that’s how it is, there are some surprises but it is also common sense.”

Ye Muyang nodded.

The crying and crying sounds still lingering in the ears, but at the moment it is a false meaning.

“Young Master, when shall we go in?”

Tokugawa Hakui said anxiously.

“It is natural to go in, but we can’t go in like this.

Make some camouflage first, if you are wronged, you will be my entourage first, so that no one can find it.”

Ye Muyang Road.

“It’s okay, it’s all based on Young Master’s decision.”

Tokugawa Hakui has no objection, which is nothing to him.

The pale red rays of light in the palm of Ye Muyang’s hand are lit up, faintly lingering around and a little puzzled.

And the next moment Ye Muyang’s palm swept across Tokugawa Hakui’s face, the original beard’s face gradually changed, directly forming another look.

Although the whole person still looks a little mad, but people who don’t know can no longer recognize this as Tokugawa Hakui.

“Young Master is a good method!

Too powerful, too mysterious!”

Miyamoto Crimson echoed.

This hand is indeed unimaginable.

Tokugawa Hakui only feels strange on his face. It seems that the arrangement of the muscles has undergone a certain change. If he wants to, it seems that he can reverse this change and restore the original feeling.

“My method can change some of your muscle tissues, and now it is estimated that few people can recognize you.

Just dress up a little on the clothes.”

“Does this method really make others unrecognizable?”

Ye Muyang didn’t say much. He took out a mirror directly, and the other person’s face was reflected in the mirror. Let Tokugawa Hakui tsk tsk amazed.

“Young Master is really amazing!”

Tokugawa Hakui bowed his hands and expressed admiration.

However, Tokugawa Hakui and Miyamoto Crimson were attracted by the mirror in Ye Muyang’s hands. This bauble is much clearer than their copper mirror.

“Okay, let’s go in.”

Ye Muyang stepped forward, Ah Fu followed.

Miyamoto Crimson and Tokugawa Hakui followed from left to right, as if they were two followers.

Before they entered the territory of the Tokugawa family, the four were stopped.

It seems that this person is a member of Ruri Shrine, and at this moment, he has a cold face, staring at the four.

The costumes of these four people are a bit strange. The members of Ruri Shrine paid attention immediately. This time the matter is very important. This member of Ruri Shrine received an order from above, and one suspicious person Can’t let it go.

“Impudent, you don’t think it’s who, do you even dare to stop him?”

Miyamoto Crimson spoke first, preemptively, and glared directly.

This hand directly confuses this member.

According to the meaning of Miyamoto’s blushing, this stunned member knew that what he was talking about was the Young Master with a dragon and phoenix temperament.

But he really doesn’t know what the identity of this Young Master is, is it possible that he is the son of some great character, who came here specially today?

Fucked face…

Miyamoto’s crimson heart sneered.

At this time, this method can be used to achieve the greatest effect. Use others’ ignorance of their heels and feet to intimidate, twice the results for half the effort, the real effect is not your own intimidation , But the intimidation and fear caused by others’ imaginations caused by their own intimidation.

“If you delay any longer, can you bear it?

Be careful to drop your head!”

Miyamoto’s crimson voice becomes colder and more It’s gloomy.

“He can’t afford it, I can’t bear it!”

Just as the Liuli Shrine member was about to lose his mind, a calm, confident voice came.

Everyone looked.

Tokugawa Hakui’s emotions suddenly moved, as if he was about to attack.

Ye Muyang gave him a quick look, and then Tokugawa Hakui resisted it.

“Who are you?”

Ye Muyang maintains a compelling pattern, and naturally Miyamoto Crimson does what he asks. Is the entourage doing this.

“Who am I? Come to my Tokugawa family but don’t know who I am?

You are who, if you want something bad, don’t blame me Tokugawa family for being rude “

“Oh, so that’s how it is.

Listening to you, I know who you are.

Tokugawa Ruri, A slave who lost his surname that’s all.”

Miyamoto Crimson mocked said with a smile.

“Boy, take your words back, it’s dark and slippery. Didn’t your adult teach you to manage your mouth and think twice when dealing with foreign affairs?”

Tokugawa Ruri Leng The voice said, but not at all shot.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to make a move, but that he doesn’t want to make things bigger. If he makes a big surprise, Tokugawa Hakui will not be very good.


But what my lord still says is like spilled water, which cannot be collected.”

With a quick speech, at this brief moment Miyamoto Crimson felt that he was actually quite innate talent in this aspect, and when he could develop this advantage into a business and make some money.

After all, following Ye Muyang is too expensive, and some of his savings are about to run out.

“I will let you in. If it is a sincere thing, I advise you to leave quickly. Even if patriarch is dead, my Tokugawa family will not allow an outsider to do anything recklessly.”

Tokugawa Hakui was angry when he heard it, but he knew he couldn’t expose yet.

“My Young Master’s name is Ye Muyang, which is the outlander in the rumor.”

Miyamoto Crimson continued.


Ye Muyang?


Tokugawa Ruri came to a triple company.

This rumors of the foreigner who killed Tokugawa Ichiro is now in front of him.

Tokugawa Ruri couldn’t react for a while, and Tokugawa Ruri was very confused.

Why does this Ye Muyang have to go through the trap? Isn’t this an obvious death? This kind of operation is simply…

I don’t want to be a fool when I look at Ye Muyang?

Not far from one after another The people who came to the condolences stopped and gathered around.

And when they heard that Ye Muyang, the foreigner who killed Tokugawa Hakui’s son Tokugawa Ichiro, was standing here, they knew there was a good show to watch.

“Why? Don’t you let us in?”

Ye Muyang said with a faint smile.

“Go in?!

Hmph, I’ll let you in.

Come on, catch me the culprit who killed Young Master! “

Tokugawa Ruri shouted coldly.

At this moment, wave after wave of people rushed out and surrounded Ye Muyang.

Tokugawa Hakui heart startled, didn’t expect this Tokugawa Ruri has ambushed so many people for himself, and it seems not all at the moment, there are still people lurking around here!

Tokugawa Ruri’s heart can only secretly thought helplessly, and now he can only do this at this time, otherwise he will be labeled with some hats, which will affect his gathering power.

“Today, I’m here to clarify.

If I killed Tokugawa Ichiro, why would I come to you?

Besides, I I’m an outsider. I’m just leaving.

I’m here just to settle the misunderstanding, and I don’t want to be a tool for plot against that’s all in the hands of others.”

Ye Muyang looked around the people, calmly and frankly.

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