I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 169

“A tool in other people’s hands?

talk nonsense!”

Ye Muyang’s words fell, and an angry voice came out.

I saw a group of people coming out of the crowd.

The middle-aged man who walked up first is dressed in garish clothes, has a goat’s beard, black hair is mixed with some white silk, and his face is angry. If someone wrongs him, he will die To prove his innocence resolutely.

“State Preceptor!

The State Preceptor is here, Ruri excuse me for not going out to meet you.”

Tokugawa Ruri immediately changed his face. Waved his hand and bend his body slightly, appearing to be inferior.

“Licking a dog? It’s not a good death.

Tokugawa Ruri.”

Miyamoto Crimson said mockingly.

“Shut up kid, you know this is who, the State Preceptor is the red man in front of the emperor of this generation, the existence of the under one person above the court!”

Tokugawa Ruri Angry shouted.

Although he is going to control the power of Ruri Shrine, he dare not confront the Emperor like Tokugawa Hakui.

Even if the emperor has just ascended the throne, the Abe family behind them is not comparable to a person like him who has entered the Tokugawa family.

“Does the State Preceptor’s words just mean that the person spreading the rumors outside is the emperor?”

Ye Muyang said lightly.

This State Preceptor cultivation base is just like that. It seems to have just broken through Spirit Saint. It seems that I can’t slap him to death, but I can slap him twice.


You are a pariah who dare to suspect Your Majesty.

The emperor Your Majesty is what you say!

Everything the emperor said is right, and everything the emperor arranges must be done!”

State Preceptor is indignant and passionate, saliva splash across.

At this time, I did not forget to prove that I was a diehard fan of the Emperor.

“Everyone, if you don’t know what you can do without you.

I won’t say more about the extra words.

Because there is more of this State Preceptor There will also be reasons to argue, if it is not true, why this State Preceptor lost the attitude of a generation of State Preceptor so indignantly, please figure it out for yourself.

If it is true, then you should figure it out even more. Now.

A generation of emperor aloof and remote actually used such shameful means.

This emperor…that’s it.”

Ye Muyang The words have a point, the meaning is not much hidden, and the irony is obvious.

State Preceptor’s face suddenly became pig liver color.

This made him very angry. Since the emperor ascended the throne, he was really an under one person on the court. Even the emperor had to give three points of courtesy.

Because if he hadn’t made suggestions on the side, the Emperor would have obtained this position so easily.

And now this kid who hasn’t grown full of hair can even taunt the emperor, but he dares to taunt himself.

Of course, this State Preceptor is annoyed, but not at all crazy.

Who is in front and who is behind, he will naturally not be confused when he is under his superiors.

The most important thing for yourself is in the heart, and the most important thing for the emperor is in the mouth.

“Bold, dare to talk about the emperor like this.

Tokugawa Ruri, now is the territory of your Tokugawa family, I won’t do anything, but you have to answer!

You are not telling me, but to the emperor!”

State Preceptor put pressure on Tokugawa Ruri.

Tokugawa Ruri nodded bowed, and there was a little surprise in his heart. This is the emperor giving himself a chance. If he seized this opportunity, wouldn’t it be easier to master the power of Ruri Shrine.

In his opinion, isn’t it a simple matter to grasp Ye Muyang? What kind of cultivation base can a kid at this age have, and besides, it also carries a small child. That’s all about it.

youngster is young and energetic. He thought that he could clarify misunderstandings with his own blood, but did he ever know what is called conspiracy and what is called conspiracy!

“Master State Preceptor, please rest assured, I will take care of it.

Come on, take him down, if you resist, kill him on the spot!”

Tokugawa Ruri shouted.

After that, another wave of people surrounded this place.

A group of people who were afraid of it slipped into the distance through the gap.

But it’s human nature to watch the excitement. Although they are far away to avoid harming the fish pond, they still refuse to leave.

Miyamoto Crimson releases Spirit in an instant, and the scarlet blade flashes with cold light. Although it is not Spirit avatar, it still has a terrifying aura.

“I was unintentional, you want to be like this.

Can’t you just sit down and have a good chat?”

Ye Muyang looked helpless and disappointed, Shaking his head only sighed.

He really doesn’t want to kill people. It’s really meaningless to kill.

The hot blood spattered on his face will only make his heart colder.

In the beginning, people are good at nature, fuck I steal a bath…

cough cough, wrong, wrong.

In the beginning, people are good in nature, similar in nature and far apart.

Ye Muyang is quite a good person, the kind of Holy Mother bitch.

The Tokugawa Hakui on the side can’t help it.

I have never bowed to the emperor so humbly. This Tokugawa Ruri has actually regarded it as a licking dog, which has already smashed the pride of the Tokugawa family fiercely to the ground, shattered to pieces.

If there is a chance, he must first pick Tokugawa Ruri’s last name and then Tokugawa Ruri’s neck.

Now I can’t hold back the beast in my heart!


At this moment, a voice came.

It is the petite woman.

“What are you doing!

Today is the first seven of my men, do you want to make trouble in front of my Tokugawa family?”

People berated everyone with anger.

Regardless of the identity of anyone present.

“Madam, leave it to me to deal with it, but it’s just a few troublesome conflicts with the State Preceptor.”

Tokugawa Ruri said respectfully.

“Shut up!

This is the Tokugawa family!

Whether you are a State Preceptor or whoever, this is the Tokugawa family!

I repeat again, this is the Tokugawa family!”

There are countless powerful auras erupting in the petite woman’s petite body, which is more like a desperate roar.

Tokugawa Ruri lowered his head, and his face became upset for a while.

When did this woman be so hard-headed, it seems that she is not enough to train herself!

Tokugawa Ruri thought fiercely fiercely in his heart.

The State Preceptor’s complexion was not very good. Today, it was not with good intentions. The Emperor’s meaning State Preceptor understood very well, and the Emperor couldn’t wait.

These scattered forces have gathered a lot today. As long as they give an order and all the dead are dispatched, this place will be a slaughterhouse.

“Good point!

This is the Tokugawa family.

My Tokugawa family has never succumbed to any forces for tens of thousands of years!”

A loud bell-like voice came.

Then a silhouette descended from the sky.

The breath of Spirit Douluo hit the audience in an instant, and a strong baleful aura and even a strong blood-reeking qi were emitted from this person.

Ye Muyang clearly felt the excitement of Tokugawa Hakui. It seems that this person is Tokugawa Nakai, the second child of the Tokugawa family to join the Spirit Hall.

This Spirit Douluo’s aura is really not small, the one after another pressure cap is pressed down, the State Preceptor’s face rose and flushed even more.

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