I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 170

“Today is the first seven of my big brother, let me see who dares to make trouble!”

Tokugawa Nakai coldly snorted spread throughout the audience.

The surrounding area suddenly became quiet, the loud noise and low whispering have disappeared at this moment, only the sound of the needle dropping is clear and long.

And Tokugawa Bojing is groaning in his heart at this moment, brother, look back at your big brother, I, you big brother, I just changed my appearance, my temperament as a big brother has not changed. , Haven’t you seen each other for so many years, don’t you even remember your big brother my breath?

Perhaps it is really because of my so-so temperament, is everyone else?

Tokugawa Hakui couldn’t help thinking.

“Sister-in-law, who is the death of the big brother, and what happened to my nephew?”

Tokugawa Nakai asked in a loud voice.

It is as deep as thunder, like the sleeping holy mountain, it is accumulating power all the time, and it may erupt at any time.

Yu Guang, a petite woman, swept past Tokugawa Ruri.

There was sadness and helplessness on his face, but then he resisted the sadness and returned to normal.

The face is cold and the lips are bitten white, which is an expression of enduring sadness.

But there are both petite women’s performances and her true feelings, of course, the former has a lot of ingredients.

Not only Tokugawa Nakai believed it, but also Tokugawa Hakui who was watching.

Suddenly Tokugawa Hakui felt ashamed of his wife, and at the same time he was full of resentment towards Tokugawa Ruri. This must be the result of Tokugawa Ruri’s persecution and intimidation of his wife!

“Sister-in-law said that this is it, now I am back, and I am here to collect debts!”

Nakai Tokugawa’s unnamed anger rose in his heart, and at this glance, he knew that the sister-in-law was wrong. Easy, I am afraid the Tokugawa family is also at risk!

“Nakai is not a place to speak, so let’s end with condolences.”

The petite woman has some comfort in her heart. This comfort comes not only from the powerful help of Tokugawa Nakai, It also lies in his ability to steadily suppress Tokugawa Ruri’s aura at the moment, showing that he is the real master of the Tokugawa family!

The condolences continue.

Some people are happy. These all are people who follow the Tokugawa family. In the opportunity of today’s condolences, they would rather vote elsewhere, but Tokugawa Nakai’s appearance undoubtedly beat them A potent medicine, this medicine is even stronger than when Tokugawa Hakui was “alive”.

Tokugawa Ruri face somewhat gloomy, he didn’t understand how Tokugawa Nakai appeared, and what the people he arranged for him did.

Although Tokugawa Nakai is a Spirit Douluo, but that many people, is it difficult to run over and report a letter alone?

Now that Tokugawa Nakai appears, Tokugawa Ruri is a little flustered. That woman openly caressed her face and soon it means that her waist is hardened and she dared to yell at herself.

Everything I did to this woman, it is probably time for her to retaliate against herself!

What should I do?

What should I do?

When there was no god, Tokugawa Ruri’s eyes drifted.

Next moment, the eyes gathered and gradually got focus.

He is discovering that besides himself, there is another person with the same look.

Isn’t that the State Preceptor?

Immediately, Tokugawa Ruri didn’t linger, and went straight to it.

State Preceptor’s complexion is very bad. When seeing Tokugawa Ruri, he came to think that Tokugawa Ruri was about to attack, but seeing the Tokugawa family running dog with a flattering smile on his face, he was stunned. Froze.

He doesn’t know how many times he has seen this smile, but different people have the same meaning.

Fuck up!

State Preceptor looks back to normal, unperturbed.

“Master State Preceptor, please here.”

State Preceptor held his head up, already throwing the humiliated matter out of the Nine Firmaments Sect.

On Ye Muyang’s side, Tokugawa Hakui naturally observed Tokugawa Ruri and State Preceptor’s embarrassment.

Underneath his mind was surging, and he couldn’t hold back again.

“Don’t worry, let’s see what they want to play first.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

“Young Master, do you still need to talk about it? Of course, the two guys are in collusion with the intention of the Tokugawa family that’s all.”

Miyamoto Crimson interrupted.

“Only you are smart!”

Ye Muyang blanked his eyes.

Ye Muyang knows of course, but he wants to know how strong the Spirit Hall branch behind Tokugawa Nakai is. After all, he and Spirit Hall still have to settle accounts.

“Keep lurking and see if your younger brother can cope with it. If he can’t cope with it, you’ll just send an extra head when you go up.

This State Preceptor will definitely come today. There is preparation. Even Tokugawa Ruri is estimated to have a lot of manpower around.

Stay, be steady.”

Ye Muyang said.

Miyamoto Crimson hurriedly said that Tokugawa Hakui also continued to dormant.

Because of Ye Muyang’s identification in the follow-up, someone naturally came to attract Yemiao, saying that it was “introduction” and some praise, more about surveillance, but Ye Muyang didn’t care.

Tokugawa Ruri and the State Preceptor entered, and both of them had smiles like spring breeze on their faces.

Then, when someone ran over and whispered a few words in Tokugawa Ruri’s ear, Tokugawa Ruri’s face that could be called a conjurer changed his face.

“What’s the matter?”

State Preceptor asked.

“It seems that we still underestimate this Tokugawa Nakai, the few pairs of men and horses I arranged were killed silently by him, and I didn’t notice until I sent someone to investigate this.”


State Preceptor said with some arrogant tone: “Don’t worry, the emperor pays special attention to today’s affairs. A Tokugawa Nakai is nothing difficult.”

“Oh, it seems this Xi Liuli has to rely more on the State Preceptor.”

“It’s easy to say, easy to talk.” State Preceptor smiled continuously, but his heart was really cold and cold.

State Preceptor is who, but he knows it best. It is the main figure who has experienced regime change and presided over the war. Traitors are the people he hates most.

Once a person has a betrayal, there is no guarantee that he will be gone in the future.

State Preceptor will definitely not reuse this person, and Tokugawa Ruri will also be on his Must Kill List after completion.

The crying inside the Tokugawa family is even more stern. Professionals are different. This is probably more “sincere” than their own relatives crying.

“I can’t find the body, I can only use the dress mound.”

The petite woman was sad.

“My sister-in-law doesn’t know whether Big Brother Chu is dead. Is there any other purpose for doing this?” Tokugawa Nakai said.

“It is true.

Many members of the family have long since turned away from their morals, especially Na Tokugawa Ruri. I am a womanly family who cannot compete with him for power. Now I have to follow his I mean to do it.

Fortunately, uncle, you are back, otherwise the Tokugawa family will really fall into the hands of such a running dog.”

Tokugawa Nakai asked: ” No, the old man in the family?”

“Old bastard? Haha, that group of old bastard.

Don’t you understand, uncle, they have no family members anymore? A sense of honor and disgrace, a group of dying old bastard just want to break through higher realm and live for a few more years, so they will only support those who are beneficial to them.”

This is also the reason why petite women have a fight.

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