I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 172

“The charge of treason is really heavy. But that’s your country, not my country!”

Tokugawa Nakaimoto is not good at words, and at this moment he is unwilling to push him more.

The flames lingered around me, and the surrounding space suddenly became hot in this brief moment.

The rocks on the ground even began to melt.

Ye Muyang withdrew back, this Spirit Douluo’s strength is really not weak.

But from here Ye Muyang can also see that Tokugawa Nakai did not seem to recognize himself.

When I wanted to come to Bibi Dong, I didn’t pass the matter to Dongying.

Does this look down on herself, or is she too confident in herself.

“Don’t look at your younger brother greatly showing divine might, that Tokugawa Liuli has already run away, don’t be a bad thing if you are late.”

Ye Muyang moved towards Dechuan Bojing Said.

Tokugawa Hakui reacted instantly, and saw that Tokugawa Ruri was sneaking away there.

Get permission, Tokugawa Hakui also suppressed his inner anger.

His own sword was already hungry and thirsty, and he shouted directly: “Tokugawa Ruri, you running dog! Go there!”

The silhouette immediately rushed forward!

Ye Muyang and Miyamoto Crimson couldn’t help but sigh.

“Young Master, this uncle is really impatient, and it’s too unsteady.”

Miyamoto said with a bit of disgust.

“Don’t worry about that many. This is someone’s housework. I’m thinking about whether we should leave.”

Ye Muyang thought.

“Don’t leave, Young Master.

Look at the State Preceptor’s troubles, you will definitely not let it go, and Young Master doesn’t know that it’s the Emperor who is really embarrassing us. Ah.”

Ye Muyang said: “Do you want me to assassinate the emperor?”

“No, no, I dare to have the courage here.”


Miyamoto Crimson said quickly.

Miyamoto Crimson just wants to stay here for a while to see if he can get some money. I heard Ye Muyang say that he is going to other places. This is definitely a cost.

Now that I have no money, everyone in the Tokugawa family should be here, and it can’t be justified without some money.

Furthermore, Nad Chuan Bojing should take out something to repay his life-saving grace.

“Let’s take a look first, I also want to kill the emperor.”

Ye Muyang whispered lightly.

Miyamoto’s crimson mouth twitched slightly.

Suddenly thinking of the four Old Guys who are too old to be old and have lived for tens of thousands of years, my heart is full of jealousy.

As soon as these four come out, I’m afraid it will be the catastrophe of Dongying.

Ye Muyang certainly won’t let the four Old Guys wake up. Those four Old Guys are strong or strong, but they cannot be dispatched as a last resort. They are all trump cards, non-renewable resources. Use once less once.

Tokugawa Hakui and Tokugawa Ruri have already met.

In this fight, Tokugawa Hakui’s identity was instantly exposed.

“Hakui Tokugawa, you’re really not dead!”

Tokugawa Ruri was surprised. He was thinner without any defense.

“Hahaha, Tokugawa Ruri, today is your death date!”

“Big brother!”

Tokugawa Nakai shouted.

Tokugawa Hakui has returned to its original appearance.

“Second Brother, this is not the time to speak. If you solve the rebel, I will talk about alcohol!”

Tokugawa Hakui is very happy, and the anger that has been suppressed for a long time is finally available With relief, you can even avenge your son at this moment!

Nakai Tokugawa nodded and said Okay, knowing that the big brother is okay, Nakai Tokugawa devoted himself to the battle.

This opponent is actually not Tokugawa Nakai’s opponent at all, but the characteristic of being indestructible and not afraid of pain makes it a difficult target.

“Eighth Spirit Ability: Red Lotus!”

I saw Tokugawa Nakai flipping his hands, and the flames surrounding him quickly gathered in his hands, and countless energies were fused and interwoven.

next moment In his palm, a red lotus bloomed.

At the same time, there was the hot air wave.

Tokugawa Nakai held the lotus in one hand, swimming with his feet, and rushed directly.

Then from top to bottom, the red lotus buckled down and fell from the top of his head. The tongue of fire instantly swallowed and swallowed the Spirit Douluo directly.

The Spirit Douluo is not a simple thing, and the green light suddenly shines.

The green rays of light in the vertical pupil are more intense, and the abnormal green is still mixed with blood red.

It seems that the capillary blood vessels burst due to excessive force.

Behind it, an azure snake emerged.

The natural phenomenon appears.

The azure snake bites the red lotus frantically, and the green rays of light fights with the flame.

However, it hasn’t stopped yet, I saw Spirit Douluo’s eyes became blood red.

And its body is also undergoing mutation.

It can be seen that its body swells up.

The limbs are thickened, the teeth become longer and sharper, the skin changes from normal flesh color to azure, the clothes are cracked, and the body is also covered with fine azure scales. A big azure tail also grew behind.

Ye Muyang looked a little surprised.

Because this Spirit Douluo at this time is like a cartoon I have watched.

Holy Lord in “The Adventures of Jackie Chan”!

And above the head of “Holy Lord”, the red lotus was directly swallowed by the azure serpent, and the flame went out.

“hahaha, hahaha, hahaha!”

The State Preceptor laughed wildly.

“Nakai Tokugawa, Nakai Tokugawa, I have to thank you, this apostle is one step away from the end, and you helped him get out of this step.

God, we humans can also make gods!”

State Preceptor called out and prayed.

“Master State Preceptor, save me!”

At this moment, Ruri Tokugawa’s screams came, directly destroying the atmosphere of State Preceptor.

The stern shout became the harshest and most disgusting sound.

“Kill him!”

State Preceptor coldly said.

The thick legs of the “Holy Lord” stepped on the ground suddenly, and the next moment came to Tokugawa Ruri’s side.

The sharp claws covered with scales directly pinched Tokugawa Ruri’s head, and then suddenly used force.

The red and white things fluttered wildly.

Tokugawa Hakujing’s mind suddenly changed, and at this moment, it happened to meet the scarlet eye of the “Holy Lord”.

The body seemed to be frozen, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t take a half step away.

“fuck off!”

Tokugawa Nakai angry roar, wrapped in flames, kicked over.

However, the “Holy Lord” directly erected a strong arm to block Tokugawa Nakai’s whip leg.

His arms ka-cha broke at once, and the huge azure body was kicked out.

“Big brother, let’s go!”

Tokugawa Nakai shouted suddenly, awakening Tokugawa Hakui directly.

At this moment, Tokugawa Hakui realized that his back was soaked.

“Holy Lord” quickly got up, and the broken arms quickly recovered.

Even Ye Muyang admires such recovery ability.

“Young Master, what the hell is that and why is it terrifying so much!”

Miyamoto Crimson has been scared silly.

Such a thing is really weird, can it still be called a human?

“Some hybrids.”

The word Ye Muyang dare to pack a ticket and it is absolutely correct. The only thing produced by the combination of different species is the word “hybrid”.

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