I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 174


“Holy Lord” roared, the blood in the vertical pupils quickly dimmed.

Na Jin’s arm holding Ye Muyang is also slowly losing strength at this moment.

Ye Muyang then moved his arm forward suddenly.

Grasp the heart and pull it out directly.

The cyan-green blood that followed was brought out, and there was a strong ugly ugly in the cyan-green blood.

“Holy Lord”‘s body collapsed in a daze, with a muffled sound, no more breath.

The heart in Ye Muyang’s palm has not stopped beating at this moment.

At this moment, the pulsation has become more intense.

As if to become a spirit and come back alive, he was struggling with Ye Muyang’s hands.

The fleshy membrane formed by the cells that continuously multiply around it adheres to Ye Muyang’s hand, devouring energy!

“Dead but not stiff!”

Ye Muyang suddenly closed his palm.

The heart exploded directly, green’s blood was splashing, and green was still carrying red.

It seems that that is the only thing that symbolizes humanity.

“Why are you!”

The State Preceptor was shocked to look at it and couldn’t believe it.

This youngster actually killed his proud fighter!

Although it is one of the dead, it is extremely precious!

Ye Muyang did not take care of the State Preceptor.

Rather, a flame ignited in his hand, and the flame curled up the tongue of the flame to envelop the blood and the corpse of “Holy Lord”.

The raging fire is burning, and the smell of burning protein is really unpleasant.

There is also a stench of burning impurities.

Ye Muyang looked towards the center of the flame With a move, a strange thing was wrapped in flame by Ye Muyang and taken out.

This thing was not burned in the flames, nor dissipated.

This thick green droplet condenses into one drop, which contains powerful power.

And Ye Muyang also felt a trace of similar breath at this moment.

From God.

At this moment, Ye Muyang suddenly realized that the emperor was not simple. No wonder he was so provocative. He actually dared to be so provocative. It turned out to be confident. This weird method is similar to biotechnology.

I just don’t know what kind of existence the owner of this blood is, it actually contains the breath of God.

“How do you want to die?”

Ye Muyang looked towards State Preceptor.

However, State Preceptor didn’t have any fear. Instead, he sneered with confidence.

said: “Foreigners, I advise you not to mix things with my Dongying. My Dongying is not as simple as you think.”

“Oh, I have to prepare for threats again. Is it?

There are a few people who threatened me before, and they are all right now. The other grave grasses have a zhang high.”

Ye Muyang lightly said, and then the one in his hand Drop of blood put away.

“Threat? Boy, you really value yourself too much.

Do you know where I come from?”

State Preceptor continued to say with a sneer.

“I read little, how do I know this.”

Ye Muyang shook his head, really wanting to know the origin of this guy that made him so confident.

“Since you don’t know, then wash your ears and listen.

I’m from Gao Tianyuan!”

State Preceptor sneered smugly on his face.

Ye Muyang was confused.

“Gaotianyuan? Where is that place?”

The tree is forced to be fruitless, and you and me under the tree.

However, unlike Ye Muyang’s dumbfounding, the people around stopped their attacks one by one.

From doubt to surprise and finally shock!

“Gao Tianyuan!”

“It turns out that there is a Gao Tianyuan!”

“In Gao Tianyuan, I have not forgotten the family sacrifice to tell Nao Weng!”

Some people even started shouting, extremely excited, and even more admired.

Ye Muyang is still very confused.

I hope someone will tell him where Gao Tianyuan is.

Sure enough to live up to his expectations, at the moment Tokugawa Nakai complexion is gloomy walking over.

There are countless sorrows on his face.

“Didn’t expect is Gao Tianyuan, it’s careless!

There really is this place!”

Tokugawa Nakai whispered.

Then explained: “You are a foreigner, you may not know the origin of my Dongying.

A long, long time ago…”

At the beginning of the set, Ye Muyang couldn’t help but want to interrupt him, why didn’t he say that this matter should start with Pangu Kaitiandi.

“In other words, Gaotianyuan is the place where God lives.

Three places in Gaotianyuan are famous in Dongying.

The Fragrant Mountain of Heaven!


Heaven’s Yaskawa!

Heaven’s high city!

It is said that the Heavenly Fragrant Mountain is larger and more sacred than the holy mountain.

Zhiyaskawa is even more spread across Dongying because of the god’s cosmos than the festival.

And Tianzhigao City is even called a paradise and is generally pursued by the world.

But I thought it was. But it’s Myths and Legends, didn’t expect it’s true.

The means this guy showed can only be seen in Gao Tianyuan.

If I didn’t If you guess wrong, these weird people should be related to the Eight-Branched Giant Snake in the Eastern Mythology.

I can’t think of any other changes except Yuyu.”

“Yuyu? What does Yuyu mean?”

Ye Muyang raised his eyebrows. There is something in the mythology of Dongying. It seems that this place has its own god.

“Yuyu means “big snake”. Toyo people are used to calling it that way.”

Tokugawa Nakai explained.

Ye Muyang asked: “Then do you think this guy can kill?”

Tokugawa Nakai hesitated, now the big brother is fine, he has to estimate that the State Preceptor is from The identity of Gao Tianyuan.

He has no choice but to worry about his family.


Ye Muyang nodded.

However, the next moment Ye Muyang silhouette flashed directly and came directly to the State Preceptor.

A punch directly blasted over.

The completely unprepared State Preceptor was directly smashed fiercely on the wall, and the wall was directly destroyed.

“Lao Tzu is not from Dongying, that is your god.

I don’t eat this set.”

Stroll up.

Ye Muyang directly pinched the neck of the State Preceptor and lifted it up.

“One by one, the little Spirit Saints, even if they are from Gao Tianyuan, maybe you just can’t mix there and ran out.”

State Preceptor whimpered in his mouth, his face turned It was red, and it quickly became difficult to breathe.

“Don’t you want to know the entrance of Gao Tianyuan?”

Ye Muyang suddenly turned to the person and looked towards his people.

lay bare the truth with one remark God shocked!

These people reacted instantly. If the State Preceptor was not threatened with life, would he really tell them Gao Tianyuan’s entrance?

Gao Tianyuan, that is what their ancestors have been pursuing for generations.

It is said that there is an opportunity to become a god and the secret of eternal life.

Everyone realizes that today is their opportunity.

Gods are certainly strong and irresistible, but they not at all thought of resisting.

“I will leave it to you.”

Ye Muyang’s mouth turned into a smile.

Then the State Preceptor was thrown in front of those people.

Tokugawa Nakai was stunned, his eyes were full of shock when he looked towards Ye Muyang.

This is a fearless dragon, what is his identity?

At this moment, it was full of question marks.

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