I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 176

At night, Ye Muyang didn’t want to sleep either.

Leap directly out of the Tokugawa family and came to the Sacred Mountain.

Step into the holy mountain, and enter the broken little World without listening.

Ye Muyang was a little shocked by the situation of Little World at this moment.

This gray air current that is full of the little World has a strong ability to corrode.

Ye Muyang also recognized that this is the handwriting of the imprisoned god.

“Oh, my friend, you are here again.”

The voice came from all around the Broken World.

next moment The gray air current bypasses directly, forming a path in front of Ye Muyang.

Ye Muyang then moved forward.

When I came to the person, next to him were the four followers of Ye Muyang.

Four entourages glowed with flames, and the area was eroded by gray air currents.

Ye Muyang glanced at the man, then cut his finger.

Among the four drops of red, golden blood is suspended in the air, and the next moment is directly submerged within the body of the four followers.

The flame was a bit stronger, and the struggle on the faces of the four old men slowly disappeared.

“Oh, my friends, they are your people.

flooding the dragon king’s temple, that’s really bad.”

That person said with a smile.

“You know.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

At his point, he can naturally distinguish the breath.

The god who claims to be Yuan did not speak, still with a smile on his face.

Ye Muyang moved towards looked around.

Ask: “What are you doing?”

“My friend, what are you here for?”

Yuan did not answer, but instead asked back.

Ye Muyang didn’t care, and said, “How much do you know about Gao Tianyuan in Dongying?”

“Oh, it turned out to be there.

A little world.

But it is a place for cowards to avoid disasters.

Not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning.”

Yuan pulls the bondage His chains waved and said.

“Are you refining this little World?”

For a moment, Ye Muyang was a little surprised. He felt the strangeness of this little World.

It seems that everything is connected with Yuan through the chains that bind Yuan.

“hahaha, but my friend’s.

Sure enough, smart enough.

I am going to evolve this little world into my life, so I can be free.”

“Spirit gives birth to life?

What the hell is this?”

Ye Muyang is puzzled, he has his own for Spirit But he doesn’t know anything about True Fate.

“My friend, everything that can be described in words will be a limitation.

True fate can only be realized. Of course, I don’t dislike you sitting here and realizing my evolution. Life.”

Ye Muyang sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and feeling it.

Yuan smiled, the gray air current surging again, and he himself was also shrouded in the gray air current, submerged in the darkness.

At this moment, there are only four old men in the Little World who emit rays of light slightly, and even Ye Muyang is submerged in the gray air current.

This insight is very strange, Ye Muyang analyzes Spirit again, continuously looking for breakthrough points.

Since it is Spirit’s life, then everything has to start from Spirit.

This is the starting point of Ye Muyang, and Innate is better than Yuan.

Yuan not at all Spirit, he spent tens of thousands of years comprehending his life, and now he finally has a clue.

Yuan understands that this sudden opportunity for him has to be traced back to Ye Muyang.

Especially today, his sentiment is extremely accurate.

At this moment the emperor’s residence.

State Preceptor forced down the unconvinced face.

The emperor is drinking tea at a leisurely pace.

Then he said: “State Preceptor, this matter will come to an end. Our previous practices were a bit unstraightforward and upright.”

“Your Majesty, this is just a Outlander! Such arrogant and despotic, wanton rampage, isn’t this beating you in the face.

Don’t you let the world laugh and say Your Majesty, your aloof and remote, but you can’t cure an outlander? How convinced the people of Dongying.”

The emperor shook his head, and said, “Go down, I’m here today.”

State Preceptor hesitated to speak, but was finally unwilling. He swallowed his stomach full of complaints heartily, and left in depression.

“Ayan smoke, how long will it take to leave for Takatenhara?”

The emperor said again.

“The days are coming soon.

I don’t know when I will come back from this trip.”

The emperor laughed in relief and said: “Finally! My Ampere family is hopeful.

Privately, let’s call it Uncle.”

“Yes, Uncle.”

The emperor said with emotion: “Have a lot of effort, look at what happened today.

Your uncle, as the emperor, I still have no capital to control.

Whether it is Spirit Hall or Ye Muyang.

I can’t control even this State Preceptor completely. It’s all because of my strength.”

“Uncle, the spells brought by the State Preceptor are too much. It’s weird.

The dead man actually has a mutation, and he becomes a monster alive!”

“monster? That’s good.

True You haven’t seen the monster.”

There was a little fear in the emperor’s eyes.

Ampei Lingyan didn’t know that it was a few meters below the great hall where the emperor was.

There are countless roar sounds.

There are countless monsters in the cages made of refined iron.

Some are rotten and flowed with weird liquid, with only one eye that is so huge that they occupy the entire head, and some are monsters with half of their body constantly roaring.

These all are products that survived the failure of the experiment. They were not at all killed, but deliberately stayed in order to cultivate a stronger monster.

Back to Ye Muyang, I don’t know how long it took.

In addition to the four faint rays of light, there is this one that is brighter and even gradually dazzling.

“Oh, my friend, are you enlightened?”

Yuan’s voice came.

Ye Muyang stood up from the ground.

The true fate is beyond words, and it is the limit.

“You have a flaw.”

Ye Muyang said.

Yuan replied: “Oh, friend, you are really too smart.

Unfortunately this is my limit.

I am different from you, My friend, you have a great opportunity.”

“Where did Spirit come from?”

Once the problem is traced to the source, it has the intention of analysis.

“I don’t know.”

Yuan’s answer also surprised Ye Muyang.

“I don’t know, how do you know Spirit’s fate?”

“Dao can be Tao, very Tao. A name is a name, a very name.”

Ye Muyang is sure that this is the deepest sentence Yuan said.

“Is there a destiny in the dark?

Before you said that my rebirth was a conspiracy, where do you start?”

“Guess, don’t take it seriously, friends, just a little envious of that’s all.”

Yuan’s voice came again.

“Forget it.

But looking at you like this, I don’t think I need to save you.”

“The more insurance is the more security .

Friends will walk together for life, and there will be no more in those days.

So it’s better to be more stable.”

Yuan laughed.

“As a reward, I will give you a little help.”

Ye Muyang bit his finger, and a drop of golden blood dripped, turning into an endless flame in this dark gray Burning in the World.

“What did you realize?” Yuan asked in surprise.

Ye Muyang just waved his hand and couldn’t tell the truth.

Yuan stared at the flame carefully for a long time and was silent.

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