I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 177

“Master, someone is following us.”

Fu said, raising his head.

It is 2nd day at this time, and the three have left the Tokugawa family. It is on the way to leave Dongying at this moment.

“That group of bastards again.”

Ye Muyang said casually.

He said again: “How about, how about giving it to you this time, Miyamoto Crimson?”

At this moment, Miyamoto Crimson is glanced around, but he didn’t see who.

“Huh? Young Master, what are you talking about? Where is anyone here?”

While tone barely fell, there was movement around.

The leader is already familiar and can no longer be familiar.

The gloomy eyes can’t wait to cut Ye Muyang countless times.

“Boy, today is your death date!”

State Preceptor said gloomily.

And Ye Muyang was bored and helplessly plucking his ears.

When I heard this sentence, my ears have become calluses, and there is really no freshness and excitement.

“Young Master, it’s up to you to deal with it.”

Miyamoto Crimson saw someone coming and slipped directly behind her.

“Come to live, uncle.”

Ye Muyang shouted at all around.

After that, there was another movement.

Nakai Tokugawa walked out, and two people followed him.

The imposing manner of the three is not weak, and it doesn’t need to be seen or said to be Spirit Douluo level.

“Nakai Tokugawa, it’s you again!”

The State Preceptor’s face was gloomy, and he brought out almost all his cards today.

“Spirit Hall, you guys really want to mix things with my Dongying!”

see power is far from good, State Preceptor once again resisted the banner of Dongying righteousness.

As the State Preceptor of Dongying, his status is very important, and his words have great influence.

“Okay, don’t talk about these useless things.

I know that you, an old fellow, will not stop, but fortunately, this also saves us too much trouble. “

Tokugawa Nakai stepped forward, and the sound of the dead wood being stomped off was as clear as the sound of tapping the mind to get the soul.

“Little Brother, let’s follow the rules.”

After that, Tokugawa Nakai smiled at Ye Muyang.

“Don’t worry, uncle, this State Preceptor will be solved by us.”

There is no need to say anything, the three of Spirit Hall directly did it, moved towards the back of the State Preceptor The four Spirit Douluo rushed away.

State Preceptor suddenly became isolated.

These four mixed Douluo are undoubtedly more successful than before.

The power burst out soon under the combined attack of the three of Spirit Hall.

One of them made Ye Muyang’s eyes brighten again. The tall and strong one is a Hulk, but the fine scales on the body look a little strange.

Ye Muyang is holding the demon knife, and moved towards State Preceptor.

The demon knife shot, the silver frost on the knife body had already been covered by the infecting blood, revealing its real monster.

What is the so-called “demon knife”, weird like a monster, like a leech drinking blood.

“You can’t run today.”

Ye Muyang licked his lips, and the demon knife whispered softly, seemingly longing for blood, and Ye Muyang seemed to be The demon knife is generally infected, as strange as a demon.

“Boy, I am also Spirit Saint, what is the so-called fear!”

State Preceptor glared.

Spirit power surges throughout the body.

The space blasted loudly.

Behind him is a Nine-tailed Fox!

“Nine Tails?”

Ye Muyang was a little surprised.

Then said with a smile: “I will give you a spiral pill.”

State Preceptor will not understand for a while, but looking at Ye Muyang’s look, I think Ye Muyang is there. Humiliate yourself.

“Boy, go to hell!”

The State Preceptor silhouette swayed extremely fast, and the next moment the whole person seemed to merge with the nine tails behind him.

“This is not Spirit avatar’s artistic conception.”

Ye Muyang frowned, State Preceptor feels like it does not want to use Spirit avatar, it is a bit like Xiao Wu , It seems that he himself is the nine tails behind him.

I feel that the State Preceptor is getting closer.

Ye Muyang directly closes the demon sword and inserts it on the ground.

Then opened his hands, countless flames spurted out of his hands, and then thought of a Fireball in front of it that continued to condense.

“old fellow, give you a spiral pill.”

Then he smashed out directly.

The flame slammed on the ground, bursting suddenly, and set off layers of air with a boom.

“Wang Bayou, I am a teacher of a country, under one person above ten thousand people. I can’t tolerate your humiliation!”

State Preceptor flashed through the spiral pill , Manually turn the sharp claw, and head towards Ye Muyang’s head.

“Junk things, mundane powers are valued by people like you.”

Ye Muyang sneered.

Then raise his right arm.

The arm was suddenly armored and directly collided with the State Preceptor.

After the collision, calm is restored here.

The State Preceptor silhouette stopped, and the next moment fell directly to the ground, spouting a mouthful of blood.

“How…how could you?”

The eyes are full of incredible.

“Give you a chance. As long as you answer my question obediently, I will let you go.”

Ye Muyang looked down at the State Preceptor with indifferent eyes.


The State Preceptor just blurted out, the demon knife was thrown directly to the neck of the State Preceptor, and the bloody blade was like a knife in his neck. Layer after layer.

State Preceptor squirmed up and down in the throat, speechless nervously.

“How to control these bastards?

I will let you out if I say it.”

Ye Muyang asked.

On the side of the three people in Spirit Hall, the three people are just consuming the four mutants, suppressing and killing them continuously.

In order to prevent these mutants from continuing to mutate pressure.

“Impossible! This is top secret!”

State Preceptor gritted his teeth, unwilling to give in.

“Then you die.”

Ye Muyang spied his hand to grab the demon knife.

The action is clean, the look is cold, and the preparation is completely impossible for the State Preceptor opportunity.

The State Preceptor was suddenly full of regret and thought that he could rely on it. However, seeing Ye Muyang’s decisiveness, State Preceptor knew that Ye Muyang didn’t really care about this so-called secret.

“Say! I said!”

State Preceptor quickly roared.

Then shouted: “secret technique! This is the secret technique! My secret technique!”

“Oh, let’s hear it.”

Ye Muyang is curious.

The secret technique of State Preceptor is mostly from the gods of Gao Tianyuan, produced by the gods, and most of them are fine products.

“First hypnotize, then erase their consciousness, and use their own blood to paint on their souls, so that they can form control.”

State Preceptor action Some trembling, but still coherent.

Next is to explain all the techniques of hypnosis and formation.

The three people in Spirit Hall started to take action. After a while, the four mutants acknowledged allegiance and changed their identities under the cooperation of the three people in Spirit Hall.

“Little Brother, there is no loss in this transaction.”

Tokugawa Nakai said with a big smile.

Ye Muyang smiled slightly, but he was wary of the flow of people in Spirit Hall.

After all, they have suffered a loss once in their hands, and they cannot suffer any more.

“I will leave it to you.”

Ye Muyang winked at the Spirit Fusion trio, then picked up the demon knife and left the village.

The State Preceptor’s angry roar soon came from behind.

“Battle, you don’t speak honesty!”

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