I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 178

“Young Master, where are we going?”

Miyamoto Crimson was overwhelmed by emotions. In the past, he was wandering all by himself, and he still circulated in the East.

This is the first time that I have been out of Dongying. Apart from the excitement, he also understands that the place Ye Muyang is going is definitely not a simple place.

“Slaughter City, there is a paradise for killing, it is a good place for experience.”

“Would it not be too good to bring Ah Fu?”

Listening to the name, Miyamoto Crimson knew the blood and brutality of that place. This undoubtedly has a huge impact on such a small child as Afu, and it is very likely that it will leave some psychological trauma!

“Afu is much stronger than you think.

And sooner or later, Afu will experience it. Being young is not an excuse. It is important to let him know this.”

Ye Muyang shook his head. I believe Ah Fu will gain a lot from this Slaughter City party.

Those physical arts prepared by Ye Muyang for Ah Fu can only get the most benefit in Slaughter City.

“This place is still far away from Slaughter City, so prepare in advance.”

Ye Muyang calmly, then Slaughter City has never been there.

I know some directions, and it happens to be recorded in the Ye Family ancient book.

The time recorded is about a thousand years, but according to Ye Muyang’s calculation today, this Slaughter City is probably not only a thousand years.

God of Slaughter’s inheritance is estimated to have existed in ten thousand years, but until now is unknown that’s all.

Now Ye Muyang is even more puzzled by those gods looking for heirs.

Why does God look for an heir?

A responsibility, a sustenance or a freedom?

The secret of this must be traced back to the battle of Mythological Era.

And Golden Crow, as a fallen existence in the early days, has no understanding of these natures.

“Young Master, what kind of place is this Slaughter City anyway?”

Miyamoto Crimson asked.

“In fact, it is similar to the broken little World in the Holy Mountain, except that Slaughter City is much more stable.

There is also a god, called God of Slaughter. .

To be precise, there is a place left by the gods to find heirs.”

“Heirs? Doesn’t that mean that mortals have the opportunity to become gods?”

Miyamoto’s crimson stared wide-eyed, his eyes full of expectation.

“You think too simple, it’s not that simple for a mortal to become a god.

In addition to strength, there is a relationship.

There is no relationship. , Can you still hang around in this era?”

Ye Muyang sniffed his mouth.

“What do you mean? Why is there still a related household?”

Miyamoto Crimson was suddenly stunned.

“I can’t tell you clearly. In short, you don’t have to think about inheriting the God Position of God of Slaughter. It may be a bad thing to inherit.

But there are also experiences in Slaughter City. There are other benefits. For example, you can get the Domain, and some of your attributes within the Domain can be enhanced.”

“Domain? This is also good.”

Miyamoto Crimson is also not unusual and inexperienced People, he knows Domain naturally, and he also knows the beauty of Domain.

“Don’t think too much, all of these are arranged. Your own cultivation success is not a way for God.”

“Cultivation success God easier said than done.”

Miyamoto Crimson has a long feeling that becoming a god has been pursued by the ancestors for many years, but there are a few people who have become gods.

“Hahaha, in addition to its own innate talent, becoming a god also depends on whether there is a guide.

Many people think that the road is long and long, and they just keep moving forward.

And to a certain extent, their path has narrowed.

The mountain top is beautiful, and the mountainside scenery is also beautiful.”

“What does Young Master mean?

Meet Young Master, please accept me as a disciple!”

Miyamoto Crimson said seriously.

“Just accept the disciples and so on, if I should help you, I will definitely help you.”

Ye Muyang refuses to accept disciples, Ye Muyang feels the palace Ben Blush only needs his own guidance.

“Then, Young Master, can becoming a god be concrete?”

Miyamoto’s blush eyes are full of excitement and excitement. Ye Muyang must not be aimless, and there must be something that belongs to him. opinion.

“Most people yearn to inherit the God Position, but where did the God Position itself come from?

The princes and princes are kind to each other, and the God Position is not all born.

And the people who awakened Spirit in the Douluo continent have the ability to become gods, so the most fundamental is Spirit.

What do you think of Spirit integration?”

“How do you say? The principle of similarity?” Miyamoto Crimson asked in confusion.

“Yes, the similarity blends together, there is a way that Spirit evolves true fate, true fate is unspeakable, and it is a limitation.

In other words, Spirit evolves true fate with unlimited possibilities , But no matter how you derive, Spirit is still the most basic.

So if you want to become a god, you have to dig out your Spirit continuously. Don’t just set up a spirit ring for your Spirit.

The reason why many Duluo Douluo can’t become gods throughout their lives is that they ignore their most essential source of power.

Single force subduing ten meetings, the people of Force Prove Dao since ancient times have A few people.”

Speaking of this, Ye Muyang thought of Pangu, but Pangu can be described as an Innate Lifeform, with no dirt on the soul and no dirt on the body, which is different from people nowadays.

Miyamoto Crimson was lost in thought.

Looked towards Ah Fu after a long time: “Then Young Master, isn’t Ah Fu hopeless of becoming a god?”


Ye Muyang Laughed again.

Then he said: “The avenue is fifty, Tianyan is forty-nine, go to one of them.

This one is human, Afu does not have Spirit, but it is not impossible to cultivation.

Without Spirit, everything is zero. This zero has no beginning and no end, which brings infinite possibilities.

In fact, Spirit is not a restriction.”

In an instant, Ye Muyang had a feeling in the heart again, in this respect he realized again.

Miyamoto Crimson only feels that the rhythm of Ye Muyang’s circulation is very peculiar, which cannot be figured out or imitated.

“Crimson big brother, Master often said that I have infinite possibilities. I don’t know where these infinite possibilities originate?

Why don’t you practice your hands with the Crimson big brother? “

Afu said with his little head looking towards Miyamoto Crimson.

Miyamoto Crimson and Afu are also familiar with each other during this time.

Miyamoto Crimson despised a bit. It’s not an established fact that he is an adult and a child. It’s not easy to win.

“Come on, come on.”

Miyamoto is crimson with his hands on his back, looking like an outside expert.

“Crimson big brother is better to be careful, after all, I am not weak.”

A Fu said with a small hand.

Miyamoto’s crimson smile didn’t care.

And next moment Ah Fu has moved.

The Phantom Lost can be displayed instantly.

“The snake walks away.”

Afu’s immature voice came out, the silhouette is extremely dexterous.

Miyamoto blushed and turned black.

I can’t reach Ah Fu!

“The lamb tops the knee!”

When the words were over, Miyamoto’s crimson body suddenly tilted.

I saw Ah Fu bend Miyamoto’s crimson knee directly from behind.

Fortunately, Ah Fu is young after all, and his strength is not enough, otherwise the calf must be broken in this blow.

“The young cow flies and kicks!”

Afu jumped up again, walking behind the Phantom, and kicked Miyamoto Crimson before he could prevent him.

Lying on the ground, Miyamoto’s crimson was a little unlovable.

It turns out that he is the weakest among the three. It turns out that the clown is himself.

A Fu has a small smile on his face, it seems that the clown is beside me.

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