I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 179

The mountains and forests are murky and there is no road, and the woods are exhausted ahead.

It can be said that the winding path can lead to quiet.

A small town appeared in front of the three Ye Muyang.

The journey for several months was fairly smooth along the way.

When you see this small town Ye Muyang, you know that they have arrived.

“Young Master, this small town is very weird.”

Miyamoto Crimson is keenly aware.

“This is the entrance to Slaughter City.”

Ye Muyang said, tracing his face with his hand, and his appearance has changed at this moment.

“Young Master, why is this?”

“It doesn’t matter to you to do some facial camouflage.”

Ye Muyang explained.

There might be acquaintances of Ye Muyang in this Slaughter City.

And “Ye Muyang” is already dead, but can’t appear in front of acquaintances alive.

“Let’s go.”

Before stepping on, Ye Muyang took the lead to walk towards the town.

Then the two followed.

After entering the town, there was a chill. This chill was not physical, but the cold from the soul, but it appeared on the body and made the whole body shiver.

There are only two strange words in Miyamoto’s mind.

It’s Ah Fu, who seems to have no effect.

A tavern in the town is particularly conspicuous, and the overall layout of the town is built around the tavern.

And this tavern is Ye Muyang’s goal.

In the pub, the air quality is a bit poor. It seems that the air is not ventilated all the year round and the air is a little muddy.

Black’s style is in sharp contrast with the outside environment during the day.

And the chill in the tavern is more intense, it seems that the chill of the whole town comes from this tavern.

“Yo, foreigner.”

“hahaha, two brat with a smaller brat.”

“Slaughter City is fresh again It’s really exciting.”

Step into the tavern, the people in the tavern cast their eyes over.

There is a strong desire on each face, and the eyes of the three Ye Muyang are like looking at prey.

Soon, a woman dressed in black clothed and with a cold face came over.

The voice is also cold.

“What do you want?”

“Three glasses of white water.”

Ye Muyang immediately found an empty table and sat down, Miyamoto Crimson and Ah Fu immediately sat on the chair.

The woman’s face became colder.

The person next to him who is not too serious has started shouting.

“Hahaha, really don’t know anything about the young girl.

Come to the pub to drink white water, hahaha.”

“Boy, go home Drink your mother’s milk, this is not the place where you little boys with hairs not even grown yet come.”

A group of people have a big laughter.

The indifferent woman did not advise, so she stood aside and turned a blind eye.

Miyamoto Crimson is a little uncontrollable, complexion is gloomy.

Afu has no feelings, he acts entirely by watching Master Ye Muyang’s face.

Ye Muyang looks as usual, he naturally doesn’t need to express any attitude. After all, he is a little child now. It’s fine if the Master can do anything. As a discipline, it should be like this, yes, yes. drop!

Disciple has something, Master will do it!

“Why, are you not going to entertain?”

Ye Muyang asked.

When the cold-faced woman sees her frowned, she wrinkles slightly. Is this person ignorant of the situation or really confident?

This is another question.

The cold noodle woman hesitated. A waiter had despised a youngster before and was directly killed.

And myself…

Thinking of this, the cold-faced woman still did.

Turning around, when he came back again, he had brought three glasses of white water.

Put them out one by one.

Ye Muyang picked up a cup and said, “It’s so cold? Can I drink it?

Don’t you see that I have a child here?

What should I do if I have diarrhea!”

Ye Muyang opened his eyes and raised the volume.

And Ah Fu pouted his little mouth.

Mind: Well, I was used as an excuse by the Master again.

The woman frowned deeper and said: “Wait a minute.”

Then silently put away three cups of water, turned back, and put out three cups of hot water again.

Ye Muyang just touched the wall of the cup with his fingers and said: “So hot, can you drink it? Do you want to burn us to death?”

this time Ye Muyang The voice became cold, and the whole person seemed not to be trifled with.

While the people watching the theater next to them feel quite interesting, there are people who dare to look for things here.

It seems that more than a year ago, they heard that something happened here too. It seems that it was also a youngster. That youngster made trouble here once and killed many people.

This makes people like them a lot more honest now.

“Do you want to make trouble?”

The cold-faced woman came to realize at this moment, this is definitely not a good thing.

At this moment, she also realizes what a good thing it can be to find someone here!

“I also not to mince words. People who come here probably know what it is for.

Tell me where the entrance is, it’s fine.”

Ye Muyang immediately turned into a smiling face, but that smile like a spring breeze made the cold-faced woman feel fear.

“The rules! We have the rules!”

The cold noodle woman said immediately.

“Kill everyone?”

Ye Muyang looked all around.

“Boy, don’t want to be impudent!”

Ye Muyang immediately angered everyone present, and a robust man stood up and pointed at Ye Muyang and shouted.

Ye Muyang pointed out.

The suddenly concentrated energy of the fingertips lased out instantly.

That is the beam of particles, the force that penetrates everything, the manifestation of radiation.

The look of the robust man changed drastically, but he couldn’t react in time.

The speed of light is extremely fast, he can see but cannot control his body to react.

The beam of particles directly penetrated the head of the robust man, and died instantly, without blood even flowing out. The high temperature passing by the blood hole made the blood evaporate and solidify rapidly.

There was an absolute silence in the audience, and the onlookers did not dare to speak again.

The youngster, whether it is military force or courage, directly crushes them in all aspects on different levels.

The look of the cold-faced woman has also changed.

Sure enough, young and handsome men are terrifying!

“Can you tell us now?”

Ye Muyang turned his head back, still with that spring breeze smile.

“Solved a fly, it is much quieter now.”

Although the cold-faced woman has a high self-esteem, she finally compromised when she faced the choice of life.

Open the mechanism and the entrance appears.

That is a deep tunnel, there are faint rays of light shining in the tunnel, and the rays of light make the tunnel more terrifying.

“Let’s do it together.”

Ye Muyang said to the drinkers.

At the end of the speech, he took Miyamoto Crimson and Afu into the corridor.

The cold noodle woman was relieved.

Then his face became colder.

“hmph, if the rules are broken, you still want to enter safely. You can wait for death inside!”

The cold face woman whispered.

But it reached the ears of the customers present.

A group of people looked at each other in blank dismay, who had the desire to enter Slaughter City, but they were also quietly annihilated at this moment.

“A bunch of trash, just dare to break into Slaughter City with this courage?”

The cold face woman said.

And next moment, the woman’s face suddenly changed.

The expressions of everyone present also changed suddenly.

Because they feel a strong danger hitting their hearts.

At this moment, a giant hand suddenly appeared on the sky, and the giant hand moved towards the tavern fiercely, and the tavern collapsed and burst into pieces, and no one survived.

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