I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 180

There is a sound at the end of the tunnel.

The sound of rapid footsteps is not very friendly.

The three people stopped, and there were about a hundred people in front of them.

The leader of the team has a tall horse and a black armor.

The gaze under the black armor was ferocious, and this ferocity turned slightly surprised when he saw the three of Ye Muyang.

“terrifying Knight, Scott?”

Ye Muyang looked at the leader and said.

“Do you know me?”

There are many leaders who are a little surprised. I think I have never been out of Slaughter City. No outsider should know my name.

“I don’t know.”

Ye Muyang shook his head.

“Scott, don’t bother to speak, just kill them.”

At this moment, a casual and indifferent voice came.

That is the other person riding a tall horse behind the crowd. That person is more terrifying than terrifying Knight. The same pitch-black armor ignited a light blue flame, and these flames condensed Called illusory and definite ghost.

“Who is Your Excellency?”

Ye Muyang is a little curious, so the number one person has never heard of it.

And that person didn’t pay attention to Ye Muyang at all, it seemed that Ye Muyang was not qualified to talk to himself.

look steadily forward, waiting for Scott to handle these things.

“Boys, you have violated the rules of Slaughter City!”

Ye Muyang was a little helpless, said: “It is always the rules, but it doesn’t explain what the rules are. If it’s killing I think I should pass the test.”

Ye Muyang said something.

Scott is not multilingual, it seems that the level of the person behind him is much higher than that of Scott.

The horses trampled like flying, and the cold breath spread out.

The cold wind brushed Ye Muyang’s sideburns, and when he invigorated Mental, Ye Muyang was a little excited.

The demon knife is in his hand, closing his eyes.

In an instant, shot.

Draw a knife and cut!

Quick and domineering.

Time seems to freeze in this brief moment.

With a click, the blood drops.

Scott looked at his chest with shocked eyes. The dark armor had been cracked, and there was a long knife mark on his chest. The blade control was extremely delicate, but it just scratched the skin and did not hurt his life. .

Immediately afterwards, the horse neighed under the hips and collapsed suddenly to the ground.

The head of the horse separated from the horse’s neck.

In an instant, Scott understood that this blade was attacking him through the horse’s neck.


Fast is not only speed, but also such a knife!

Hold the sword together and stand, Ye Muyang looks as usual.

“Spirit Ability can’t be used, can you dispose of me?”

The sound is flat, but it makes a stormy sea in everyone’s ears.

They were provoked again.

“You are very good.”

The man drove his horse forward.

In his hand, a big knife about three meters long appeared.

“My name is Knight, Yaxer.”

The words fell, and the sword swung towards him.

Blade Drawing Technique was used again, and the two knives collided.

Sparks splashed around.

Feeling the numbness from the arm, Ye Muyang suddenly understood that this person could become Scott’s boss.

Silhouette is like a swallow, with dazzling footsteps, Ye Muyang pulls away.

Yakser then struck, his sword swung, and the wind blew up.

Miyamoto Crimson brought Ah Fu to the side.

Ye Muyang stands with a knife.

At this moment, a layer of red golden rays of light continues to spread on the demon knife. This rays of light wraps the demon knife and seems to form a coating.

At this moment, there is a big sword.

“Miyamoto Crimson, I will teach you a set of swordsmanship today!

The name is Dugu Jiudao.”

“The first page of the swordsmanship, forget it Sweetheart!”

In an instant, the person and the blade unite, Person and Blade Unite, are truly true.

The splendid blade light flashed by, there was a loud noise, and then the horse neighed suddenly

The undead Knight Acser immediately tightened the deadlock to calm the war horse.

The right hand holding a big knife felt soreness and numbness.

The shock flashed in his heart, and there was grim on his face.

“There is no woman in my heart, so it is natural to draw a sword!”

Ye Muyang is not a swordsman.

The red gold remaining in the void has not completely faded, but at this moment, a thick ink is laying on it.

Ye Muyang’s 2nd move has been released.

“The second page of the knife book, self-determining the soul of infatuation.”

This blade is cut cleanly and neatly, without any drag.

The undead Knight Yaxer blocked him with a sword.

Under the tremendous power, the warhorse can’t bear it.

His legs directly knelt on the ground.

The undead Knight Axer got off the horse. The sense of steadiness brought by stepping on the ground and the humiliation of the two attacks made the undead Knight Axer’s pale blue flame burn more intensely.

That was his anger.

The pale blue Soul Fire is covered with a big knife, which is also like the demon knife in Ye Muyang’s hand, coated with a layer of protection.

The ghost condensed by the flame behind Yaxer also flaunted its claws at Ye Muyang, and looked odious.

Ye Muyang methodically, carrying this Yaxer attack.

Ye Muyang slashed again.

This blade is more gorgeous.

This splendor is not just a fancy bells and whistles, but a slash that affects countless sparks.

“The third page of the knife book, the sword cuts the god of love!”

The horizontally drawn blade, the floating surface of fire.

Yakser’s body was instantly surrounded by countless blade lights.

Ye Muyang slashed out, but phantom countlessly.

This stems from the afterimages that affect the first two styles, which are endless, turning into endless slashing slashes.

The sound of clanging collision continues one after another.

Yaxer also has infinite courage. The sword swings more and more terrifying. With every collision, the blue earth fire flames on the sword will flicker, and the light will escape. The blue flame curled up in the void and dissipated.

“The fourth page of the knife book, raise your hand to extinguish the red dust!”

This first form formidable power is stronger, and the courage under the ambition is extraordinary.

The blade light sputters and condenses into a huge blade light.

The blade light heads down, the sonic boom continues one after another, and the sky-splitting sound sounds one after another.

The undead Knight Yaxer suddenly complexion greatly changed.

Raise the knife again to resist.

However, with a thud, the silhouette was knocked into the air

fiercely hit the ground.

“Impossible, Spirit Ability cannot be used here, how did you do it!”

Yaxer spit a mouthful of blood, his eyes full of incredible.

And Scott was a secretly thought, but at the same time there was some relief in his heart.

If it hadn’t been for a year or so that the youngster had beaten him outrageously to gain the qualification to enter the interior, the undead Knight would not have been arranged to become his immediate boss.

And now, his immediate boss is also defeated by a youngster, which makes him somewhat relieved of his anger, to vent the sulking that he was despised the past few days.

“Spirit Ability?

Do you know what Spirit Ability is?”

Ye Muyang asked rhetorically.

This sentence instantly stopped Yaxer, what is Spirit Ability?

Isn’t that the role of spirit ring, can it be released after getting it?

The meaning of the words is not so simple.

Suddenly, the undead Knight Axer found that he never seemed to pursue the essence.

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