I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 181

Ye Muyang panted slightly.

This series of attacks is quite costly for myself.

Slaughter City cannot use Spirit Ability, but Ye Muyang has his own knowledge of Spirit Ability.

That is the circulation method of spirit power, and it can also be regarded as the machine using spirit power as fuel combustion drive.

The inability to use Spirit Ability is that the machine cannot be used. Ye Muyang must find another way to create this driving machine. Spirit power exists. As long as the spirit power movement route is created, the effect can be achieved.

Through his insight into the sixth Spirit Ability, Ye Muyang has a lot of insights on quantum.

For Sumeru mustard, not only can observe, but also control to a certain extent.

The qualitative existence of matter is different, and the difference is that there is a limit to the fusion between things.

This restriction is not what Ye Muyang can break through.

It is the ability of the Creator to change the nature of objects.

The law of conservation of energy is correct, at least Ye Muyang thinks it is correct now.

The undead Knight Axer was lost in thought.

What on earth is Spirit Ability has become his most concern at the moment.

Kost had no choice but to brace oneself on top.

“This Young Master, you passed the test, and this is your pass.”

Scott took out three tokens, even a little fellow named Ah Fu.

With the token, Ye Muyang didn’t leave immediately, but asked: “Is there any special person in the past year or two?”

“Special person? “

Scott thought for a while and shook his head.

By the way: “Special people don’t know, but Slaughter City has two youngsters with strong innate talent.”

“But a man and a woman?”

Ye Muyang asked.


Scott was nodded immediately, and seemed to want to send Ye Muyang away soon, which is more terrifying than the one before.

Ye Muyang who received a response weighed the three tokens in his hand, and walked inside with Miyamoto Crimson and Afu.

At a glance, it was a purple Black Space.

This little World is more depressing than the one in the holy mountain. Although the World is stable, the bloody smell is always full of blood in the place where the most killings are most popular.

In front of them, a dark and tall city gate stood in front of the three.

For a moment, as Ye Muyang knew, a black gauze woman came out.

“Welcome to Slaughter City, I am your guide, I will answer all your questions within twelve hours, and also protect your safety within twelve hours.”


The black yarn woman said flatly.

“Go to the inner city.”

Ye Muyang spit out softly.

The black gauze woman’s face is light.

I have never met such a person. I went to the inner city as soon as I got up, and the tone seemed to be familiar to Slaughter City.

Although she was surprised, the black gauze woman took Ye Muyang and the three of them into the interior.

“Sir, you take the child, it seems a little inappropriate to enter the inner city.”

The black gauze woman looked at Ah Fu twice, and finally couldn’t help but wake up. Tao.

“Don’t underestimate me, big sister.”

Afu immediately raised his head and said.

The innocent expression that day made the black yarn woman a little pity.

It was also the first time she saw a child entering Slaughter City.

As soon as you entered the outer city, those shadows stretched out and many eyes filled with thirst for blood.

“Tell me about the recent wonders in Slaughter City.”

Ye Muyang casually looked around.

The demon knife slashed across.

The blade light burst suddenly.

The screams hadn’t even sounded before they were dead.

There was a change in the shadows soon, and many people rushed to the corpse killed by Ye Muyang to collect blood.

The black gauze woman looked as usual, but she drew a little away from Ye Muyang from the distance.

“As for miracles, Slaughter City has always been murderous and murderous deaths.

Among these people, there have been two people who are capable of killing gods. “

“Say and listen.”

Ye Muyang closed the demon sword and looked towards the black yarn woman.

Most of the people he killed just now looked towards Ah Fu with covetous eyes, such people Ye Muyang impossible kept them.

“There are two powerful youngsters in the hell killing field in the inner city, a man and a woman, the woman is called hell messenger, and the man is called Thousand Hands Asura.

Both of them have insisted on winning more than 50 games in a row.”

The black yarn woman said slowly.

Ye Muyang was nodded while listening.

Then suddenly asked: “You also came in from outside?”

The woman was taken aback, and she didn’t understand why Ye Muyang would ask this question.

But she still answered.

“No, I grew up here since I was a child, and I am an aboriginal resident of Slaughter City.”

“Do you know anything about that purple moon?”

Ye Muyang asked again.

The woman looked towards the purple moon in the sky, the purple moon was the existence she had printed in her mind since she was a child. The moon has always been like this, but in her cognition, the sun and the moon are She doesn’t know anything.

The woman shook her head.

Ye Muyang looked towards The woman’s eyes were a little bit compassionate.

The beautiful girl has been living in such an environment and has developed a hostile spirit. Obviously it is a frog in well, but he has the pride of self-respect.

“Going forward is the inner city.”

The woman was a little angry, but it didn’t happen.

Pretentious gazes still came from the surroundings.

Ye Muyang also picked up the knife and dropped it cleanly.

There is obvious fear in the woman’s eyes. Although the killing is prevalent in Slaughter City, she has never seen killing people like scything flax like Ye Muyang, or a newcomer like scything flax, even The kid next to me didn’t respond.

“Mr. is using Spirit Ability?”

The woman was still a little puzzled when she saw Ye Muyang’s shot again, she still couldn’t understand.

“In fact, there is no Spirit Ability in the world, or it can’t be limited to Spirit Ability.”

The woman was confused, and since she didn’t understand, she stopped asking questions.

Walking into the inner city, the interior is another scene.

Compared with the outer city, the inner city is full of noise, crying of pain, shouting of excitement and so on.

At the same time, the three people looked towards Ye Muyang with contemptuous and coveted eyes.

“Sir, active provocation will not be protected by Slaughter City.”

The woman was afraid that Ye Muyang would draw the knife again without saying a word, so she said immediately.

But Ye Muyang’s hand that climbed onto the handle not at all stopped.

It is still as random as cutting vegetables.

There was another spinning sound, and a human head suddenly fell to the ground.


The woman stared wide-eyed in disbelief.

Ye Muyang turned his head and smiled, “Is there any problem?”

Seeing the spring breeze smile, the woman shuddered.

She could feel that if she was offended, she might be cut into two with a single knife.


The woman was paused.

“Collect his blood.”

Ye Muyang immediately said to Miyamoto Crimson.

Miyamoto Crimson moved swiftly, and immediately went up to collect the blood, full of disgust on his face.

The people around looked towards Ye Muyang. The three of them were full of panic and jealousy, especially when Ye Muyang was following the black veiled woman who was even more jealous.

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