I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 183

“I want to go up and try it.”

Ye Muyang got up, dressed in white clothed, looked particularly eye-catching in the dark area full of killings

“The hell killing field though There are specific rules, but the rules are somewhat impossible to withstand a single blow.

If you provocation on the ring, I believe you will get ten people soon.”

The eyes of the black gauze woman flashed with excited rays of light.

Ye Muyang smiled faintly and walked onto the stage alone.

Now that he has changed his face, Ye Muyang is not worried about being recognized by Hu Liena and Tang San.

When he came to the ring, Tang San passed by with doubts in his eyes.

“Why is this person so familiar?”

It is not just Ye Muyang who has such an idea, but also Hu Liena.

At this moment, Hu Liena frowned deeper.

I thought that the guilt in her heart would be submerged and washed away in this Slaughter City of blood baptism all day long, but now the feelings of emotion in this heart made her realize that she has not got the real experience. .

“Ye Muyang’s death” is an indelible trace for her.

“Maybe you can beat him.”

This thought flashed through Hu Liena’s mind.

This man who has a similar temperament to Ye Muyang may only be her soul under the sword, she can really wipe away the guilt in her heart.

And Tang San took his seat at the moment, and curiously looked towards the person above the ring who also brought him a sense of familiarity, that Ye Muyang who had dominated him for a period of time, Tang San had not seen him for a long time.

This person shouldn’t be Ye Muyang, right?

Tang San thought so in his heart, and his eyes were also looking up and down on Ye Muyang’s body, his eyes staying on the demon sword for a long time, it was a good sword!

“Everyone, newcomers, how about the support?”

Ye Muyang smiled and said to the people around him.

“Ha, boy, then I will complete you.”

Thereupon, there was one person with a very ruthless smile on the ring.

“I will come too!”

“There is still me!”

“Fuck him, add me!”

“Bloody Mary, have a share of mine!”


With a loud shout, nine people have already boarded the ring at the moment.

Some people under the ring look forward to the moment when blood will be splashed all over their faces. Some people secretly observe the opportunity to wait for the next wave of admission.

The Tiger Old Master now opens a pair of tiger eyes closely staring at the ring, and he is also very curious about what kind of ability this youngster has.

Slaughter City is not a simple killing. There are small forces and various plots and intrigues.

And Tiger Old Master naturally also holds a force. At this moment, he also knows a lot about Ye Muyang, and his evaluation of Ye Muyang has also directly increased to a level.

This man is not simple, the younger the blood energy, the more vigorous he is. Naturally, this temper is not to be said, but there are countless endless killing intents in his smile like Mu Chunfeng.

From beginning to end, without a trace of procrastination, and looking as usual, such a youngster tiger Old Master has to pay attention.

At this moment, the battle has begun on the ring.

Nine people surrounded Ye Muyang.

The strength of these people is extremely strong. They are all good people among Spirit Masters, and they are even more wicked ones. The tricks are even more damning, and they won’t be good without blood. Gan Xiu.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! ——

The demon knife trembled.

The demon sword is the demon, blood is the place it longs for, and now coming to Slaughter City is more like a bird returning to its nest.

With a shuddering sound, the demon sword came out of its sheath.

Ningshuang’s surface is blushing, it seems that the demon knife has red eyes.

“Good knife!”

The audience one after another looked admiringly.

Subsequently, all praises were replaced by greed and covetousness.

“Boy, do you deserve this knife?”

One of the nine said in a playful tone.

Ye Muyang smiled and replied: “According to what you mean, I am not worthy?”

“Of course, if you give me this knife, maybe I won’t kill you “

hearing this, Ye Muyang’s face is more smiling.

“Really, then…I’ll give it to you.”

Ye Muyang threw the demon knife directly.

The man’s face was happy.

Reach out and grab it.

Then suddenly, the teammate next to him attacked directly.

“This knife belongs to me!”

The two scuffled instantly.

“Fool, your opponent is him! Wouldn’t it be better to kill him and fight for the sword!”

The other seven people scolded.

There are really no enemies like gods, only teammates like pigs.

However, where the two of them can be calm, under the bloody Mary’s stimulation, they are easily stimulated. At this moment, the demon sword is within reach, how can they give up.

“Opportunity, I can give you, it is something you do not have.”

The corner of Ye Muyang’s mouth is raised, and the evil smile is the last scene engraved in the minds of these people .

“The knife is coming!”

With a soft drink.

The demon knife seemed to be alive and flew directly into Ye Muyang’s hands.

The silhouette shook, and the blade light flickered.

Without a drop of blood, people have lost their breath.

The two people who were still fighting stopped, and their expressions in a daze showed how unprepared they were.

next moment I panicked and covered my neck, but the blood reacted at this moment, gushing out like spring water.

Close the knife and clang.

“Okay, thank you for your support, and I will be here today.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

Walking off the ring, absolute silence in the audience, one after another was shocked.

Hu Liena and Tang San are also stared wide-eyed.

This man’s knife is too fast, this is still without the assistance of Spirit Ability!

“Who is this person?”

In an instant, one question, one person, occupied the minds of two people.

The brilliant lights and vibrant colors in the eyes of the black veiled woman, this youngster still hasn’t used its full strength, and those Spirit Ability that could not be used, this youngster has not used it either.

“Sir, it will be recorded automatically after victory. After a hundred consecutive victories, you can go to open Hell Road and get Slaughter God Domain.”

Ye Muyang nodded, said: “Understand.”

Walking out of the hell killing field, the inside and outside are different at this moment. Everyone looked towards Ye Muyang with fear.

“The feeling of being feared by others is really commendable.”

With a little emotion, the black veil woman is a little speechless.

But after thinking about it, Ye Muyang does have this strength. He slashed nine people in a flash. Such a record may not be comparable to the hell messenger and Asura King’s fifty-sixty winning streak. But this guy has never done his best. Who knows that this guy will be and so on.

The black gauze woman has some expectations. This youngster is absolutely more stunning than the Hell Messenger and Asura King, and perhaps a lot more boring.

Hell Killing Field, Hu Liena and Tang San met each other.

They both have the same question in their eyes.

But after no results, Tang San left directly.

Tang San recognizes Hu Liena, but Hu Liena can’t recognize Tang San. Tang San doesn’t want to get entangled with Hu Liena, maybe even a little entanglement with Spirit Hall!

Among the three, only Hu Liena knows nothing. Maybe she is the clown.

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