I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 184

At this moment, in a palace filled with scarlet air currents, on the high seat is a burly man.

Wearing armor, his eyes are strange.

A light curtain emerged in front of him, and within the light curtain is what happened in the hell killing fields.

“Great King, is there any problem with this man?

It looks very strong, but those people are weak.”

A female voice came from the dark.

“This person gives me a very familiar feeling. Pay more attention during this time.”

Slaughter King lightly said.

“Great king, this person was received by Yingjiu, do you need to let her continue to follow?”

“No, just follow it secretly.”

The female voice sounded again.

“The great king, this man defeated the undead Knight, maybe he is a strong opponent to the Hell Messenger and Asura King, do we need to secretly arrange it?”

“Don’t be smart anymore. I can’t even see this youngster. He doesn’t know whether Slaughter City is good or not.”

“Great King, do you worry too much.

Apart from the two killers here, who else is your opponent?”

“a frog in well.”

Slaughter King coldly snorted.

The woman’s voice fell silent.

Then he took hesitantly and said: “Great King, what does it look like outside?”

Slaughter King’s eyes flashed sharply, and her big hand came out, and the woman was directly caught by Slaughter. King grabbed from the darkness.

The figure of curvaceous dare not resist even the slightest bit.

“Kill me, you can get out.”

Indifferent and Bloodlust, those scarlet eyes stared at the woman without any sympathy.

The woman trembled all over, and quickly fell to her knees, saying: “Subordinates don’t dare, don’t dare.”

“Don’t you dare? Slaughter City will be managed by you recently.”

Slaughter King got up, then disappeared into the great hall.

The woman who was crawling on the ground like a dog stood up, her beautiful eyes squinted coldly, and a look of excitement flashed by.

She is the shadow of Slaughter King, without a name, only a code name.

That is the “shadow”.

Time flies, one day has passed.

Ying Jiu has also retreated from the Ye Muyang three.

“Hey, we will need to rely on ourselves in the future.”

Miyamoto’s blush is really a bit reluctant.

Because the feeling that Yingjiu is with her is really cool, the people around who are dormant like wild beasts can only see that they are upset but there is nothing to do. This kind of makes others feel good. It feels really not bad.

“Young Master, what shall we do next?”

Miyamoto Crimson looked around and asked quickly.

“The only thing that doesn’t make others obviously jealous is to create something that makes people jealous.”

Ye Muyang held the demon knife and looked at the people peeping around.

Then he said in one direction: “Come out, you are the most threatened among these people.”

“Good eyesight.”

Admiringly, a burly old man walked out of the dark.

It is the man who claims to be the Tiger King and is called Tiger Old Master by everyone.

“Killing you, will you be able to frighten others.”

Ye Muyang smiled slightly, it seems that things are going well.

“youngster, Beautiful Tree In The Forest, the wind will destroy it. Killing is popular in this Slaughter City, but killing can’t solve everything. Besides, you still have a child with you.”

Tiger The Old Master stared at Ye Muyang with his arms folded.

“Are you threatening me?”

Ye Muyang slowly drew his knife, and the sound of the blade rubbing against the sheath wall echoed clearly.

“youngster, I just said to recognize the situation that’s all.”

The Tiger Old Master is a little helpless, the youngster is so powerful that if he doesn’t agree, he will kill people. I’m really old, and I can’t keep up.

“Look around.”

Ye Muyang look steadily forward, but he already knows the surrounding situation well.

“Your people?”

“No, they come from various forces. The most important thing here is that the colors are not exposed.

, And you still have a fatal weakness.

Youngster, maybe you think you can beat a hundred, but there are countless people like this in Slaughter City. You always have a weak point. Once you are weak It is the moment of your death.”

“Are you preaching to me?”

Ye Muyang said arrogantly, but the demon knife was closed.

Tiger Old Master looked happy, stepped forward, and said: “Little Brother, this little child has a good aptitude. After a little training, it will not be a problem to get out of Slaughter City and obtain Slaughter God Domain.

I think you brought him in. You think so too.”

“You came to solicit?”

Ye Muyang smiled, lightly said.


“In that case, then I will give you a name certificate.”

Ye Muyang drew out the demon knife directly.

The strange red light above the demon sword flashed directly, and the air currents from the scarlet surrounding it continued to converge, forming a scarlet tornado, and the purple Yue Guan shining on it exuded an extremely strange visual impact .

next moment The knife moved the tornado and burst, and countless Blade Qi sputtered and attacked the people peeping around.

Not long afterwards, there were screams, and the blade pierced the flesh and made a piercing sound.

Hu Liena’s expression in the dark was suddenly startled, and he took out a dagger to resist the splashing Blade Qi, suddenly collided, and took a few steps back.

Next moment Hu Liena flees directly.

Tiger Old Master looked around, looking a little embarrassed in his helpless expression.

“How about, do you dare to take us in now?”

Ye Muyang asked Xianghu Old Master playfully.

However, Tiger Old Master is still nodded after a while.

“Little Brother is good for battle strength, if I don’t accept it like this, wouldn’t it be cheaper for others.”

For Ye Muyang’s methods, Tiger Old Master was very curious. That means similar to Spirit Ability is definitely a reliance on this Slaughter City.

Soon Tiger Old Master arranged a place for the three of Ye Muyang. This is the place for them to stay.

This place can be regarded as a tribe, and a tiger carved in stone highlights the symbol of this tribe.

“Tiger Gang, this is my gang, here you don’t have to worry that someone will take advantage of it.”

Tiger Old Master said like this.

Ye Muyang doesn’t believe that he has to harden himself when he strikes iron. If he thinks of people’s minds, maybe the skeleton doesn’t exist already.

“After all, it is a shelter for the weak.”

Then Tiger Old Master was a little bit emotional.

“Have you ever wanted to go out?”

Ye Muyang asked suddenly.

“Go out?”

The Tiger Old Master was in a trance.

Lofty sentiments and high aspirations back then, rushing through the world.

Entering this Slaughter City, he also thought of Yum to go out, but the killings and the blood baptism again and again, he thought that his heart would be more tenacious, but in the end he hesitated.

I have won several consecutive victories, but the more calls I receive, the more admiration I am afraid of death.

Since then, he has ceased to be on stage and founded the Tiger Gang, ostensibly in the name of a shelter, but in fact he is just looking for some bodyguards or a shield for his own safety.

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