I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 185

“I am old and have no fighting spirit.”

The Tiger Old Master lamented.

“Yes, you are old, but you made a very correct decision.”

Ye Muyang pointed out.

“Little Brother means you can take me out?”

Tiger Old Master was shocked. He had never heard Slaughter City could take people out.

“You will see.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

And his eyes looked through the window towards the purple moon above the sky.

The purple moon is like a fake, and the magical rays of light pull every gaze that is addicted to it.

At this moment, Hu Lina stayed in her home for a long time and could not be peaceful.

That man, she can’t beat it!

This thought in my heart became stronger.

When she saw Tang San, she thought Tang San was excellent. In this Slaughter City, Hu Liena even felt that Tang San was better than the dead Ye Muyang, but now this The appearance of the man made her feel shocked.

In a short fight, he has already defeated.

What exactly is this method?

Hu Liena is full of doubts.

Slaughter City can’t use Spirit Ability, and what is this man’s method other than Spirit Ability?

The next moment suddenly got up, Hu Liena felt that he could not wait any longer.

Out of the house, Hu Liena went to find Ye Muyang.

If this man encounters himself on the killing fields of hell, he will definitely fail. This is not because of the ambition of others to destroy his prestige, but Hu Liena has a clear understanding of his own strength. know.


Immediately began to inquire about Ye Muyang’s whereabouts.

But while searching, she found some abnormalities.

Slaughter City and the outside world are like two opposite worlds.

It is extremely normal for people to bleed in Slaughter City, but today’s things seem a bit abnormal to Hu Liena.

Those full of evil people in Slaughter City actually came together, they seem to unite together to plan something.

The demon old ghost Hu Liena that day recognized all forces at a glance.

Someone noticed Hu Lina soon.

Hu Liena’s cold face keeps strangers away.

Charm’s figure is surrounded by deadly stingers.

Hu Liena has long been regarded by countless people as the object of imagination when venting the fire.

But the very ruthless and powerful that Hu Liena showed at the time made them discouraged.

There are also people who are not afraid of death and want to be close to each other, in the spirit of dying under the peony flower and being a ghost, but in the end all lost their lives in vain.

The name of the messenger of hell is not casual.

“Hell messenger, what are you doing here?”

The sky demon old ghost coldly said.

Although he is not afraid, the old ghost of the sky demon does not want to provoke him.

This woman is as unfettered as Asura King, alone, this kind of person is the most difficult to deal with, even more how is a powerful woman!

“What disgusting business are you doing?

In Slaughter City, it is not for experience but for these crafty plots and machinations. It is really foolish to make a small loss. “

Hu Lina made no secret of her contempt for these people.

“Hell ambassador, there are so many of us. You have one person. It is better to advise you to speak carefully.”

The voice of the old ghost of the sky demon has become colder, that pair The eyes are full of shady birds.

“Inquire about someone.”

Soon Hu Lina said her purpose.

“hahaha, the messenger of hell is also looking for him.”

The sky demon old ghost suddenly laughed.

“Will the hell messenger cooperate with us, kill that kid together?”

“Cooperate? Crossing the streets, you are not worthy.”

Get news After that, Hu Liena put this sentence aside, and turned away neatly.

“old ghost, this bitch is too arrogant, right?

Can we tolerate this?”

The old ghost is a middle age behind him The person glared wide.

The old ghost of the sky demon pressed his old hand on the middle-aged shoulder and said: “This time we have given the order above, we must get things done.

This woman came at the right time, just in time for her to test the strength of that person.

You have not seen the means he showed, similar to Spirit Ability.

If we get With this method, is it still difficult to ramp up Slaughter City?”

“Yes! so that’s how it is. It’s worth it!”

“No way, I saw this I can’t control myself for a woman, so I take a step first.”

One person took a sip of Bloody Mary, and a trace of blood flashed in his eyes.

Soon, various voices rang out from the wood house of the person who had left, shouting, panting, and loud.

The sound of lavishness came out.

Many people also wriggle their throats, and after taking a few sips of Bloody Mary, they consciously lined up outside the wood house.

I don’t know how long it has been. Many people have entered and exited the wood house, and finally there was no movement in the wood house.

Only one person walked out foul-mouthed and said: “Fuck, the useless thing is dead, disappointing!”

If you say it, then you continue to line up People dispersed without rushing.

Slaughter City like this happens from time to time.

Insult to death, there is no strength but only this kind of result.

Hu Lina’s side, soon came to the Tiger Gang.

When the tiger gang saw Hu Liena, their expressions also changed.

The messenger of hell came in person, not for ecstasy or for some reason.

“Go and notify the leader!”

One person loudly shouted.

Hu Liena hearing this, he stood in front of the tiger gang, without any movement, looked towards the inside of the tiger gang.

Holding a cup of Bloody Mary in one hand, this thing can bring me great peace, suppressing my desire to kill these people.

The tiger gang members are just like dicks, who dare not look and say a word.

A distance from Hu Liena is waiting.

Soon Tiger Old Master came to everyone. When he saw Hu Lina, his brows also wrinkled.

“Hell messenger, what are you doing to my tiger gang?”

Tiger Old Master said solemnly.

“Find someone.”

As soon as Tiger Old Master heard that he had lived for so long, he didn’t know there. No doubt it was not Ye Muyang’s visitor.

“What’s the matter?”

However, Hu Liena stared at the Tiger Old Master without saying a word, and the more grim killing intent gradually became uncontrollable.

“Tiger Old Master, don’t worry, find me.”

Ye Muyang’s voice came from behind.

At this moment, Hu Liena’s gaze has also fallen on Ye Muyang.

“You leave first, we are alone.”

Ye Muyang then said to the tiger gang.

Tiger Old Master and the others are also relieved. As they grow older, Tiger Old Master really doesn’t know if he can defeat this star-like hell messenger.

Hu Liena took another sip of Bloody Mary, then threw away the cup in his hand, and the dagger moved towards Ye Muyang instantly.

The purple moonlight is confusing and confusing above the dagger.

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