I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 186

With a light step, Ye Muyang’s body directly missed the dagger that Hu Liena was hitting, and then he reached out with one hand, very fast, Hu Liena’s wrist was no longer under his own control in the blink of an eye.

Following hard at the veins, Hu Lina creded out in surprise.


The dagger falls to the ground.

“Why, is this trying to take my sword and steal treasure? Don’t the newcomers have the right to live?”

Ye Muyang coldly said.

Hu Liena’s complexion returned to normal, letting Ye Muyang grab her wrist and said, “You miss an old friend of mine.”

“Old friend? Dead person. Is it?”

Ye Muyang made a little mockery.

“Your tone is more like him.”

Hu Liena each minding their own business said.

“It seems that this person is important to you, let me guess.

You came to Slaughter City because of him?”

Aroused, the color of mockery became more obvious.

Hu Liena didn’t care, but was immersed in his own memories. But when Ye Muyang said that Hu Liena inevitably showed a hint of guilt.

“He is your man?”

Ye Muyang said again.

“talk nonsense!”

Hu Liena reacted immediately.

“Look, have a look. So anxious to deny it, it means that he must be very important in your mind.”

“Actually, I don’t mind being someone else’s substitute.”

Speaking, Ye Muyang squeezed Hu Liena into his arms.

“Let go!”

Hu Liena’s killing intent suddenly rises.

Ye Muyang stopped.

Hu Liena hurriedly said: “I’m here to help you and seek cooperation.”

“Cooperation is easy to discuss, but how can I help you?”

Ye Muyang asked curiously.

“When I came, I found that the sky demon old ghost had gathered a lot of people, and their purpose was you.”

“Then why did they even let you report? “Ye Muyang’s eyes were suspicious.

“I don’t know.” Hu Liena took advantage of the situation and threw Ye Muyang’s hand away.

“Aren’t you afraid that I think you are a spy and a killing blade kills you?”

Hu Liena laughed and said: “You should not be that stupid yet, if you If it’s really that stupid, then I’m misguided.”

Ye Muyang touched his nose. This is putting himself on a new emperor’s outfit.

“Besides, what can you help me, can you see the strength that I show?”

Hu Liena was taken aback, and sure enough, Ye Muyang attacked him Blade Qi has a fixed point.

“What is your ability?”

Hu Liena was a little puzzled.

Ye Muyang looked at Hu Liena’s enchanting figure with a smirk. After seeing Hu Liena for a while, he opened a lot.

“If it is…”

Hu Lina turned around and left without taking care of it, and said: “If you don’t agree, it’s okay. Right when my news is what’s gone can never come back. “

Looking at Hu Liena’s proud back, Ye Muyang rubbed his chin, he decided to accept Hu Liena.

Within half a day, a lot of news came from the tiger gang.

“Leader, the old ghost of the sky demon is gathering a lot of people here, among which there are many ruthless characters.”

“Leader, what should I do?”

“Yes, helper, if we continue to be so passive, we will suffer.”

At this moment, Tiger Old Master muttered to himself with doubts on his face. The old ghost is hard-hearted, but he is extremely afraid of death. Normally, I don’t dare to have any conflicts with me. Why are you so hard-hearted now?”

“putting it that way, definitely behind him There is who, and this person should not be weak. The purpose of this sudden attack is self-evident, it is me.”

Ye Muyang lightly said.

Lenovo Hu Liena told something before. Ye Muyang mostly understood that it was the demon old ghost deliberately, but who can give the demon old ghost such courage.

Is it Tang San?

Ye Muyang thought, then shook his head.

The sky demon old ghost gathers a lot of people, and these people are extremely vicious people, who can take orders from the sky demon old ghost, which must reveal the weirdness, which is definitely not the ability of Tang San. resulting in.

The tiger gang members looked towards Ye Muyang one by one, each with a ghost in their hearts.

Under the protection of the Tiger Gang, they have lost the very ruthless that had just entered Slaughter City. Now they are in a situation where there are too many enemies and few enemies. They didn’t even think about fighting to the death.

The root of the conflict lies in Ye Muyang. They hope the Tiger Old Master will hand over Ye Muyang to avoid harm to the fish pond.

Human nature is always changeable and impossible to withstand a single blow. Ye Muyang not at all blames this. Ye Muyang can tell what they mean at a glance.

Ye Muyang is not very worried about the old ghost group of people, but there are too many people, and to him it is leeks, one crop after another, that’s all.

It’s who is behind these people who are contributing to the flames. Ye Muyang is very curious, but at the same time he also grims up, possessing such abilities, and besides those people in this Slaughter City, Ye Muyang has no idea who Up.

But the synthesis looks extremely unreasonable, why!

At this moment, Ye Muyang has no time to think about it, because those people have come outside the tiger gang to clamor.

Ye Muyang then got up.

“little brother Ye!”

The Tiger Old Master stood up and shouted quickly.

“It’s a bit sudden. Maybe your time to go out will be earlier.”

After saying Ye Muyang, he walked out with Miyamoto Crimson.

And Ye Muyang’s words also instantly stirred up waves among the crowd.

“Leader, what does it mean to go out?”

“Yes, Lord, didn’t you say that Yum can only go out after opening Hell Road?”

The tone of the crowd became gradually excited.

Yao think that when they entered Slaughter City for various reasons, they thought it was the heaven of killing land, the place where the fallen are yearn for something even in dreams, but now they are gradually getting tired of the life here Up.

Going out has become an impossible hope, but now they hear that they can go out, how can they not be excited.

“If you want to go out, you have to contribute your own strength.”

The Tiger Old Master stared at everyone.

“Bangmaster, can you really get out?”

And Tiger Old Master just took a look at that person and walked out.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and their eyes were full of hesitation.

Outside at this moment, Ye Muyang has already confronted the old ghost and the others.

The atmosphere on both sides was very tense.

“Crimson, it’s time for you to practice.”

Ye Muyang threw the demon knife to Miyamoto Crimson.

As soon as the demon knife started, the strong Bloodlust feeling continued to flow in my heart.

“Young Master, can’t hold it?”

Miyamoto’s blush face bursts with veins, trying to suppress the Bloodlust emotion that is constantly surging due to the demon sword.

“Then don’t resist, release completely, here you don’t have to worry about being controlled by the demon knife.”

Ye Muyang said with a smile.

Miyamoto’s blushing hearing this, for a moment, then seemed to understand something, the hand holding the demon sword slowly relaxed, and from the demon sword, scarlet clung to it.

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