I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 187

In an instant, Miyamoto was blushing like a different person, and his eyes revealed the rays of light of Bloodlust.

Everyone started for it, with strange rays of light shining in their eyes. They had already realized the extraordinary part of this knife, and now it seems that they have confirmed the decision in their hearts. This knife must get it!


Looking at the greed in the eyes of these people, Ye Muyang smiled. The more greedy people are, the easier it is to be controlled, and these people will become the nourishment of the monster sword even if they have won the monster sword.

Miyamoto Crimson rushed directly, and there was nothing but killing.

“Since you refuse to surrender, then kill them all.”

The sky demon old ghost’s eyes are gloomy, and when he gives an order, the agitated people behind him charge directly. Go up.

The onlookers of the Tiger Gang began to hesitate, rushing up means bleeding and death, but rushing up means that they have a greater chance of getting out.

The various things that Ye Muyang showed made them think that this youngster might really have a means against the Slaughter King, should it go, hesitate, wander…

The scene was instantly chaotic Get up, but a closer look reveals that no one dared to rush towards Ye Muyang. Ye Muyang carried his hands on his back and stood there like a safe Heaven and Earth.

The old ghost in the crowd looked towards Ye Muyang, who was calm and composed, and the sneer on his face was even better.

“Kill, kill them all!”

The sky demon old ghost kept shouting angrily, only in the crowd but not revealing the slightest trace of himself.

Gradually, Miyamoto’s blushing became a little unsupportable. He was not at all Ye Muyang’s abnormal physique and could not withstand the large amount of blood energy supplied by the demon sword.

At this moment, I saw Miyamoto’s crimson arm holding a demon sword full of scarlet veins.

Seeing this, Ye Muyang shot directly.

The Spirit Ability of the golden Spirit Bone is released directly, the indestructible grip of the ruthless iron hand.

Golden-yellow’s illusory big hand directly moved towards the pile of people and grabbed it, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding colors.

“Spirit Ability! He can really use Spirit Ability!”

tone barely fell, it is the sound of being pinched.

In an instant, every person who was agitated came with both fright and excitement on their faces. Fear came from such an unmatched person as Ye Muyang, and excitement also showed that it can be used here. Spirit Ability, this is something they have lost over the years and have been longing for.

As soon as Spirit Ability appeared, everyone instantly turned into birds and beasts, and there were people fleeing crazy all around.

And Ye Muyang’s goal is directed at the old ghost of the sky demon.

The crowd dispersed, and the silhouette of the old ghost of the sky demon soon appeared.

At this moment, the old ghost sneered jié jié.

Said: “I admit that you are very strong, but you are not far from death.”

Then the demon old ghost turned into a group of blood mist that day.

“How to escape?”

Ye Muyang muttered to himself.

“The knife is coming!”

The demon knife started in an instant, and Ye Muyang’s foot capacity instantly shot out.

Under the blessing of spirit power, Ye Muyang soon discovered the traces of the old ghost of the demon.

With a flick of the right hand, the Demon Sword is released directly.

Then a huge explosion sounded loudly, the dust dispersed, and a large crater directly appeared on the ground.

“Let’s talk, who is abetting behind you?”

Looking down at the sky demon old ghost, his eyes were full of indifference.

“hahaha, kid, fighting with Slaughter King, you are still too tender!”

The sky demon old ghost laughed.

Then he said: “Leaving the tiger gang is your biggest mistake, hahaha.”

Ye Muyang’s mind is concentrated, Afu!

Only Ah Fu can threaten oneself.

Ye Muyang grabbed the old ghost of the sky demon and ran back directly. On the way back, Ye Muyang realized that he had run such a long distance.

Ye Muyang soon returned to the tiger gang, and the tiger gang has already been destroyed at this moment, and no one can be seen.

The action is so fast, everything is arranged.

At this moment, Ye Muyang thinks more and more wrong, who is targeting him.

If the demon old ghost said that Slaughter King wants to target himself, then he can directly show up and kill himself. There is no need for such a set, but it can be done in such a short time. To take away or get rid of these people can only be the Spirit Master who can use Spirit Ability.

In general, Ye Muyang found out that it definitely has something to do with the management of Slaughter City.

“Boy, let me go, maybe I can tell you where they are all gone.”

The sky demon old ghost has no fear on his face.

Ye Muyang glanced at him, and his palms suddenly squeezed the old ghost’s neck directly.

When he died, the face of the old ghost of the sky demon was full of incredible, unexpectedly, so decisive!

Ye Muyang threw it away, and then left directly.

And when Ye Muyang left, a scarlet shadow appeared. I couldn’t see what it looked like. With a wave of his arm, the corpse of the demon old ghost disappeared, and then the scarlet shadow slowly disappeared.

Ye Muyang, who left, is holding a blood cocoon with one hand. This blood cocoon is exactly what he got at the Dongying Sacred Mountain. Since entering Slaughter City, it has not been moving, and its reaction is getting stronger and stronger. .

And now this blood cocoon sends a message directly to Ye Muyang.

“Jiujue blood refinement array?”

Ye Muyang muttered. This is the message this blood cocoon sends to Ye Muyang.

The Jiujue blood refinement formation needs to set up altars in nine places. After the nine altars are set up, they will echo each other and show the image, but this process requires a lot of blood.

Putting away the blood cocoon, Ye Muyang scanned the entire Slaughter City.

He cast a lot of eyes from the dark, with various emotions, Ye Muyang calmed down.

Afu and the others Ye Muyang are not worried. If the people behind them want to use this to threaten themselves, they will surely ensure the safety of Ahfu and the others, but they have not come forward to attack. Pay attention to what exactly is playing.

There are so many thoughts that I can’t get free.

Ye Muyang needs to solve the immediate problem and arrange the nine blood refinement array.

The only way to arrange is to kill. Ye Muyang pushed all the way, and in a flash of blood flowing into a river, countless areas of blood flowing into a river, at this moment, the entire Slaughter City really looks like purgatory.

As requested, Ye Muyang quickly built the first altar.

On the other side, the management of Slaughter City.

Yingjiu, the woman who received Ye Muyang at first at the time, looked at the screen with horror in her eyes.

“What is he doing?”

Ying Jiu asked.

There are several other women next to them, and their faces are full of fear. This is the first time they have seen such a person.

Regardless of the Slaughter City regulations, wherever you go to kill there, every place is full of blood, but this man like Demon God is still white clothed like snow, not a little scarlet , This has almost become a beautiful landscape in Slaughter City.

“I don’t know. Don’t we stop it?” one person asked.

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