I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 188

“Who would dare to go! This man didn’t take care of anything, he didn’t leave a living mouth wherever he went. He was so cruel.”

“Is it ridiculous to talk about cruelty in Slaughter City? That’s it!”

An angry voice came.

Nine people shut their mouths, the owner of that voice did not show up, but said: “After he kills people, he will leave an altar there. He seems to have some conspiracy.

Send someone over to destroy those altars.”

“My lord, should we ask the king, after all, this person has violated most of the rules of Slaughter City, some of the laws that prevented him The Enforcement Group was killed.”

“My words are orders!”

The sullen voice was chilly, and the women hurriedly bowed their heads without making a sound.

“Let the undead Knight Yaxar play.”

The voice sounded again, and the girls were taken aback for a while, and then they were relieved.

The undead Knight Acser, they all know that this is an absolute powerhouse. At first they lost to this man like Demon God in the outer city of Slaughter City, but then they heard of the undead Knight. Entering the blood-stained pool, the blood-stained pool is a place where the body is washed away, and after coming out of it, you can use Spirit Ability in this Slaughter City.

The girls don’t know how strong Knight is, but they have heard of this person’s name since birth.

The scene returns to Ye Muyang again. At this moment, Ye Muyang has built four altars.

The construction of the altar is not easy. Formation still needs to be set up in the altar, and this set of arrays are all transported from the blood cocoon, and the entire Jiujie blood refinement array is actually a combination of Formation. The big formation involves many aspects and a large area, so Ye Muyang will slaughter while advancing.

Fortunately, Ye Muyang found that Slaughter City was really overcrowded. There were even a group of old fart struggling on whilst at death’s door buried in the ground. They depended on the Bloody Mary to maintain their ever-fading life. , And the appearance of Ye Muyang gave them a happy ending. Although they didn’t walk very peacefully, they were settled in peace.

Suddenly afraid, Ye Muyang frowned, and a powerful breath was about to descend here.

Titled Douluo! And he is also a very strong Titled Douluo!


The real appearance is the undead Knight Acser.

“Yakser, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Ye Muyang is a fool, even if he feels the power of Yaxer, he still disagrees.

Yaxer is not a mother-in-law who loves to talk about the family. He stepped forward and swung his sword directly.

Ye Muyang held the demon knife, and the two collided fiercely.

The arms numb suddenly, and the shaking is too strong.

“Spirit avatar!”

Axel’s hoarse voice sounded.

I saw a big blade appear again in his hand, and then the two big knives were strangely fused together, and the imposing manner of the undead Knight Axer was rising steadily, more powerful than before.

Ye Muyang did not hesitate at all, and the Golden Spirit Bone Spirit Ability was released directly, and the big hand moved towards Yaxer suddenly patted it.

The strong wind whistled past, the big sword strikes on the big hand, Ye Muyang’s complexion sank, the oppression force brought by Yaxer is really too powerful.

“Axer, you are so strong, do you want to return to the outside world?”

Nayxer, unheard of, keeps swinging his sword, and keeps approaching. And Ye Muyang showed signs of retreat.

“I can let you out.”

When he heard this sentence, the undead Knight reacted, but the reaction was not great, and the expression in his eyes revealed more It is distrust.

Seeing that this method is effective, Ye Muyang stepped back and said, “I know you don’t believe it. It’s normal, but don’t you understand what I’m showing? Naturally I am the rules of Slaughter City. I understand, but I still dare to do this, even without fear of Slaughter King. And why I can use Spirit Ability, all this should be able to explain my not simple. I dare to enter here naturally not to put myself in a desperate situation, besides, I There are still a few people with me. Going out is not an impossible thing for me.”

“How can I go out?”

Axer weakened his hand and asked. Tao.

“I will tell you when I arrange everything.”

Ye Muyang stood up, lightly said.

Ye Muyang is very confident, he just likes such people.

As long as there is desire, then this person can be controlled, even this powerful Tilted Douluo Yaxer is also eager to go out, with desire in his heart.

“But I have to stop you.”

Axor’s tone couldn’t hold his beak.

“If this is the case, then you pretend to fail.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

“As Knight, we must defend the glory of Knight.”

Axer said frankly without hesitation.

“Glory is glory again.”

Ye Muyang sneered. In front of life, that little glory that is not worth mentioning is nothing.

“So, do we have to let you die?”

Ye Muyang was finally helpless.

“No, as long as you dignified and beat me upright, I can suppress the cultivation base to the same level.”

hearing this, Ye Muyang laughed. Said: “I understand. It turns out that you weren’t for the glory, but for a junior who lost to me at the entrance and felt that he couldn’t live up to his face. This is to make a difference.”

Yaxer did not speak at all, but his expression changed and he knew that there was such a reason.

“However, even if you are able to use Spirit now, you may not be able to make money in my hands. If you insist on this, how about our one move?”

Nayakser was only ready for battle, and his body surged again in an imposing manner.

Ye Muyang has no ambiguity and directly releases the Spirit “sundial”.

At the moment the sundial was released, Yaxer’s face changed instantly.

In an instant, he felt as if there were countless illusory lines moved towards himself, bounding his limbs and even his soul. He didn’t know if he could move, but he felt that he seemed to have everything They are all static.

The sense of crisis, a strong sense of crisis hit my heart, next moment when he came to his consciousness, his neck was cold, it turned out that the demon knife had already reached his neck.

“How about, you lost.”

Ye Muyang said.

And Yaxer, as if waking up from a dream, realized that he was defeated, what happened at that moment, and what his feelings were!

Yakser didn’t know, but the result was so eye-catching, he was defeated, so simply.

Ye Muyang propped the ground with a demon knife and looked towards the dark sky.

Then took out a purple lotus seat, and saw the purple lotus seat release a purple light.

And the fluorescent screen over Slaughter City manager broke into pieces.

Then the women heard the sound of smashing objects in the room.

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