I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 191


Tang San is surprised. People who know where they are must be not simple. This means that they want to see themselves by name.

“The person above.”

The person who reported the letter pointed to it without saying much.

Hu Liena, who heard the movement, was also interested and stood up.

“Hell ambassador, are you interested in going together?”

Tang San asked.

Hu Liena nodded responded.

When I came outside, it was the nine women who came.

“It’s you.”

Hu Liena and Tang San both know these people, and now they are not at all surprised when they see these people.

“The two people who have the most chance to cross the Hell Road are now destroyed by that person and cannot get Domain power. What are the thoughts in their hearts?”

From Shadow One to Shadow Nine.

“Is Slaughter City finally moving? It’s a pity that we can’t do anything about it.”

Tang San has no intention of fighting Ye Muyang, even though he established Tang Sect at the moment to draw a group of people, But the minds of these people, Tang San knows very well that defection is only a fast-changing thing. Tang San never expects to combine these people to fight Ye Muyang, but thinks that the scope of the spread of the population will be larger, and the news will spread even more. fast.

“What is your purpose, isn’t Slaughter City going to make a move?”

Hu Liena asked suspiciously.

“This son destroyed Slaughter City like this. Slaughter City will definitely not let him go, but before that, he still needs two help.”

Among the nine people Someone spoke.

Tang San and Hu Liena suddenly look at me and I look at you, with doubts in their eyes.

Isn’t the Slaughter King absolutely in control of Slaughter City? Such a devastating person, Slaughter King, will be gone as long as he slaps him down. Why do I need the help of both of them? Is there something in it? Conspiracy, or Slaughter King’s test of the two changed the way?

Thinking about it, the two are more inclined to second possibility.

“What can we do?”

Tang San asked.

“You only need to release the news to the outside world, saying that Slaughter City will bless everyone this time and summon everyone to your Tang Sect.”

And Tang San said:” That person can use Spirit Ability. If that person attacks and comes, how should we deal with it? Now that we are exaggerating rhetoric that can take people out, our solicitation may not be effective.”

” Don’t worry about this Asura King. The above has already considered that Asura King should do what we say.”

In the end, Tang San could only be silent, although he didn’t know what Slaughter King would do. Something, but at the moment they have no capital to refuse.

Time passed in a hurry.

Ye Muyang didn’t care how long it took.

Now the seventh altar has been established, and there are two altars. The altar that Ye Muyang established before is not at all destroyed.

As more and more altars are built, Ye Muyang’s role in these altars is gradually comprehend, which has a huge relationship with the blood cocoon.

Many people gathered behind Ye Muyang. These people Ye Muyang knows their minds very well, and their ultimate goal and idea is nothing more than leaving Slaughter City.

“Young Master, now we are getting closer and closer to the main city. The periphery seems to be the base camp of Tang Sect.”

“We have also figured it out since this time. The biggest obstacle to us is Tang Sect. Until now, they are secretly obstructing, otherwise we would have built the eighth altar.”

Ye Muyang just lightly looked towards there, no What to say.

Now the more people gather, the less you need to do it yourself. In his free time, Ye Muyang always stares at the purple moon in the sky.

“Just build the eighth altar on the periphery.”

Ye Muyang tone barely fell.

Afterwards, there was movement in front of him, and there were rumblings, and there were already many people in front of him bye.

They are holding arrows and crossbows one after another. Ye Muyang can also tell that they are all made by Tang San. However, due to the limited resources, these arrows and crossbows are quite simple, but to deal with them It is enough for people who cannot use Spirit Ability.

“Young Master is here, don’t retreat!”

A person next to Ye Muyang stepped forward and shouted.

The one who responded to him was an arrow, which just fell to the foot, acting as a warning.

“Kill Human Demon, we have got the promise from Slaughter City, they will bless us. If you break the rules of Slaughter City, you will inevitably suffer retribution.”

“Rules Isn’t there no rules in Slaughter City?”

Ye Muyang pointed out his finger, and the golden-yellow light came out directly, piercing the head of the person who spoke Tang Sect.

“Be bold!”

The people of Tang Sect glared at him. Ye Muyang killed people directly without telling the slightest truth. He didn’t even have the opportunity to speak personally, so people have to doubt it. The truth of what is said.

“Such a cruel person, do you really believe that he will take you out? Maybe he really has a way to send people out, but will he help you?”

Of Tang Sect Someone shouted at this moment. After shouting, he looked like he was going to die.

“I won’t say more nonsense. If you show up today, then die.”

Ye Muyang took out the demon knife, the demon knife is more weird than before, and it flashes smoothly. The blade of the cold light is glowing with blood red, and it fades into it like running water.

“hmph, do you really think we don’t have your handle? Bring it here!”

I saw the crowd in Tang Sect spread out, revealing Ah Fu’s silhouette.

Fu saw Ye Muyang and shouted happily: “Master!”

“Why, are you trying to threaten me?”

Ye Muyang The corners of his mouth were smiling, even when he watched those people facing Ah Fu with arrows and crossbows.

“Such a small child, still calling you Master, I don’t believe you don’t save him!”

“Let me ask first, this is what you mean by sect master Or do you mean it?”

Ye Muyang asked.

“Of course it means all of our Tang Sect members. Everyone wants to live. As long as you compromise, we will naturally let this little child go.”

The one in Tang Sect The man holding the crossbow continued.

“Oh, what do you want me to do?”

Ye Muyang suddenly became curious.

“Self-breaking arms, as long as you break your arms, we will let the child go. We talk and count.”

“Okay, I promise you.”


Ye Muyang directly nodded and agreed, and then the demon knife turned and waved left and right. With the sound of tearing clothes, Ye Muyang had already cut off his arms.

The plot changes so quickly that no one has turned this turn.

Some of the Tang Sect people are even thinking about how to make Ye Muyang compromise, but they absolutely did not expect that Ye Muyang not only did not refuse to agree directly, but even acted so quickly.

Behind Ye Muyang, the group of people who are going to rely on Ye Muyang are also stared wide-eyed, and they can’t recover for a long time.

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