I Have A Marriage Contract with Xiao Wu Chapter 192

“Okay, I have done what you said, now is it time to let people go.”

Ye Muyang’s expression was flat, although the two arms that were chopped off did not bleed strangely, But it fell to the ground in the eyes of everyone.

For a long time, these talents came back to his senses, looking at each other in blank dismay, at the same time they also signaled each other what to do next.

“Now that he has broken his arms, can’t we take it down?”

“I think this is the right time. It seems that this little child really belongs to him. Weakness, in that case, we can’t even return it to him.”

“You idiots, now he is not the fish on the chopping board, let us kill him, and worry about the ass!”


“Career, be careful, don’t you see that the fallen arm is weird? It’s not like a normal person’s arm at all.”

” Yunniang’s shit, can Lao Tzu’s eyes deceive Lao Tzu? Besides, this kid is not normal. I think it is quite normal for this kind of thing to happen to him.

I can say something. In the front, this kid has secrets. As long as we operate it a little, can we get those things. Spirit Ability uses the secret technique!”

As soon as this word came out, everyone was silent. In Slaughter City, we can What does it mean to use Spirit Ability? If they know the secret technique of using Spirit Ability, then this youngster will no longer be afraid of them. Then in Slaughter City, wouldn’t it be like a fish back in water? The Hell Road that yearn for something even in dreams will also with no difficulty.

“What if there is a fraud?”

Someone finally asked temptedly.

“What are you afraid of, you and I are both who, have you all forgotten your identities after entering Slaughter City? Everyone is not a good person, maybe as soon as you go out, you will be a rat , Everyone shouts, I would rather stay in Slaughter City for the rest of my life, as long as I can use Spirit Ability.

So, this child is still valuable and cannot be given to him!”

At the end of the word, Ye Muyang is a little impatient there.

Yelled: “Hey, I have done everything you said, and now you should fulfill your promise.”

“What is the kid’s name!”

Only one person shouted at Ye Muyang.

“It looks like you are going to be shameless. You have to know that there are gods raising your head three feet.”

“Boy, when we are children, when we are in the world, you Brat still doesn’t know where and the mud. I want to teach us to see if your hair grows up.”

Then everyone laughed.

“Boy, don’t you want to save him? Come on, I’ll be here, kneeling and crawling over.”

A bald man held an arrow at Ah Fu, pointing his finger On the launcher, the arrow on the string may be shot into the soul at any time.

“You will pay for your actions.”

Ye Muyang indifferently said.

Then said to Ah Fu: “A Fu, it is time to accept your cultivation.”

“Yes, Master, I know.”

Afu’s crisp voice is a little bit of excitement.

“Boy, are you…


Then the bald head heard a scream before he finished speaking.

I saw Ah Fu directly grabbed the bald arm with a thunder and thunder, and then his body moved, only to see that the bald arm had been removed in an instant.

The arm is slumped and weak.

After grabbing the arrows and crossbows, Ah Fu quickly pulled the trigger, and several people in front of him were killed directly by the hole.

This sudden appearance shocked everyone in Tang Sect.

How can a child have such agility.

“Grab him, don’t let him run!”

Everyone began to shout.

Ye Muyang silhouette swayed directly to Ah Fu’s side.

“Boy, my arms are gone, let me see how you use Spirit Ability!”

A group of people rushed up at this moment and surrounded Ye Muyang and Ah Fu.

“Actually, there is a sentence behind the gods.

I am your god!”

Suddenly, it fell on The two arms on the ground directly moved towards the crowd, and the arm holding the demon knife was even more blatantly dropped without the slightest attention.

The demon knife cut a path, and then under everyone’s shocked eyes, those two arms directly merged with Ye Muyang’s body, as if they were not disconnected at all.

“Impossible! Impossible!”

The bald man has an incredible face. Why is there such a weird thing?

“I can’t explain it to you illiterate people, but I have read a book.”

Next, Ye Muyang began the boring journey of cutting vegetables.

Various screams of begging for mercy are on the demon sword one after another sinking.

Tang San, who was observing from a distance, was puzzled after seeing Ah Fu’s series of actions, and then turned into fear in shock.

“No, no! I have to get out of here!”

Tang San looked a little flustered, and quickly turned around to leave here.

Hu Liena looked at Tang San with a panic expression, leaving only a question mark on his face.

“Asura King, what’s the matter with you?”

Having stopped Tang San to go, Hu Liena asked.

Tang San knew the identity of Hu Liena, and looked towards Hu Liena at this moment, Tang San only felt a huge conspiracy moved towards himself.

“Go away! I want to get out of here!”

“Do you know something?” Hu Liena frowned and asked.

“fuck off! Don’t blame me for being impolite anymore!”

Tang San glared at Hu Liena, the killing intent on his body was surging, the eyes of Bloodlust, the whole person It’s like a monster that has become Bloodlust.

“Tang San ah Tang San, where do you want to run?”

While Tang San was about to take a shot, the familiar voice rang behind him.

Turn back abruptly, feeling the familiar breath of Ye Muyang.

Tang San’s mood suddenly became agitated.

“Ye Muyang, it really is you, why do you have to follow me when I enter Slaughter City!”

“Ye Muyang!?”

Hu Liena was shocked Looking towards Ye Muyang, she couldn’t believe it, isn’t Ye Muyang dead? She watched him self-destruct with her own eyes.

“Are you Ye Muyang? Impossible, Ye Muyang is dead!”

Hu Liena’s face is still unbelievable.

“Okay, Hu Liena, don’t pretend. It turns out that this is a conspiracy of your Spirit Hall. Didn’t expect Spirit Hall’s hands to stretch so long, they have reached Slaughter City! “

“So I don’t know anything, Tang San, didn’t expect Asura King, it’s you!”

Hu Liena has already had a lot of experience with it. Change, now knowing that Ye Muyang is still alive, not at all too much joy in his heart, more of relief, no need to bear the guilt.

In an instant, Hu Liena took out his dagger and stood by Ye Muyang and Tang San.

“Tang San, you are wrong about this. I am not in the same group as Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall also you think you can kill me. Spirit Hall and I are actually enemies.”


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